February 13: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Sally Spectra Will Strike Again

Monday February 13, 2017 – Episode #7523


February 13, 2017 B&B Spoilers

A Wedding in the Making

Havin accepted Zende’s latest wedding proposal, news spreads of Nicole and Zende’s impending nuptials.  Nicole tells her mother that she loves Zende, and trusts him (despite his betrayal with Sasha) all the way.

Zende is determined to make Nicole’s wedding day the most unforgettable day in Nicole’s life – no exceptions.  This wedding has come about very quickly. ( Kind of feels like the driver for an exit for the Avant family…)

Meanwhile Sasha tries not to look disappointed when she learns that her sister and Zende are engaged

Sally’s Next Move…

At Spectra, Sally discusses her marketing plan with Saul.  Piggy backing off the Forrester’s is the quickest and most effective way to create buzz for Spectra Fashions.  (And it will also annoy the heck out of Princess Steffy Forrester.)

But what about that kiss from Thomas Forrester?  If Steffy and Thomas were on better terms you could almost believe that Thomas was “playing” Sally, but since they aren’t, and Thomas has been flirting shamelessly with the sassy red-head it’s more likely he’s looking for a design position at Spectra in a bid to look out for his own future.

Sally has another plan in the making; tomorrow she states, Sally Spectra strikes again!  She’s disguised as a caterer when she turns up at Zende and Nicole’s wedding…

Friday, February 13, 2015 – Episode #7015

Brooke Drunk and Lonely

Brooke tells Deacon he doesn’t have to stay, she’s sure Quinn is waiting on Valentine’s Day.  Deacon says he has time.  Brooke says everyone is celebrating their relationships and she is alone.  She doesn’t want to be alone.

Brooke never thought she would end up alone.  Deacon says she’ll never be alone because she can always turn to him.  Brooke continues to drink.  She tells Deacon about Bill and Katie’s engagement.

They discuss Ridge and Deacon says he’s a fool.  Brooke has another family he reminds her.  They are a family also. Deacon gives her water.  They have a daughter and that makes them family and if she feels this way he can turn to him.

She’s always had a man to come home to.  She didn’t think she needed that – she doesn’t want to need that but she’s just so lonely.  Deacon gives Brooke two aspirin.  Brooke tries to take it with vodka, but Deacon gives her water.

She’ll be okay tomorrow.  Deacon tells her to call someone if she feels like this.  Lots of people care about her and she can’t drink away the loneliness Deacon advises.  Deacon hugs her and leaves.  But once Deacon leaves Brooke begins drinking again

Quinn and Wyatt Share Chocolates.

Quinn stops by to see Wyatt.  She brings chocolates – a mix of his favorites.   Quinn tells Wyatt she doesn’t’ trust Brooke with Deacon.  But Wyatt wants to know if Quinn trust Deacon – Yes, Quinn says he stood by her through more than most men would.

Bill Tells Liam to Reunite with Steffy

Bill is proud his son is still at work on Valentine’s Day instead of giving in to the sappy holiday.  Liam teases him he’s writing a poem.  He has jewelry in his office but wonders which brunette Forrester Liam will be spending the day with.

Liam admits she told Ivy about their plan.  Bill is upset.  Liam doesn’t think Steffy will come through.  Bill tells him to get her on board he’s a Spencer.

Bill says that Steffy won’t be able to stand aside once she sees what’s happening at Forrester.  Liam fills Bill in that Steffy still loves him.  Bill asks if Steffy would sell them their shares if Steffy and he are together.  Bill tells him to forget the plant the relationship is new.  It doesn’t compare to what he has with Ivy.  Bill tells Liam he knows what he needs to do.

In time Ivy will understand.  You can not give up on your idea for your takeover, Bill says.

Ivy Asks Steffy to Come Back

Ivy tells Steffy she was hesitant but if she had the power to change what is happening she would.  Steffy is surprised.  Ivy says she wouldn’t be if she saw how Rick has been treating her at home and at work.  Ivy asks Steffy to find a way to make it work.  She and Liam should take over Forrester Creations together.  You can get us out from under Rick’s thumb.

But Steffy has Ridge to consider. He may still want to run Forrester.  Ivy says he needs to focus on his design partnership with Caroline.  Steffy doesn’t oppose Ridge and Caroline’s work partnership but does think their relationship is ridiculous.  That relationship is more likely to encourage Steffy to go for the takeover.

Then what is holding you back Ivy asks.  Are you still in love with Liam.  Ivy promises not to flaunt her relationship in front of her.  Steffy says it’s hard to process.  She only came to LA to visit friends and Liam presented her with this. She needs to think about what it means for her and her dad.  You wouldn’t feel weird or threatened if Liam and I are working long hours together.  Ivy tells her not at ll.  She trusts Liam and his feelings for her.  Come Back Steffy, Ivy implores.  Run Forrester Creations.

Steffy is impressed by Ivy’s confidence but thinks she is underestimating Steffy and Liam’s relationship.  Steffy tells Ivy that she will not sit front row to her relationship with Liam.  Steffy warns Ivy that if she comes back to run this company she comes back to all of it…



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