January 18: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: You Need To Tell Eric About the Kiss

Wednesday January 18, 2017 – Episode #7506


You Need to Tell Your Father

With a determined fire that burned through the façade Quinn wears for the world, she told Ridge that she would never give up on what she had with Eric.  She had a history of being with losers and uses, starting with Bill Spencer and she finally had a man that saw through the mask of meanness she’d worn to get through life raising her son on her own, and she wasn’t going to give it up; ever.

Quinn sank into the sofa sobbing.  Ridge handed her a hankie and suggested that maybe she needed to stop hiding behind her web of lies.  When she came e out from behind them, Ridge could see why his father fell for her.  That woman is awesome.  He went to leave.  Quinn stopped him to return his hankie.  Ridge invited her into a hug, which ended with him kissing Quinn!

The following day at Forrester Creations Wyatt notes that that Ridge and his mom are back from San Francisco.  He’s sure they have a lot to fill them in on.  When Ridge does arrive, Wyatt, Steffy and Thomas are surprised by what Ridge has to say; so much so that Ridge feels the need to defend himself.  He is just acknowledging Quinn’s contribution to the company Ridge notes.  Is that okay with everyone? He asks sarcastically.

Still later at Forrester, Quinn tells Ridge that when he finishes at the office he is going to go right over to his father and explain to him what happened between them in San Francisco.

Later, with Eric, at the Forrester mansion, Wyatt explains to Eric that they have once again, albeit unintentionally, place Steffy in the middle of everything; and its not fair.

January 18 2017 B&B Spoilers

Monday, January 18, 2016 – Episode #7249


January 18 2016 B&BNicole tells someone, likely Julius, that Rick changed his mind; that she isn’t going to be a print model anymore.  Sasha rants about Nicole telling Rick that she doesn’t trust Nicole around her boyfriend.  Nicole is the reason that she doesn’t get a shot at being a model.  Julius advises Sasha to go home to Illinois, where she belongs.

Carter tells Zende he’s a young good looking guy and he shouldn’t be caught up in all this drama.  He should be living his life and having a good time doing it.


Episode Summary:

Bill Can’t Forget

In his office, Bill can’t stop thinking about his relationship with Brooke. Brooke, Katie and Will arrive to visit. Bill is thrilled to see his son.

Katie tells Brooke that they have all grown in the last year.  She can see how independent and strong Brooke is and she did it without a man holding her back.  Now when the perfect man comes along she will be ready for it.

Later, Brooke is with Bill alone.  She has some ideas for her first edition; something provocative and passionate: the power of the kiss.  Brooke goes on about passion desire and Valentine’s Day and Bill fantasizes again about kissing Brooke.

Zende Wonders What Happened

On the sky lounge, Zende doesn’t get why Rick changed his mind about Sasha being a model.  He takes his frustration out on the punching bag.  Veronica suggests that maybe he discussed it with Ridge.  Zende feels bad because Sasha helped him find himself behind the camera.  Veronica says they really clicked.  Zende still thinks Rick’s change of mind was just too sudden.

Carter shares his opinion with Zende.  He likes Nicole but this surrogacy thing is taking over his relationship.  He’s a young good looking guy.  He should be living his life and enjoying doing so.  He doesn’t need all this drama.  Zende looks at Veronica.  She’s a pretty girl Carter says.

What Zende really wants is to be past this pregnancy so they get back to being who they are to each other like they were before anyone mentioned the word surrogacy

Nicole Feels Guilty

Rick gets a text and leaves as Nicole feels guilty for what she asked Rick to do.  Sasha comes into the office and tells Nicole that Rick changed his mind and that she’s not going to be a print model anymore.  Nicole tells her she’s sorry to which Sasha replies “ Are you?”.

Sasha felt like she was being discovered. She was stopping by to thank Rick for the chance no matter how brief it was.  Nicole feels bad, but Sasha says its not like it was Nicole’s fault.  Her only expectation was to catch up with her bestie when she came to LA, so she hasn’t really lost anything.  She tells Nicole that she is like a sister to her and she hopes they are always like that.

Sasha leaves and Rick returns.  Nicole admits how bad she feels about what she has asked Rick to do.  Rick tells her that this isn’t who she is.  It’s pregnancy hormones taking over her body and not to be so hard on herself. She doesn’t have to be jealous or insecure about Zende. He’s committed to her.

Nicole says there isn’t and never will be anything between Sasha and Zende


Julius tells Vivienne he hates to see Nicole suffer like this as she writes a grocery list.  This baby is going to cost her more than she realizes.  He means her relationship with Zende.  Vivienne heads out shopping as Sasha arrives for a visit. Julius continues to putt. He asks Sasha what’s wrong.  Rick made her a Forrester model and then he took it back.  Sasha thought it really strange until she overheard why; because of his daughter, her sister, Nicole.

Sasha explains why.  Nicole doesn’t trust Sasha round Zende.  Julius says he can’t blame Nicole; that Zende is Nicole’s man. Julius says that he does care that she is upset but he’s not sure what   Julius gives her money for bus fare.  Go back to Illinois where she belongs.  Nicole doesn’t need a best friend right now, Julius tells her.  But Sasha just gets up and leaves without the money.

At the Forrester Mansion

Zende arrives home to find Sasha already there. Sasha wants to hang out there and wait for Nicole.  Zende tells her he feels terrible about today.  She was amped about the opportunity and to have it taken away like that; Zende doesn’t understand.

Rick needs to know his shots are because of her.  Sasha stops him.  She won’t be around much longer. She’s thinking of going home. Zende says that Nicole will be upset. Nicole becomes frustrated and tells him that he is wrong.  Nicole will be glad she’s gone. Sasha tears up.  Nicole is the one who talked to Rick and had him change his mind. Why Zende wants to know.  Because of you, Sasha tells him.  Nicole is jealous and doesn’t want her working with him.



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