February 3: Spoilers, Episode Recap and History | If Your and Ridge Can Kiss and Make Up…

Friday February 3, 2017 – Episode #7517

February 3, 2017 Bold & Beautiful  Spoilers

Episode Summary:


Brooke Wants to Know What is Going On Between Ridge and Quinn

Brooke is curious about what went on between Ridge and Quinn while she was away in Italy to bring about their change in attitude towards each other. Brooke doesn’t trust Quinn and warns him not to let his guard down.

Later, Quinn spies Brooke and Ridge kissing in his office. It bothers her.  Ridge can see something is up with her also and asks about it.  Quinn says she saw him and Brooke kissing.  She knows how close he and Brooke are but wants Ridge’s assurance that he won’t tell Brooke what happened between them in San Francisco.  From outside the office, Brooke overhears Quinn telling Ridge that Brooke can never learn about their secret.  Brooke enters the office demanding to know what is going on between the two of them. Now.

Discontent in the Family

Rick, Maya and Thomas also wonder what is going on between Quinn and Ridge.  They are supposed to hate each other, but they have been downright supportive of each other.  Thomas calls their new alliance creepy. With the Rick and Thomas both unhappy over being overlooked for the CEO job – again – Thomas suggests that maybe it is time for them to leave Forrester Creations.

Pam tells Quinn that she can see that Quinn is trying to bring the family back together.  Quinn is taken aback, but Pam assures her she still doesn’t like Quinn. Pam does say that she never thought Quinn and Ridge could get along, but since Ridge and Quinn have managed to “kiss and make up” Pam thinks its only a matter of time till the others come around.

Bill Won’t Give Up on Brooke

At Liam and Steffy’s Malibu beach house, Bill Spencer approves of Steffy’s engagement ring. Steffy fills Bill in on the new developments at Forrester Creations; her dad is now co-CEO with her.

Bill decides he wants to throw Liam and Steffy and engagement party.  Liam sees through his dad.  He just wants an excuse to see Brooke. Bill can’t deny it.  He will never give up on Brooke and thinks its only a matter of time before Steffy’s dad screws up.  Then he and Brooke will have their destiny.

Steffy isn’t so sure.  Ridge and Brooke always end up together.  She suggests he talk to her mother, Taylor, not as a shrink, but as someone who knows what its like to be left behind them Ridge and Brooke inevitably find their way back to each other.

Sally Spectra Gets Her “Saul”

Over at Spectra Fashions, Sally and Shirley are hiring a tailor.  They discuss “Saul” who was Sally’s tailor.  Sally 2.0 states she needs a Saul.  They hire a non-english speaker, a biker who misunderstands what a “cutter” is, and finally Shirly brings in the last candidate – Saul Feinberg – his grandfather used to work at Spectra.  The young man followed his in his grandfather’s steps and being a tailor is his life.  He also has heard stories of Grand Dame Sally (Snr).

Sally hires the young man and is reassured about her choice when he immediately asks where the cutting room is. She has her Saul; right down to the name

Wednesday, February 3, 2016 – Episode #7261

Spoilers: Sasha Decides to Prove Nicole Right…

February 3 2016 B&BSasha, once again modeling for photographer Zende now has Zende’s ear during and after each photo.  But she hasn’t forgotten what Nicole did to her.  As her best friend Nicole is supposed to have her back, not stab her in it.  Which is exactly what Nicole did when she asked Rick not to hire Sasha as a model because Nicole didn’t want sexy, fun Nicole around her boyfriend, Zende.  Sasha decides that maybe she needs to teach Nicole a lesson and prove her right (that she can’t be trusted around Zende).

Later, when Sasha gets to spend some time alone with a shirtless Zende, she tells him that she and Nicole have known each other their whole lives and she has never seen Nicole be this selfish.

Meanwhile when Maya asks Nicole if she is really comfortable with Nicole and Zende working so closely together, Nicole has to admit to feeling like there will be consequences from Sasha finding out that Nicole asked Rick not to hire Sasha as a model.  Nicole tells her sister that girls like Sasha don’t get jealous; they get what they want.

