February 2: Spoilers, Episode Recap and History | Spectra’s to Save Family Legacy

Thursday February 2, 2017 – Episode #7516


Saving the Spectra Family Legacy

February 2, 2017 B&B Spoilers

Sally Spectra reminds her family that they promised Aunt Sally that they were going to give Sepctra fashions another shot.  And she single CJ out telling him that he agreed to rent the building to her for 6 months rather than selling it so that Bill Spencer can build his high rise.

Sally tries to rally the family.  Not only are they going to save the weathered walls of the Spectra Fashions building they are going to save the Spectra family legacy.

Unity Within the Forrester Family

Discussing Quinn’s idea to return Ridge to the CEO job, Quinn tells Steffy that she did if for Eric; and to bring unity to the family.  Shame the move is likely to send a resentful Thomas to a rival fashion house.  Let’s see, is there one in Los Angeles?

Brooke’s Back

Upstaged by the return of the Spectra’s, Brooke returns from Italy. She’s keen to seen her fiancé, especially since Katie warned Brooke not to stay away too long last week.  Brooke is looking for an update on how Ridge’s plan to rid the Forrester family of Quinn is going.  Any progress she asks?

Brooke is likely to be surprised to find Ridge and Quinn getting on so well. Never mind, the Spectra’s wil provide some conflict for the Foresters, since Quinn seems to be one of them now…

More B&B this week

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 – Episode #7260


February 2 2016 B&BAt Forrester Creations where it looks like Sasha is modeling again, Sasha goads Julius but telling him that Zende is fine; way to fine for nerdy Nicole; even on her best day. Later, Sasha who has a new edge to her tells Zende that she doesn’t owe Nicole anything.

Brooke is also at Forrester Creations. Reflecting on her behavior in her short sojourn into a career in publishing at Spencer Publications, she asks Eric (?) what possessed her to tell Bill that she loves him.  What good could have come of that?

Meanwhile at Spencer Publications Katie is still emotionally wobbly after learning about Brooke’s true feelings for Bill. She tells Bill that she thought she mattered to her sister.  Katie thought that Brooke loved her.

Episode Summary:

Brooke is Back at Forrester Creations

Brooke turns up at Forrester Creations.  She tells Rick and Maya that she’s no longer working at Spencer Publications.  Rick is surprised, but glad that she is back at Forrester.

Maya goes to take Nicole her vitamins.

Rick still thinks Brooke being out at Spencer being odd.  He feels like he’s missing a few pieces.  If there is trouble between Brooke and Katie it will be obvious soon enough. Eric tells his son to let soon enough be soon enough.

Alone with Eric Brooke regrets what she said about being in love with Bill.  She regrets hurting her sister.  What good did she think would come of it.  Brooke admits to Eric that it is true however, she does still love Bill.

Katie Can’t Let It Go

Bill reflects on Brooke telling him he will always be the love of her life.  Katie enters and kisses him.  She thanks him for being so supportive.

She tells Bill that she is the great love of her life.  What was Bill supposed to say to that.  Bill tells his wife that nothing happened, and Brooke is gone.  She should let it go.  But Katie can’t do that.  Brooke betrayed her again.  She should have seen it coming, but Katie missed Brooke so much.

She’s fixated on you, Katie says.  And Brooke knows how to play her, Katie says.  Bill says no lines were crossed, no harm was done.  Bill tells Katie that she knows her sister.  She’s emotional.  Brooke doesn’t realize the impact of her words until the fallout starts raining down.  Katie asks if he is defending Brooke.  Because she really doesn’t want to hear that. Bill is trying to save their relationship.  But Katie feels stupid.  If she was here she would still be in full seduction mode.  She has given Brooke the benefit of the doubt too many times.  Katie isn’t going to do that again.

Brooke is a human wrecking ball who isn’t going to mess with her life this time.  Bill tells Katie to calm down as she gets more and more upset.  Bill comforts her.  She thanks him for not falling for it.  She knows he wouldn’t declare her undying love for Brooke and leave her in the dust, because Katie knows his heart is with Katie.  Never doubt it, he tells his wife.

Zende and Nicole

Zende says it’s not like her to use her influence with Rick to get Sasha fired.  Nicole says the hormones are real.  She knows what she did was wrong and he’s disappointed.  She’s really sorry.  Can he forgive her?  She did get Sasha rehired.  Nicole and Zende agree to move on and discuss how frustrated his is.

They discuss trying to be intimate a few time and it not feeling good.  Maybe they should try again, Zende says.  He will die of frustration before her project is over.  Zende is serious.  He wants her. They kiss.

Maya knocks on the door. Zende leaves for his photo shoot.  Maya knows what they were doing however.  They discuss Nicole making it right with Sasha.  It takes courage.  Maya asks if she is really okay with Sasha and Zende working together again.

