January 30: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Stay away from Quinn

Monday January 30, 2017 – Episode #7513


Be Careful…

Katie is concerned with what she sees when she walks in on Quinn and Ridge in the living room of the Forrester Mansion.  Eric is away on a business trip to Genoa City (saving Fenmores from takeover by Jack Abbott) and Ridge has made him and Quinn martini’s as his Eric’s after work custom with his wives.

Ridge is happy that he will likely be returning to Forrester Creations as co-CEO with Steffy; and it’s all thanks to Quinn.  Ridge twirls Quinn through the air in joy.  It is this scene that Katie witnesses.  She wants to know what is going on.

Quinn and Ridge stand before Katie as she asks them about what she just saw happening between them.  Quinn stands her ground and politely explains to Katie that she isn’t going to be questioned by Katie in her own home.

Later, Katie tells Ridge she just wants him to be careful where Quinn is concerned.  She advices Ridge to keep his distance from Quinn.

Steffy, the Center of Liam’s World

Steffy and Liam enjoy an evening at home together.  She tells Liam that she is not so insecure to need to believe she is the only woman he has ever loved.  Steffy can see that when Liam looks at her that she is the center of his world.

January 30 2017 B&B Spoilers

Friday, January 30, 2015 – Episode #7005

Brooke Demands Rick Stay In His Marriage

This has to stop right now today.  She has borne the brunt of their rivalry since almost the day Rick was borne.  This endless chain of retaliation ends.  Rick remains as CEO and Ridge has to accept it – gracefully or not.

But Ridge isn’t letting go. Maya warns him not to get the police involved.  Rick warns Ridge that if he takes him to the police and into the headlines he will bring him right with him, airing Ridge’s dirty laundry.

Brooke tells Ridge he owes him.  He can never make it right between them but this he owes her.  Every abandonment, every betrayal – you created this situation.  Ridge isn’t buying it however.

Brooke wants to know where are Ridge’s high standards now seducing his brother’s wife after being high handed about Brooke’s affair with her sisters husband.

When Brooke tries to shut Caroline down when she gives her opinion, Caroline tells Brooke that yes, she and Ridge have had an intimacy that was inappropriate but until this day their relationship has been chaste.  Unlike Rick who moved Maya into their bed hours after Caroline confessed it all.  Do you want my son back Brooke asks if this was just one misunderstanding?

Do I want a husband who shows his displeasure by shooting at me.  Caroline tells Brooke that she degraded herself begging for Rick to come back to her and when he did it was all a hoax to get Eric to sign over control.  And all the time he had Maya in a condo on the side.

Brooke wants to know where both women stand – especially since Maya broke Rick’s heart by leaving him for Carter.  Maya declares she loves Rick.

Love isn’t enough for him.  He served me divorce papers.  The way Rick hurt me was bad enough.  I’m done Caroline states.

Brooke dismissed Ridge.  Brooke doesn’t know what has been going on while she’s gone.  Rick has turned into a bigger tyrant than Bill ever was.  Bill is a joke.  Rick is dangerous Ridge says as he leaves.

Brooke tells everyone this is her responsilbity so she feels she needs to engineer a way out.  Brooke tells Maya that she believes her actions are sincere but her actions speak otherwise.  Brooke tells Rick he is staying in his marriage.

Your anger is crippling you Brooke tells Rick.  We can all see you love Caroline,  We can all see that.  So take the first step and tell her you forgive her.  tell he how much you love her.

Pam and Donna try to listen in

Pam tells Donna the only solution to this problem is to get Eric back.  He can control his sons.  Eric always knows what to do.  Pam tells Donna that they need to prepared.  She is typing up her resignation.  They don’t know who will come out of that office in charge.


Liam’s Forrester Creations Takeover Secret Weapon – Steffy!

Forrester is going down with or without them Liam says.  Rick is going to drive the company off a cliff.  Liam is worried about Caroline.

With Caroline designing, Liam can run that company and put Rick Forrester out to pasture.

That’s my boy!  Bill says.  Coming to the rescue of a damsel in distress! As a business strategy it’s a little light chocolate milk.  You sound like you’ve been eating meat, Bill tells Liam when he says it’s a natural acquisition.

Liam needs control of his shares of Forrester.  12 ½ % isn’t going to get you there Bill reminds him.  But Steffy owns more Liam tells his father.  Bill thinks it could work.  Steffy is the sleeping giant of Forrester Creations.  And Steffy has never approved of Brooke’s influence at Forrester.

Liam calls Steffy who he knows is in Los Angeles.  He asks her to come see him.  Bill is proud of his son as he heads out to meet his ex-wife at his house.

Steffy arrives and Steffy’s first works to Liam re Cha-Cha-Cha….Steffy asks how he found her out.  Location tags on posts.  Steffy admits she sometimes comes to LA to see friends but doesn’t always tells her dad.  Steffy admits she has talked to Hope a few times. But there are some topics that don’t come up.

They discuss living in Liam‘s home together.  How could he not miss her?  Steffy tells Liam she never replaced that damned motor cycle.  Steffy changes the subject.  You have something to talk to me about she asks Liam?

Liam fills Steffy in on what is going on at Forrester.  But steffy seems to know about what is going on.  Steffy tells him she needs to talk to her father, but she’s not happy with the whispers at International about him and Caroline.

It reminds Steffy of when Brooke ran the company and that was a dark time.  Liam tells Steffy she should be running that company.  Steffy laughs that she couldn’t botch it as bad as  Rick has.  Liam reminds Steffy that she wrestled the company back from Bill in the first place.  Steffy doesn’t think anyone remembers that.

Bill owns a slice of the company and she and Thomas own another 30%…Control Forrester that no one can take away.  The two of them can make that happen together, Liam tells Steffy.



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