February 24: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Would Thomas Sell Out His Family?

Friday, February 24, 2017 – Episode #7532


Quinn and Ridge Can’t Stay Away

Quinn and Ridge just can’t seem to stay away from each other.  Even when all they discuss when they are together is how whatever is going on between them has to stop.

Today, Ridge asks Quinn why she kissed him on the evening of Zende and Nicole’s wedding.  Quinn notes that Ridge is contrary.  He may say one thing, but he means another.

They reiterate that whatever it is going on between them has to stop.  Quinn doesn’t even understand why its proving so difficult.  They aren’t even supposed to like each other.

Why Would Thomas Forrester Sell Out His Family?

After the scathing review published by Eye on Fashion, by Jarrett Maxwell (actually penned by Bill Spencer when Jarrett’s integrity didn’t allow him to go through with destroying Sally’s dreams.) Shirley has some advice for her granddaughter.  Perhaps it is time to review Spectra’s original playbook.  She likely means Sally Spectra Snr’s habit of stealing Forrester designs by whatever means necessary and knocking them off.

Shirley knows just how to do it also.  Use Thomas Forrester’s attraction to Sally. But Sally 2.0 doesn’t get it.  He’s Thomas Forrester.  Why would he sell out his family for a woman he barely knows, Sally wants to know?

Over at Forrester Creations, Steffy can’t be bothered wasting time on Sally Spectra.  She’s not a competitor Steffy states.  She’s a clown.  She even dresses like a clown, Steffy states underestimating the sassy redhead.

Steffy, gives Sally no credit, even though Thomas reminded his sister that he has seen Sally’s designs and they are not half bad.  Raw, but there is talent there.

February 24, 2017 B&B Spoilers

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 – Episode #7022

Liam Recruits Ridge

You think you’ve won but you haven’t.  I’ll l make this right Rick says.  Go back to international Ridge says.  The numbers are up because of Caroline and Me, Ridge tells him.

Ridge tells Rick he’s taking him down – not sure how but he’s taking him down.

Rick leaves to go “home” That’s not your home Ridge says.    Ridge can’t wait for the day that he and Maya fall off the mountain they are perched on.

Ridge finds Liam in his office.  Liam says he’s been talking to Steffy.  Initially Ridge is not keen to be dragged in to the drama between Liam and Steffy.  Liam assures him there is no drama, he’s with Ivy now. There is something Ridge should know; about Rick and the future of Forrester Creations.

Liam admits he had an issue with Ridge and Caroline initially, but given the way that Rick has treated her he’s changed his mind.   He’s treating the two most important women in his life life slaves and Liam tells Ridge he wants to take Rick down.

Ridge tells Liam he just told Rick he was going to do the same.  Liam has a plan, Ridge is listening.  So is Steffy, Liam states.  Put all your shares (Ridge, Steffy and Thomas)together with Bill’s and you have enough for a hostile takeover.  Steffy and Thomas will be on board – if their father is. But Ridge will never partner with Liam’s father.  Liam says he wouldn’t have to.  Liam will be in control of Bill’s shares.

Ridge is skeptical that Bill can stay out of it.  Liam says he may know Bill, but he doesn’t know Liam.  Liam highlights that Rick only looks good because of his and Caroline’s collection.  Rick will still run this place like a prison.  And it won’t succeed for long that way.  Liam gives it a year before he and others leave.

Ridge says that Liam is asking him to betray his dad.  You’re protecting his legacy Liam suggests.  Ridge is tired of seeing Caroline suffer because of Rick.  Liam tells him that he and Steffy will run the company and Liam will be a silent partner.  This place will be ground to dust by Rick if they do nothing.  Think about it Liam says.  But fast.  We need to move now.

Ivy Confronts Steffy

You’re not welcome here anymore Ivy tells Steffy.  Steffy says relating like that is second nature.  Ivy says not anymore.  Steffy and Liam don’t relate at all – not personally.

But business relating – that’s another matter.  And we will be lovers if I agree to his plan, Steffy says confidently.  You don’t have our history.

Ivy regrets standing up for Steffy in the past when she was trash talked for her lingerie line.  Now Ivy wonders if her critics who called her trashy and a skank were right.  Could you be any more obvious Ivy says – referring to her bikini.

You’re a memory to him – you’re part of his past.

You’re smart, Ivy someone as loyal and faithful as Liam can forget.  The difference is a couple of years of feelings not a couple of months.  I ran off racked with guilt over losing our baby to find myself, Steffy says.  Maybe Liam’s heart is in a different place. Until your relationship moves in the right direction you are merely a bump in the road Steffy tells Ivy.

You left him Ivy reminds Steffy.  Do you know why Liam is doing this Steffy? Steffy thinks its because he’s like Bill and sees a business opportunity.  Ivy sets her straight.  It’s because of me Ivy says.  He’s tired of seeing how Rick is treating me and he’s doing something about it.

Ivy is surprised that Steffy doesn’t respect her relationship with Liam.  Ivy tells Steffy that she and Liam have slept together and in her book that means a lot.  Steffy scoffs that she is Hope 2.0.  She informs She is a Forrester and she will fight for what’s hers.  Respect her relationship with Liam or she will regret it.

Rick and Maya Celebrate

At home Maya and Rick get ready to celebrate their success.  While Rick is upstairs Nicole arrives for a visit.  Rick and I have plans Maya tells her.  Let’s make a date and do lunch Maya tells her sister.  Or we could grab a bite Nicole says calling Maya all “hollywood”.

Nicole tells her sister she lost her apartment and needs a place to stay.  Rick comes downstairs – she introduces them.  Nicole tells him school was going well until she lost her apartment a freaky room mate.  Rick invites her to stay, but Maya says she’s fine and pushes Nicole out the door.

Rick is surprised Maya doesn’t want her sister around.  Maya doesn’t want any complications between them.  Things are perfect right now.  And she an Nicole never been close because of the age difference. They begin their celebrations with champagne of their banner day. To Rick and maya they toast.  Let no one take us under.



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