Sasha Back Modeling

Nicole is supposed to have her back, not stab her in it Sasha tells Julius.  Sasha admits that Nicole made it right. She tries to tell him she belongs with her family.  And that is him.  Just not here Julius tells her.  Sasha wonders if he even cares how much it hurts when he shuts her down like this.  All these years she never said a word.  Sasha tells Julius she’s not going home.  She’s a Forrester model, why would she give that up.  Julius thinks the modeling is just a game. If Myron can do it, so can I Sasha says.  Julius says that she has him there.

Sasha is not going to be relegated to the sidelines again. Sasha got a daddy from a distance, while Nicole got the life she wanted.   Julius says he didn’t want to lose his wife.  She is everything to her. He can’t imagine life without her.  Julius tells her to keep her secret.  He will not have her disrupt this family.  Including Nicole and Zende.

Zende is Nicole’s boyfriend Julius says.  Sasha says she doesn’t have to do what he says.  She’s not very obedient.  She does have daddy issues, Sasha reminds Julius.  She had many boyfriends in high school.  Even stole a few from Nicole.  Sasha goads Julius but telling him that Zende is fine; way to fine for nerdy Nicole; even on her best day.

The shoot gets started.  When they finish she tells him to take a few for his personal collection.  He reminds her that he is with Nicole.  Sasha doesn’t know why that should worry her.  Her friend who stabbed her in the back?  She doesn’t owe Nicole Avant her loyalty.  Sasha doesn’t’ owe her anything, she tells Zende.


Monday, February 2, 2015 – Episode #7006

Ivy and Aly

Ivy reviews some of Aly’s shoe designs!

Steffy Won’t Sell her Shares

You want to take control of Forrester Creations Steffy asks.  That’s my family’s business.  But Liam want to restore it to what it was.  She wouldn’t recognize the company now.  Combine Bill, Steffy and Thomas’ shares they can get to work ousting him.  IF they don’t there won’t be a company left a year from now Liam tells Steffy who is initially hesitant because Eric gave Rick irrevocable control.

Sell me your shares and convince Thomas to do the same, Liam asks of Steffy.  Why Steffy asks.  Liam says his cousin is suffering and so is Ivy.

But Steffy doesn’t like the idea of selling to Spencer.  Steffy doesn’t think Thomas will sell.  Convince him Steffy, Liam says. Thomas looks up to her Liam notes.  Steffy says things need to change but she’s never selling her shares.  She will figure something out.  Starting by talking to her dad about carrying on with a woman her age.

Think about it Liam says.  Together there is nothing they can’t do Liam tells her.

Steffy asks Liam what it is about him and brunette Forrester’s.  Just don’t take her to Aspen Steffy says – that’s our place.  Liam agrees there are many places he associates with her.  They become nostalgic.

Steffy tells Liam her feelings for him will never change.  They hug as Ivy walsk in asking if she’s interrupting something.  She realizes the woman in Liam’s arms is Steffy.

Brooke Wants Rick Back with Caroline

Maya tells Brooke that it didn’t work with Eric and it’s not going to work with her.  Rick says they have all move d on.  Brooke says that deep down Rick knows his relationship with Maya is just temporary.  Why Maya asks.  Is there something wrong with me Brooke?

Brooke says everything has just happened to fast. And Rick brought a gun into the office Brooke tells Rick.  Rick says Caroline is not better than Amber.

Brooke tells him he’s not going to find perfection in anyone.  The divorce papers are signed and it appears Caroline has moved on with Ridge.

Later, alone, Maya thanks Rick for defending their relationship in front on his Mom and Caroline Rick says she is the woman he wants to spend his life with always.

In another office Brooke tells Caroline she tried.  But Caroline thinks that maybe everyone is better off.  Brooke asks if she thinks she is going to have a relationship with Ridge.  There have been many women who have had the same chemistry and connections with Ridge before her.  Its more than just chemistry Caroline says.  Brooke tells her to be realistic.  She isn’t going to have a relationship with Ridge Brooke says.

Brooke cn see how she can get swept up in the idea of Ridge.  She isn’t the first and won’t be the last.  Caroline is stunned when Brooke says all Ridge’s dalliances through they could replace her.  If I wanted Ridge back I could have him just like that Brooke tells Caroline as she snaps her fingers…

Bill Visits Katie and Bill

Bill visits Katie who is playing with Will at home.  He’s here to visit his son.  Brooke’s back he tells Katie.  Katie says she should go see her.  Bill says he has.  He tells Katie he told Brooke there was only one woman he wanted to spend his life with and he hopes that she feels that way too.

Bill tells Katie that his future is with her.  He was angry at Brooke when she left, but Brooke knew what he didn’t.  He knows what he wants know; her, Will, their family.  He wants them to be a family again Bills says.  Tell me you want that too.

She has a new perspective of what they were to each other and what they did for each other.  Bill calls her his perfect partner.  She gave him the gift of a son he will be able to raise. He doesn’t want to be a part time parent anymore.  Katie tells him he can’t just want her because she’s the mother of his son.  Bill kisses her….He wants her. She’s the smartest sexiest woman in the room.  She inspires him to be the man that Katie believes he can be.  Let’s not lose another moment Bill asks Katie.



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