February 6: The Bold and the Beautiful: Will Spectra Hire Forrester’s Disgruntled Employee’s?

Monday February 6, 2017 – Episode #7518


February 6, 2017 B&B Spoilers

Waiting for Ridge to Screw Up

Bill and Rick chat over beers in Brooke’s kitchen.  Bill notes that he would be married to his mother right now if Ridge, and RJ hand ganged up on her an guilt tripped her about reuniting the family.

Later, Bill tells Brooke that Ridge doesn’t appreciate her; he takes Brooke for granted Bill asserts.  That would never happen with him.

Spectra Fashions Hiring – Forrester Staff Disgruntled

Now that Thomas knows who feisty red head Sally is – a Spectra – she tells him that a new day is dawning in the fashion industry.  The sun is shining bright.  Spectra Fashions is roaring back and the entire fashion industry is going to stand up and take notice.

It’s also convenient that Spectra Fashions needs to hire “talent” just when a bunch of Forrester’s have their noses out of joint about Ridge being appointed co-CEO with Steffy!

Episode Summary:

Ridge Supports Quinn

Quinn is surprised to find Brooke behind them.  Brooke wants to know what is going on between them.  What is Quinn hiding. Brooke wants to know what is going on.

Ridge agrees they are keeping something form her.  It was supposed to be a surprise.  A bride needs a dress and jewelry.  They were going to collaborate and surprise hjer on her wedding day.

Brooke apologizes for being suspicious, but them together is a little weird.  Brooke leaves.

Quinn is panicked. About their flirting.  What they had was a moment out of time.  Just one kiss, that is all it was.  But Quinn doesn’t seem so sure.  Just one kiss.  That is all it was.  Right Ridge?

Quinn has so much to lose and live up to.  Eric means everything to her, yet she just gave him something to distrust.  Quinn wonders why it happened so it won’t happen again. Ridge tells her to move on.  It didn’t mean anything to either one of them, so don’t analyze it.

He says he’s been receiving congratulations calls about his appointment.  He has her to thank for that.  She is happy to be part of healing this amazing family.  She and Eric are so happy and she doesn’t want to screw that up.  She’s her own worst enemy and is terrified she will elt him down;  She talks about self-sabotaging because she believes she doesn’t deserve all the good stuff in her life.

Ridge tells her to leave that self-fulfilling prophecy behind and just live her life.  Be the best person she can be.  Be happy with Eric because she makes him happy.  Everything will be fine.  Quinn appreciates how understanding and supportive he is being.  His friendship and encouragement means a lot to her.

Ridge tells her to just trust in herself.  Her hands are shaking and he takes them.  He tells her everything will be fine and they hug.

Brooke Will Come Back to Bill

Rick is making lunch in the kitchen when Bill just walks in.  he tells her he can’t just walk in.  Then he reminds Bill that Brooke is engaged to Ridge and he always gets what he wants.  Bill states only until Ridge lets her down.  And he will.

Bill is here to welcome Brooke home. He’s sticking around for the long haul.  Bill wants to know when they can expect Brooke. Bill notices Rick is in a bad mood as he makes himself a sandwich and joins Rick for luck.

Rick reminds him that he doesn’t like him.  Bill says that Rick can’t be happy about Brooke marrying Ridge any more than being passed over for CEO.  Again.

Bill says people don’t change.  Bill is confident that he and Brooke will be together.  Bill notes that he would be married to his mother right now if Ridge, and RJ hand ganged up on her an guilt tripped her about reuniting the family.

Rick reminds him that he and Brooke have never managed to get married.  Because of Ridge.

Brooke arrives. He welcomes her back.  They discuss the changes at Forrester and the CEO team being put together by Quinn.  It makes no sense to either of them. Seems like Ridge and Quinn are slipping into bed together Bill says.

Bill tells Brooke that she will come back to him, when Ridge screws up, and she will wonder what took her so long.

Thomas and Sally Banter – She’s Brining Back Spectra Fashions

Thomas says that either island life has been really good to Sally or…Sally fills in the blanks.  Macy is her cousin.  She notes that her family seems to come off second best in interactions with the Foresters so he should keep his distance considering the tragic end Thorne and Macy’s relationship came to.

Spectra’s and Foresters are like oil and water.  The Spectra’s lack their pedigree, shiny reputation and they aren’t good enough for the Forrester’s.  They are scrappers, who aren’t scared of hard work and breaking a nail in doing so.

Sally tells Thomas he wouldn’t know about that: growing up rich in Beverly Hills.  She’s sure the struggle was real.  She insults him on many fronts but when she says he relies on his good looks, it’s the only thing that Thomas can focus on and he playfully makes her say it again.

