January 27: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Martini’s for Two

Thursday January 27, 2017 – Episode #7512


Martini’s for Two

Quinn and Ridge’s friendship continues to blossom as Ridge learns about Quinn suggesting to Eric that he appoint Ridge as co-CEO with Steffy. Eric promises Ridge they will review his status on the management team of Forrester Creations once he returns from his business trip to Genoa City to meet with Lauren Fenmore.

Though neither Quinn or Ridge have openly acknowledged it, there is more than just friendship blossoming between the two.  There is also an attraction rife with sexual tension every time the two are in close proximity.

With Eric gone in Genoa City, Ridge fills in for his father by preparing after work martinis for him and Quinn, just as Eric would if he were there.

Elsewhere, Katie and Pam discuss Eric’s recent decision to at least consider appointing Ridge as co-CEO with his daughter.  Pam is shocked when Katie tells her that it was Quinn’s idea.

Wyatt’s Only Option

Liam and Wyatt meet at Liam’s Malibu house.  The two brothers have an open and frank discussion about Wyatt’s marriage and Steffy returning to Liam.  Wyatt tells his brother that he gets now that ending his marriage was really the only option.

January 27 2017 B&B Spoilers


Wednesday, January 27, 2016 – Episode #7256


January 27 2016 B&BKatie confronts Brooke about what she overheard.  You don’t even know when you’re lying a Katie tells Brooke with a tear stained face.  Brooke is concerned for her sister’s health and wellbeing.  She wants to call her to go to her doctor.  Brooke found her on the floor.  Katie however isn’t interested in seeing a doctor only getting to the bottom of what is going on with Brooke.  Katie tells Brooke that she can’t possibly think that her husband is the love of her life.

Wyatt tells Steffy that he knew how to make himself happy…

A now obviously pregnant Caroline visits with her Uncle Bill at Spencer Publications.  She tells him that when Ridge wants to do something romantic for her he takes her to the beach or Mulholland Drive.  Bill looks at his niece and states that is because Ridge is cheap.

Episode Summary:

Katie Attacks Brooke

Tell me I heard wrong,  lie to me Katie challenges Brooke. You’ve done it before.

Brooke insists on getting a doctor but Katie insists her only problem is trusting her.  Brooke defends herself.  No one crossed the line.  Katie tells her that no one confesses there love and doesn’t want anything to come of it.  Katie asks about all of Brooke’s assurances that nothing like this would happen again.  Brooke says she meant it.  Means it.  Nothing will happen.  But Katie just tells her she doesn’t even know when she’s lying to others, or herself.

Brooke says she is the one who is guilty of not putting those feelings in the past, not Bill.  Katie says she knows.  Brooke begs Katie to contact her doctor. But Katie knows what is choking her heart.

Katie accuses Brooke of going after Bill because he was getable.  Ridge has beautiful Caroline who is carrying his child. The only competition for Bill is Katie; the unpopular Logan, the medical hardship case.  Katie then accuses Brooke of going after Bill because chances are she won’t be around.

She’ll be dead, he’ll be lonely and you will be there to comfort him. It’s the only think that makes sense.  Katie thought all her struggles with loneliness and liquor had changed her.  She thought she had and that Katie could rescue Brooke.  Katie should have know that the minute she turned her back, Brooke would betray her.  Brooke says she should go, since Katie isn’t listening.  Katie yells “How could you” and pushes Brooke.  Brooke pushes back.

Katie tells Brooke she could never take no for an answer.  She heard what people used to call her. Women like that need to be paid. But Brooke wants payment in tears love and forgiveness, but Katie’s not buying. Katie is fresh out.  Move along she tells Brooke.  Take your business elsewhere. Brooke leaves.

Alone Katie cries.

Caroline Visits with Bill

Allison asks Bill how bad what she did is if he’s booking a private vacation for them.  Caroline overhears and enters.  It looks like she got there in time.

Caroline has brought him a copy of her mom’s novel. Caroline thanks Bill for removing Brooke, one of her work place stressors.  She hopes it working out for her at Spencer.  Bill says Katie loves having Brooke there.

Caroline tells bill that when he wants to do something romantic for her he take her the beach or Mulholland drive. That’s because he’s cheap ridge says.  Look at that hovel he has you living in. Caroline says Katie will love whatever he organizes. He hopes so.

Quinn and Liam

Quinn goes through he photos on Liam cell phone of him and Steffy.,  He wakes.  “You” he says.  She’s sure he wonders what he’s doing here with her.  Liam says he saw her taking care of him. Quinn claims she only did what anyone else would do.  Liam says he’s better now.  Quinn confirms he was unconscious for a really long time.  Liam doesn’t remember.  Quinn was scared to leave him alone.

