January 25: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Too Hard on Ridge?

Wednesday January 25, 2017 – Episode #7510


Steffy and Liam Reunite

With his wedding ring tattoo now removed and divorce papers signed, Wyatt goes to the Forrester mansion.  He tells his mother (?) or Eric that he loved Steffy; and loved calling her his wife, but he can’t force her into feeling the same.

Meanwhile, Steffy has stopped Liam from boarding the Spencer jet out of Los Angeles (and eating a steak!).  She shows him the divorce papers and tells him that she is his; and only his. After the joy of the moment dissipates however, Liam must concede that as ecstatic as he is to have Steffy back, he feels back for his brother.

Too Hard on Ridge

At the Forrester, Quinn and Eric discuss the family.  Quinn wonders if they have been a bit hard on Ridge.  Eric is surprised about her concern for his oldest son.  Quinn goes on t explain; taking the CEO position away from Ridge and giving it to Steffy ?

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January 25 2017 B&B Spoilers

Monday, January 25, 2016 – Episode #7254


January 25 2016 B&BWith Liam unconscious, Quinn tells herself that she just needs a little more time.

Meanwhile Steffy is with Wyatt at his place in Malibu. Sitting on his sofa, he tells Steffy that she is too much of an amazing person to be wasted in pain.

In his office, Brooke tells Bill that they have both been honest about their feelings, but that they can’t act on it, otherwise Brooke can’t be there (working at Spencer).  Brooke asks Bill if he does understand that.

Meanwhile, a happy Katie tells someone that she can tell that Brooke loves her.

Episode Summary:

Just What Steffy Needed

Wyatt and Steffy passionately kiss on the beach.  She tells him this, having fun, was exactly what she needed.

Back at Wyatt’s Malibu home Steffy says  it’s been too long since she’s been in the surf.  She thinks about downsizing her life.  He tells her about doing it in Hawaii once.  He suggests they go online and find her a beach shack in Hawaii.  Steffy likes his go with the flow attitude and asks where he has been all her life.

Steffy appreciates what he did for her today.  She stopped thinking about Liam.  Wyatt says he hasn’t even gotten started yet.  She is too amazing a person to be in this much pain.  She needs to be with someone who appreciates her.  Like him.

Wyatt thanks her for trusting him.  Stefy says maybe she should do it more often.  Wyatt is sorry that Liam hurt her. he asks if she wants to do today again sometime.  Steffy goes to take a shower.  She thanks him for making her feel like herself again.

Quinn calls.  She asks if Liam ever showed.  Wyatt admits he texted and said he wasn’t coming. Quinn quizzes him about where Steffyi is.  Quinn is pleased they are spending quality time together.  Wyatt is hoping to use Liam’s absence to show her there is a life after Liam.  Charm her, Quinn says.  Her ex won’t be an issue tonight she doesn’t’ think.

Liam Drifts In And Out of Consciousness

Liam is awake but groggy.  He feels strange.   Quinn tells him she’s going to take good care of him.  Does he know what day it is.  Does he know what day it is?  Or who the president is?  Does he know who he is?   Liam says he’s tired.  Quinn goes to check the medical website for advice about letting him sleep but Liam is out again.

Foggy Liam drifts in and out of consciousness.  He admits his head hurts.   Quinn admits she isn’t sure what to do.  Quinn thinks this is the universes way of giving Wyatt and Steffy time to be together because the belong together.

She tells him he will be fine.  She will keep a close eye on him til he gets better.  And Wyatt will get the chance he deserves to be happy.  Liam will be okay she tells him  while he is still unconscious.  She just needs a little more time.

Quinn remember all the times she’s  hurt Liam.

Eric Wonders about Brooke Working at Spencer

Katie comes to see Eric at Forrester.  He tells her she looks beautiful. She was there for an editorial meeting. Eric asks how it’s going them all working together.  So far so good Katie says.  Eric admits questioning the sense of it.  Katie is painfully aware of what happened.  But she loves her sister and her husband.  She trusts them.

Eric is impressed by Katie’s connection to Brooke given everything what has happened.  She loves her sister and she can’t live in the past.  Eric says her willingness to forgive is just like her mother. It’s paid off Katie says.  She and Bill are so connected now.  They have been so much but they are stronger for it.  She can tell how much Bill loves her.

Katie Overhears Brooke Admit Her Feelings for Bill

Brooke tells Bill they are now even.  He’s now also said things he shouldn’t have and done things he shouldn’t have.  Brooke tells him they have to stop it.

Bill says him mind can’t stop taking him back.  They can have all the best intentions but that doesn’t change what they shared and still feel about each other.

Brooke tells him she isn’t going to come between him and Katie and Will again.  Bill doesn’t want her to.  Brooke says good.  They should just bury their memories.  Bill asks how that is working so far.

Brooke doesn’t want to talk about it.  They have both been honest about their feelings but they can’t act on it otherwise she can’t be there anymore,  They pledged to be friends.  She can’t betray her sister again.  It’s not an option.

Bill doesn’t want to jeopardize his family but he can’t deny what he feels.  They were building a life together.  He can’t and doesn’t want to forget.  But he can let it go and stay committed to Katie and Will.  But he can’t erase them. Her.  From  his mind.

After she lost him she isolated herself and turned to alcohol to forget him.  Clearly that didn’t work.  She wishes circumstances were different and they could have a chance to be together.  Obviously that isn’t in the cards.  She’s not sure she can come here every day and hear her and see him.  Katie will eventually know.  She’s going to give up the job.  She’s not good at hiding her feelings.  Brooke tells Bill she loves him and he will always be the greatest love of her life.  Katie can never know that Brooke tells Bill.

From outside the office Katie overhears.  Shocked she cries.



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