February 22: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: A Spectra Show to Remember

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 – Episode #7530


Thomas and Steffy Disagree About Sally

February 22, 2017 B&B Spoilers

Steffy seems to know how to inadvertently rub salt in Thomas wounds.  She should know by now that Thomas is smarting over being passed over for the CEO position, not once, but twice.  In an act of defiance Thomas told Steffy that if she didn’t like his designs she had the option of not using them.

Steffy tries to mend fences by telling him that even though she is his boss (ouch!) being his sister will always be more important to her.  But does Thomas feel the same way?

Thomas had already made comments about his future being away from Forrester Creations before Spectra returned to the fashion industry in LA.  Now there is a fashion house in desperate need of a top-flight designer just around the corner….and it doesn’t hurt that Thomas has taken a liking to the feisty redhead spearheading the campaign to resurrect Spectra Fashions…

Thomas and Steffy’s conversation turns to Sally Spectra.  Thomas tells his sister that “this” Sally Spectra isn’t like “that” Sally Spectra, referring to the Sally Spectra that their grandmother, Stephanie did constant battle with.

Steffy isn’t buying it. She reminds Thomas of what Sally 2.0 has already pulled; all for the sake of publicity; the cake fight at Il Giordino, crashing Zende’s wedding (that ended with Sally’s face smashed into the cake they brought).  All Steffy can see is that Sally 2.0 is doing her best to pick up where her great Aunt left off.

Thomas finds the retelling of Sally’s antics amusing.

Sally Puts on a Show For Bill Spencer’s Saboteur

Meanwhile, over at Spectra fashions, Sally is determined to make a good impression on her first showing, despite having only one RSVP. Sally is undaunted.  She tells her team that today is the day that they give Jarred Maxwell a show to remember.

With bankers after her for loan payments, Sally needs this showing to be a success.

Of course, what Sally doesn’t know is that Jarred’s boss, Bill Spencer, ordered him to attend and give a scathing review of the fledgling fashion house’s new line. Bill wants the Spectra building and he’s not above embarrassing Sally out of the business so that he can get his hands on the land that the Spectra building stands on.

Seems like Sally needs a hero to save the day…let’s hope she manages to saver herself, and that Thomas Forrester doesn’t charge in on a white steed with a handful of designs his sister rejected…

Over at Spencer Publications, seems like Katie is trying to suck the wind out of her exes sails.  What if, she suggests, this Spectra Fashions is a success?  Bill Spencer not getting his way is never good.  For anyone.

Episode Summary:

Bill Sends a Saboteur to Spectra

Sally gives her team a confidence boosting pep talk before their showing to an audience of one:  Jarrett Maxwell, who works for Spencer Publications…

Over at Spencer, Jarrett isn’t thrilled about attending the event or Bill’s direction that his review of Spectra’s designs should crush Sally’s dreams.

Jarrett leaves Spencer as Katie arrives and notes his mood.  Bill tells his ex where Jarrett is off to.  Katie muses that perhaps he will like the designs and this Spectra will be a success.  Bill is confident that won’t be happening.

When Jarrett arrives at Spectra Sally fusses over him passing on compliments from her great aunt.  The showing, held in the office, because Spectra doesn’t have the money to renovate the showroom (yet!) gets underway with 4 gowns.  Jarrett watches and at the end tells Sally that the designs are interesting in a good way.

Back at Spencer Jarrett tells Bill Spencer the same thing.  Bill reiterates that Jarrett is not to write an hones review.  Bill reminds him that the whole point is to put Spectra out of business…

Steffy Calls Sally  Hot Mess

At Forrester Creations Steffy tells her brother that she may be his boss, but being his sister is much more important to her. They end up discussing Sally and the big make or break day Spectra has coming up. Steffy is sure it will be a hot mess, but Thomas reminds his sister that “this” Sally isn’t her great aunt.  Steffy isn’t so sure given the stuff she’s pulled to date getting publicity for her line with a food fight and crashing Zende’s wedding.   Thomas tells his sister that Sally is dedicated, but Steffy thinks that is useless without talent.  Steffy finds it amusing that Sally believes she could ever compete with Forrester Creations.


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