February 10: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Sally Spectra Speechless?

Friday February 10, 2017 – Episode #7522

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Episode Summary:

Thomas Forrester Kisses Sally Spectra

Sally wants Saul to show him what they have so far. Sally is confident that their fashion preview will knock Steffy’s socks off. Darlita wants to know how that can happen – socks don’t just come off.  Sally sends her to answer the phone.

Thomas arrives and notes some things really don’t change as he looks around.  Sally tells Darlita to show the gentleman in.

Slumming it? Sally asks.  Thomas came to see if Sally is as mad as Steffy is.  He advises she stay as far away from Steffy as she can when Sally asks how to make it up to Steffy.

Saul tries to bring in the designs.  Sally pushes him out the door because Thomas is there.  He calls the designs “nice”. Sally is offended, she wants to hear “hot”, “cutting edge”. Steffy says those are two of her favorite pieces and realizes Thomas is being “nice” otherwise he would be saying a whole lot more.

Sally says it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t like her designs.  Thomas says they are fine

Sally thinks that Steffy sent him to undermine her. Thomas says that’s not why he’s there.  Sally then asks just why is he there?  Thomas steps forward and kisses her, leaving Sally Spectra uncharacteristically speechless.

An Australian Wedding for Liam and Steffy

Liam jokes about Steffy’s new rival Sally.  Steffy takes offence.  Sally isn’t a rival she doesn’t have a chance in the business.  She’s just an embarrassment Steffy notes as the kiss.

Steffy is uptight, she has used Steffy’s online success to create buzz for herself.  That’s what Sally Spectra does Liam says.  Steffy seethes.  Liam gets Steffy to repeat Sally Spectra doesn’t matter.  They do.

Liam tells Steffy about Ivy’s interesting idea for their wedding.  She suggested Australia.  Could be a nice change.  Steffy thinks and Australian wedding might be exactly what they need.

Nicole and Zende to Marry

Zende sees he has missed messages from Nicole.  But he doesn’t want to call her back. Rick and RJ note that it seems like Zende is up to something.

Nicole tries to back out of the shoot when she learns Zende is the photographer.  Maya tells her she is doing the shoot.  She’ll be glad she did.  People makes mistakes and they break our trust.  But time passes and we realize that forgiveness is possible and necessary.  Its obvious you still love him.  Pretending you don’t is doing you no good.

Put on the dress and stay open to what happens next, Maya advises.  It could be kind of fun Nicole says.  Maya says Zende was wrong, but they all played their part.  Rick and Maya in no small way by asking her to have another baby for them.  Who do you want to be with Maya asks.  Nicole admits its Zende. Maya helps her get ready for the shoot.

Nicole talks about everything that Zende has done to remind her how much he cares.

She opens a fortune cookie.  Nicole, your happiness is my only concern, it says. They head to the shoot.

A horse drawn carriage arrives out front. Maya disappears and joins Rick and CJ who are also watching after Zende’s cryptic exit from the office.

Nicole is confused.  Is Zende part of the shoot.  But he tells her he wants to marry her, have a family and grow old together.  She tells him hat there are certain hurts that can never happen again.  He promised he will never betray her again.  He gets down on his knew and pulls out a ring.  Let’s start our life together, he says to Nicole.  Yes, she will marry him, Nicole says.  They kiss.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 – Episode #7012

Ridge and Caroline – The Morning After

Ridge wakes alone.  Caroline enters with coffee and says good morning after spending their first night together.  It is now Ridge says.

As Ridge and Caroline prepare for work Brooke calls.  She really needs to see Ridge.  Ridge tries to put it off but ends up agreeing to see Brooke.

Brooke is Getting Ridge Back

When Donna is concerned about Brooke living alone in her big, big house Brooke tells her she won’t be alone for long.  She’s getting Ridge back today. I thought you were over him Donna says.  Does this have anything to do with his relationship with Caroline, Donna wants to know.

Brooke wants Ridge and she wants to teach Caroline a lesson she admits.  Brooke changes into a bikini and calls Ridge.

Ridge arrives.   She tells him he’s going to have so much fun he never wants to leave. She’s still trying to put everything that happened while she was gone together.  She wants peace between Rick and Ridge.  Talk to your son Ridge says.  Brooke says she will get him to back off but they need to function with a team.  It starts with you and me.  Ridge says they coexist well.  Brooke says she wants more.  Caroline is an infatuation.  They always find their way back to each other.  Let’s go to the pool and relax.  Have a great day – what do you think Brooke says.

Brooke tells Ridge this is about their history.  They go off track and they shouldn’t have let that happen.  They both moved on Ridge reminds her about Bill.  He thought she was smarter than that.  If Bill and Katie can reunite, anyone can, Brooke says.  Spend the day with me Brooke says.  She is ready to move on with her life – with him.

Wyatt Gets His Job Back

Wyatt enters Rick’s office.  Rick tells him he doesn’t work here anymore.  Rick yells.  He’s busy, so run along before he calls security.  Rick doesn’t have time for quitters.

Wyatt asks Rick for another chance.  How bad do you want it Rick asks.  More than anything Wyatt says.  Rick tells him to get on his knees and beg.  Wyatt is dumfounded and Rick admits he’s not that sadistic.

Wyatt agrees he was gone too long and neglected his work.  He had every right to call him out on it and hold him accountable.  Wyatt lost his cool and if he gives him another chance Wyatt will dedicate himself to the betterment of the company.

What’s in it for me Rick wants to know.  Wyatt is good at PR and has contacts all over the world he defends.  Wyatt says he’ll do whatever he wants shipping, janitorial wherever.  Wyatt says he won’t disrespect him again.  Rick says he won’t have his employees working against him.  He tells Wyatt he is rehired but if he is ever insubordinate again he will be cleaning every bathroom in the place.

Rick smiles to himself smugly after Wyatt has left.

The Hostile takeover

Liam and Bill discuss their plan for taking over Forrester Creations.  It’s contingent on Wyatt getting his job back Liam says.  Wyatt is going to have to pull off the performance of a lifetime Liam says.

Steffy ‘n not quite on board yet Liam admits. Bill doesn’t believe she’ll betray her family despite not being thrilled with Captain Couture at the moment, Bill bets he’ll stay loyal to daddy.  Did he sell it to Steffy, Bill asks.  Liam admits Steffy isn’t ready to go into business with him CEO of Forrester or not. They still have Ridge and Eric’s majority shareholding to overcome they Bills says.

Conversation turns to getting rid of Rick – he’s a Napoleon wannabe who shoots guns in the office. Nobody does that to a Spencer and gets a way with it – Or Ivy Liam says.

Caroline visits Liam.  Things are still back at Forrester.  Liam asks about her and Ridge.  They are very good Caroline says.  Caroline says they are officially a couple.

Is that a good idea Liam says?  When Caroline jokes about him not being invited to the wedding Liam nearly has a heart attack.  Liam says he’s not the most reliable or committed guy and Liam doesn’t want Caroline to get hurt.

Caroline appreciates his concern but she’s not going to let anything rattle her; including Brooke calling Ridge over to her house.

Wyatt enters.  Liam and Wyatt are cagey about their meeting and Liam leaves them to discuss their boy stuff. Caroline leaves and Wyatt says he got his job back.  Rick didn’t make it easy and Wyatt wanted to knock him out of his CEO office. The brother’s high five their success in Wyatt getting his job back – as long as he behaves.   Wyatt can’t wait to see Rick’s face when they dethrone him and take him down.



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