Engaged! Nicole Accepts Zende’s Proposal | The Bold and the Beautiful

In a flamboyantly romantic gesture for someone who has been knocked back so many times, Zende put together a wedding proposal that Nicole finally could no longer say no to.

Zende Proposes

Thinking she was modelling for a period photo shoot, Maya helped Nicole get ready.  (Nicole’s history as a terrible model is clearly being overlooked here).  When Nicole asked who the photographer was, Maya admitted it was Zende.  Nicole did her best to back out, but Maya convinced her sister, in heartfelt speck to stop getting in the way of her own happiness and trust Zende again.

Nicole admitted that he had done nothing but show her, each and every day, how much he cared.  That point was underscored when she opened a fortune cookie and it said “Nicole, your happiness is my only concern.

Primed by her sister’s pep-talk about being happy and the fortune cookie, Maya escorted Nicole out of the building where a horse drawn carriage pulled up with Zende as a passenger also dressed in period garb.

Nicole was confused, but “got it” when Zende dropped to one knee and proposed yet again.  This time she said “yes”.  He slipped a ring on Nicole’s finger and they kissed.  In the distance, Rick, Maya and RJ watched and cheered.

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What’s next for Zende and Nicole?

Spoilers hinted weeks ago about a Zencole wedding based on casting news that Zende’s parents were back in town. Zende isn’t taking any chances about Nicole backing out.  News barely makes it through Forester Creations that they are engaged, when Zende already has Nicole walking down the aisle; on Valentine’s day.

But not everyone will be delighted about this duo’s marriage.  Nicole’s sister, Sasha, will likely try to be happy for Nicole, but will also feel deep seated hurt over being rejected again.  Sasha has had a long history of seeking make approval; first from her father, who has never really accepted her, then by men.  Notably Zende.  Try as she might it will be hard for Sasha to be put her feelings aside as Znede and ncile marry.

This wedding feels rushed. Which makes this viewer believe that the wedding is a plot device in either a bigger story; or it’s an exit stage left for the Avant family; and possibly Zende?



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