Eric tells Brooke that Katie has to realize that Brooke is not a threat to her family. She is part of it.

Episode Summary:

Katie Doesn’t Know Bill Reciprocated

Bill asks Katie if he trust her.  Yes Katie says.  Then what does it matter how Brooke feels?  Katie wants to know if she didn’t want anything out of it why did she says something?  Katie tells bill that Brooke wanted him to reciprocate.

Katie says she gave Brooke a chance, but she can’t have her at Spencer anymore.  She thanks Bill for supporting her.  Bill says it’s his job to protect her.  Katie says that makes her feel good.  She tells Bill she loves him then goes to pick up Will.

At home Katie reflects on telling Katie she will not ever need her again.  She turns down the photos of her and Brooke in her home and plays with Will. Katie tells her son she loves him and their family.  She’s not going to let anything happen to their family Katie promises her son.

Katie isn’t going to let Brooke take her life away again. She remembers everything she went through last time culminating with Brooke telling Bill that he will always be the great love of her life.

Eric Stands by Brooke

Eric assures Brooke she loves her sister and doesn’t want to compromise their marriage.  Brooke says that Katie thinks she was using her feelings to get close to Bill and take him away.  Katie brought up every mistake she’s made in the past.  She’s changed Eric reminds Brooke. Eric says Katie will come to realize that Brooke isn’t a threat to her family, she’s part of it.

Brooke can’t help but think of what she could have done differently.  Eric suggests they do something to get her mind off her problems.  He suggests they go out for dinner with Rick, Maya and Nicole and celebrate their future grandchild.  Eric heads to the shoot to set it up.

Brooke remains to finish some work.  Later when the door opens she thinks its Eric to take her to dinner.  But it’s Bill.  Brooke says he should go and focus on his family.  He is focused on his family, but he knows what this is doing to Brooke.  Bill thinks this can be fixed and he will do everything he can to get through to Katie.

The stress and anxiety isn’t good for Katie Brooke reminds him.  She needs to know she can depend on Bill.  Brooke is worried about Katie.  Bill is worried about both of them.

Nicole Doesn’t Trust Sasha

Nicole tells Maya that she trusts Zende.  But Maya notes she isn’t so sure about Sasha.  Nicole says things are different in LA.  She ahs the amazing boyfriend and its Sasha’s turn to be jealous.  The thing is girls like Sasha doesn’t get jealous.  They get what they want.

Rick arrives and they head down to the shoot.

The Photo Shoot

Sasha and Zende get back to work.  Sasha tells him that she isn’t sure she and Nicole are besties anymore.  Nicole has always been jealous of her Sasha says.  Maybe she should teach Nicole a lesson by proving she is right; that she can’t be trusted around Nicole’s boyfriend.  Paranoia makes bad things happen Sasha notes.  Nicole burned her.

Zende tries to get Sasha to put those emotions into the shoot.  Rick, Maya and Nicole arrive.  They take a break.  Rick likes what he sees.  Maya says they were just talking about how well they work together.  Sasha says she intends to make the most of it.  Eric arrives and invites everyone to dinner, but Zende decides not to go.  Zende says it’s something he should do without him; celebrating Brooke and Eric’s grandchild.  Sasha smiles as she realizes Zende will be home alone.

Eric and Rick look  at the photos that Zende have taken.  Eric says Sasha is lovely.  Sasha and Zende really bring something out in each other.

Sasha Make Zende a Tempting Offer

A shirtless Zende has headphones on when Sasha arrives.  He asks what she is doing there. Sasha says she overheard him and Nicole earlier.  She tells him this pregnancy must be hell on a guy like him.  Nic really can’t expect him to wait.  That is what he is doing, Zende tells Sasha. Waiting til the baby is born, then after the birth waiting some more while Nic recovers Sasha reminds him.

How can Nicole expect you to wait while she’s carrying her sister’s baby.  Great for maya, not so great for you.  Zende says she doesn’t hear him complaining.  Sasha compliments him., She’s never met a guy like him and comes on to him.  She knows he is attracted to her.  he can feel it.  He reminds her that Nicoel and her and friends  Sasha has known Nicole all her life, but she’s never known her to be this selfish.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  She’s good at keeping secrets.  Call it friends with benefits.  Nciole never has to know, Sasha tells Zende.


