January 24: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Where the hell is she?

Tuesday January 24, 2017 – Episode #7509


Where the Hell is She?

Liam is an emotional wreck as he waits for Steffy at his home after delivering his ultimatum.  Bill waits with him as Liam rails that he can’t do this anymore.  He can’t wait for her to walk through that door everyday.

If Steffy really doesn’t walk through that door he says to Bill as Bill finishes for him;  “You’re done.”  But that is clearly not what Liam wants despite his ultimatum to Steffy that she either come to him or he leaves town for good.  Where the hell is she Liam asks his dad.  She should have been here by now.

Why Aren’t You Using This?

Quinn is confused by Ridge.  She is still dumfounded that Ridge promised not to tell Eric what happened between them in San Francisco.  Quinn’s confusion is evident as she tells ridge she doesn’t understand.  He has hated her for so long.  Why is Ridge not using this to get rid of her, Quinn asks perplexed.

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