She tells him that just because she admits he’s easy on the eye and doesn’t have the worst face she’s ever seen doesn’t mean that he is her type.

She tells him she is reviving the company. Thomas asks a bunch of practical questions like do they have a designer.  She says it’s her.  He looks at some of her work.  He asks if she did them herself.  Sally sips her drink as he looks at them.  They are different Thomas says.  Sally says his tone is condescending and notes that he thinks they stink.

She’s bringing Spectra back and the entire industry is going to take notice.

With these designs, Thomas asks?  He gives them back to her and wishes her luck.  Sally storms off.  Thomas smiles while she walks away.


Friday, February 6, 2015 – Episode #7010

Steffy Still Loves Liam

Liam briefs Wyatt on how he plans to take over Forrester Creations.  He calls Steffy.  Steffy answers her phone.  It’s just like he said at Forrester – maybe even worse.  Steffy agrees something needs to be done.  Liam asks Steffy to come to his office and they’ll discuss options.

If Steffy joins them it’s the first step in taking over Forrester, but Liam needs Wyatt over there. Steffy arrives. Wyatt asks Steffy how she is and Steffy unloads about what is going on at Forrester Creations.   Forrester is being run by an egomaniac who sleeps with models and shoots at employees.  And I kind of feel sorry for the bastard because if I walked in on my dad making out with Caroline I’d shoot too, Steffy states.

And how are you she asks Wyatt.

They discuss Ridge and Caroline.  Steffy says she grew up with two moms she shouldn’t have daddy issues.  Liam asks if that’s what it is.

Steffy wishes her dad didn’t always think of her and her brother as the afterthought.  She won’t accept a woman her age pulling her dad away from her.  Wyatt leaves.

Steffy tells Liam she’s upset.  This is her families company.  She has trouble giving it to Spencer Publications.  But Liam tells her he wants her to take her company back.  Liam wants Steffy to run Forrester Creations.  He wants her to be CEO.  Liam wants this.  He needs to make this place better for Ivy.

Steffy forgot – this is about her.  Its about her, Caroline and Steffy Liam says.  Steffy says she can’t do this.  You’re fighting for another woman – don’t you know what this does to me?  I was the one – I can’t Steffy says.  She says she couldn’t see him every day at work.  She moved half way across the world for one reason – because it was difficult to see Liam.  Even after all this time?  Liam is surprised.

No amount of time will ever make me forget that we lost our child, Steffy says with tears in her eyes.  She can see how close he is to Ivy.  Are you dense Liam she asks.  I can’t work with you and see you every day because I still love you.

Ridge and his Artist Loft

Ridge brings Caroline to his artist’s studio.  She’s inspired him to paint.  This place is different to the Forrester Mansion Caroline notes.  Its simpler but it makes him happy he tells her.  Sit for me Ridge asps Caroline.  He wants to paint hi inspiration.

Ridge potions his model and begins to paint…painting leads to more…

Brooke’s New Confidante

Deacon answers the door to Brooke.  She still has trouble seeing Quinn and Deacon as a couple.  Brooke needs to talk to someone about her son and she ended up there.

His marriage is over Brooke says.  Brooke explains that Caroline is with Ridge.  Caroline Spencer is getting put in her place Brooke tells Deacon.  Deacon wants to know her plan.  Brooke tells him that she and Ridge will definitely be getting back together.  There’s no contest Brooke says.  Deacon tells Brooke he doesn’t doubt her ability to get any man she wants.  Quinn hears from the door as she enters.

Brooke tells Quinn she is leaving.  While Deacon gets Quinn a drink she warns Brooke to stay away from Deacon.  Brooke tells Quinn she’s not interested.  Well she is, Quinn says , and shw won’t have Brooke ruin it.

Maya and Rick

At home, Maya asks Rick about the gun.  Maya is okay with it as long as he wasn’t’ enraged that Caroline was with someone else.  Rick asks her if it looks like he wants to be with anyone else.  Rick again tells Maya that he’s so glad for her loyalty.  He’s sick of the lies Amber, Caroline.  Maya asks about Amber.  Its all the same Caroline with Ridge the artist and Amber with Raymond the musician.  Maya wants to hear everything.

Raymond was a friend of Amber’s from high school.  Amber sings a duet with them and suddenly they are all over each other Maya asks? Maya now understands even better why Rick has suffered so much by what Caroline did.  It’s the same.  Maya says that isn’t her.  Rick says he knows.



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