This Day in B&B History:

Tuesday, February 3, 2015 – Episode #7007

Bill and Katie – Engaged

Bill asks Katie to marry him.  She’s keeping him waiting.  A teary eyed Katie tells him she will marry him.  They kiss.  Bill promises not to let her down.

Katie tells Bill he knows her well and he knew she needed to go back to work.  Bill says he needs her also.  She opens him up; gives him the chance to be a good father and a good husband.

Steffy and Ivy

Steffy and Ivy hug.  They are cousins.  How long has it been Steffy asks? Since they were kids they decide.  Ivy asks her to stay for dinner since she’s brought groceries.  They have a lot to catch up on about what Rick is doing at Forrester.  Steffy looks uncomfortable watching Ivy and Liam together.

Steffy tells Liam she’s going out.  Liam asks her to think about what he asked.  Steffy notes that Liam is just like his father.

Steffy asks for Ivy’s take on Rick.  Ivy admits she is fearful for Forester.  Eric is away and Rick is on a power play.  Ivy is surprised that Liam hasn’t told Steffy this already.  Liam and Ivy look at each other.

There’s no room for creativity Ivy says.  But what can be done.  Ivy would gladly hear some suggesting.  Liam sees Steffy out as Ivy goes back to the kitchen.  Steffy has trouble with Liam’s plan because of her dad.  Her dad will never join forces with his dad.  Steffy leaves and tells Liam she is happy for him and Ivy.

Ivy asks what Steffy’s take is.  Liam changes the subject from business and kisses Ivy.  Bill walks in and wants to talk to Liam.  Ivy leaves so the men can talk.  Bill asks if he got through to Steffy. Not yet, Liam admits.  Their only chance is Ridge since Eric will back Rick all the way.  Liam tells him that Steffy is at Forrester and believes things will move their way very soon.

Brooke and Caroline Argue

Brooke reiterates how quickly she could have Ridge back.  Over and Over again she snaps her fingers.

Caroline says her feelings were genuine.  So were her feelings for Rick – the one she married not the one that pulled a gun on her.  Brooke highlights the age difference between them.  Doesn’t she still want children?  Ridge already has children, your age, Brooke notes.

Brooke asks how Caroline could carry on with Ridge of all people.  How could she do that to her son?  Brooke calls Ridge a crush.  Caroline tries to change the topic to her and Uncle Bill.  Are you trying to get back with Ridge Caroline asks?  From what Caroline understands she’s never without a man.

Katie Shows Brooke Her Bling

Katie interrupts their conversation.  Katie tells Brooke there is going to be a wedding – Check out my new bling she tells her big sis.  Brooke hugs her sister.  They discuss Bill being fully committed to her now.  Katie isn’t worried about Bill but is worried about Brooke. Katie knows her very well.  You lead with her heart Katie sasy.  This can’t be easy for you.  Brooke claims she’s finally grown up.  Katie asks if any part of her regrets this.  Katie needs to know.

Bill is yours Brooke tells her.  She wants them to be happy and raise their family together.  Brooke makes a sisters promise she intends to keep.  She will never interfere in her marriage again.

Katie doesn’t think any of the men in her life have moved on or the men she’s been with.  Katie can understand that love because even after everything that has happened she still loves her sister.  Brooke tells Katie she couldn’t be happy with Bill because what she had done to Katie.  She changed while she was in Europe – to find the good in herself.  She doesn’t’ want Bill but she does want her sister; the love the trust and the forgiveness, she wants her sister back most of all.  Brooke promises not to interfere in Brooke’s happiness ever again.

The sisters hug.

Steffy arrives at Forrester

Steffy walks in to find Caroline in the office. Caroline is surprised to see her and welcomes her back.  Steffy says she‘s heard some things that are pretty hard to believe.  What is going on with you and my father Steff asks Caroline.

Caroline tells Steffy she’s fallen for Ridge.  An angry Steffy says that is disgusting.  Caroline is her age.  Steffy is not going to let it happen.



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