February 7: The Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas Vents to Steffy About the CEO Job

Tuesday February 7, 2017 – Episode #7519


February 7, 2017 B&B Spoilers

Thomas Lets Steffy Know How He Feels

Steffy and Thomas have a frank discussion about her appointment to the CEO postion that Thomas feels should have been his.

First he advices his sister on how she should run the company, perhaps after he informs her that Spectra Fashions is ramping up to come back as a Forrester Creations rival.  Thomas tells Steffy that they need to stick to what made Forrester great in the first place; great designs by great designers.

Does Steffy tell her brother that she and their father will be making decisions about the future direction of the company?  Something brings Thomas to the point that she got a job that he has been working all of his life towards.  He asks his younger sister if he is really supposed to just sit back and be okay with that?

Bill Tells Brooke Ridge Will Disillusion Her

Bill and Brooke continue to catch up in her kitchen.  Bill explains his position on their relationship to Brooke.  Ridge will do something to disillusion Brooke, as always.  And once that happens Bill tells Brooke, that will be that.  And she will come back to him.

One day Brooke had been about to marry him and the next thing he knew, Ridge was pushing an engagement ring on her finger.


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