Thank you isn’t enough, Liam says but he thanks her. He doesn’t even know her name Liam says.  He wakes up and there is this beautiful woman taking care of him.  You know who I am Quinn says.  Quinn goes to get him water.  She realizes that he only knows what she tells him.

Quinn returns with water.  Quinn reflects on Liam collapsing before her after warning her and her son to stay away from him and Steffy.  She lets him rest.

Quinn calls Wyatt from the other room. She asks where he is.  He’s at home and not alone. Quinn encourages  Wyatt to get Steffy ready to slam the door in Liam’s face when he comes back for her; which he will.

Steffy and Wyatt

Steffy asks how Wyatt got past the sudden end of his marriage (to Hope).

He made himself remember that before he was a married person he knew how to make himself happy.

They were both in the same situation.  Their lives revolved around someone else.  But they should still have been the main character in their lives.  What makes you happy has to be something that the other person can’t take away.

Steffy doesn’t know what makes her “her” anymore.  Wyatt says she should stick around and find out.  Wyatt goes out and leaves Steffy to herself for a while. He says when he hears from Liam not to let Liam take the “Steffy” out of her.



Tuesday, January 27, 2015 – Episode #7002

Ridge and Caroline Decide to Oust Rick as CEO

Run away with me Ridge says.  Let’s move on.  We can be together – Just say yes, Ridge asks Caroline.  Chris Rick’s attorney enters and gives Caroline divorce papers.  Ridge hands the gun to Rick’s attorney.

Ridge tells Chris that Caroline will have her attorney read the papers, but Caroline takes a pen and signs immediately.  She doesn’t want anything from Rick.  She’s given it enough time.  After she’s signed she says they can now all move on.

Later Caroline tells Ridge that the man she married would never have come here with a gun.  After doing what he did tonight.  He’s hurt her enough:  Maya, sabotaging their collection, putting up the painting.  She did everything she could to save her marriage, but Rick threatening violence that is where she draws the line.  I could never have kids with someone who would do something like that.  That’s a kind of crazy she doesn’t have room for in her life.

Ridge calls his father and tells him what happened.  No one got hurt. He shot up the place we can’t let him get away with it.

If any other employee did this they wouldn’t be here right now.  Caroline notes that Rick doesn’t belong in jail but he doesn’t belong here either, Caroline agrees.  He’s not stable.  His tenure as CEO is over.  Caroline says they can’t run away from this.  Rick has changed, he’s dangerous.  They have to change this.  Eric chose you Caroline notes.  He shouldn’t have to leave. Ridge says he won’t share power with Rick.  No guilt, no regrets they decide.  They were lucky tonight Ridge and Caroline agree.

Brooke Catches Up

Brooke notes that Maya has been busy moving into the mansion and putting her stamp on the place.  A bit fast don’t you think?  What is really going on here Maya.  What are you up to Brooke wants to know.

But Maya accuses Caroline of being the shady one.

Brooke says that explains why Rick isn’t with Caroline, not why Maya is living there.  Maya says she loves Rick and supports him.

So you support Rick and in return you get all of this Brooke says.  Maya won’t pretend she doesn’t enjoy this and it isn’t a big deal. Maya appreciates it.  Can Caroline say the same?  Or did she take it for granted, suggests.

Brooke appreciates Maya’s honesty but Brooke wants to know how her son is.  Anger and bitter Maya notes, but he hasn’t gone through it alone. Caroline didn’t betray him with just anyone.  Brooke notes that she and Ridge put their past behind them long ago.  But Rick didn’t Maya notes.

Brooke Realizes her Son is in Trouble

Rick arrives home and is surprised to find Brooke there.  They discuss Hope still being in Italy.  Rick says he had a bang up day in the office.    Rick tells them there was an incident at the office.  Shots were fired.  I wasn’t trying to hurt Caroline and Ridge Rick says.  Maya and Brooke are shocked.  They probably called the police.  They will probably be here soon.  Rick tells them what happened.

I had to get Ridge off of my wife, Rick tells Brooke.

Brooke calls Ridge and asks if they are okay.  Ridge realizes she’s back in LA.  How could you Ridge – Caroline.  Focus on your son tonight he tells Brooke.  He says they haven’t called the police but that Rick is out of control.

Rick tells Brooke that Maya has been the only person that has been there for him.  Brooke is there now, but Hope needed her and she thought he was okay.  Tomorrow you’ll wake up more like yourself Brooke says as Rick heads to bed.

He’s really attached to you Brooke tells Maya.  He’s still married Brooke says.  My son is in trouble Brooke says.  I thought you were there helping him.  If there is anything insincere bout what you have told me Brooke warns.  I’m back and I’ll be watching.



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