Ivy Spies Quinn and Ridge Kissing |The Bold and the Beautiful

Ridges plan to rid his family of Quinn Fuller by seducing her and then exposing Quinn to Eric as a cheating wife has backfired; in a way that neither Quinn, nor Ridge could have anticipated.

A Business Trip Turns into Pleasure

Thanks to a business trip the duo took together to San Francisco, Ridge and Quinn cleared some air between them.  When there was a mix up with their two room bookings being changed to a single suite, it didn’t take long for Quinn to put two and two together. Quinn saw through Ridge’s plan to discredit her in his father’s eyes and told Ridge, it would be him discredited, not her.

Ridge Sees Quinn in a New Light

Thanks to too much tequila, however, Quinn opened to Ridge and Ridge got a glimpse of the woman his father saw.  And much to his surprise, Ridge liked this Quinn.  So much so that the liquored-up duo ended up in a kiss.

That business trip away, did change everything, but not in the way that Ridge had planned.  He now understood what Quinn and his father had together and he promised to keep the kiss a secret.  To repay Ridge’s kindness, Quinn convinced Eric to reinstate Ridge as CEO, working side by side with his daughter Steffy.

An Unforgettable Kiss

There was a new, if somewhat uneasy friendship forming between Ridge and Quinn.  The uneasiness wasn’t sourced in distrust; it came from the sexual tension that the one kiss in San Francisco had unleashed.

Neither could forget that kiss.  And neither would admit it to the other.  Ridge claimed to be in love with Brooke his fiancé and Quinn was adamant she was in love with Eric.  And both mean it.  But the chemistry between them is becoming increasingly difficult to hide.

An Undeniable Attraction that is Denied

When Ridge stayed behind after Zende and Nicole’s wedding to pay the caterers and make sure everything was tidied up, Quinn called him out on it.  She claimed that the way he’d been looking at her during the wedding and reception said that he’d stayed behind to see her.

Ridge accused her of staring at him.  Both denied there was anything between them and that their one kiss meant nothing.  Ridge stated he’d stayed back looking for his car keys but was now going home to Brooke who had not attended the wedding because she was unwell.  Quinn said she was going upstairs to her husband.  Ridge walked out the door to call a car service and Quinn headed out of the living room to head upstairs.

Ivy Spies Quinn and Ridge Kissing

Catching sight of Ridge’s missing car keys, Quinn ran after Ridge outside of the mansion. Their fingers touched as she passed him his keys.  Their eyes locked. And Quinn moved towards Ridge and kissed him.  Ridge returned the kiss.  Ridge left without a word after their kiss.  Quinn turned to go back inside, but ran into a slap delivered by Ivy Forrester who had witnessed the lip lock. How dare you, Ivy spat at Quinn

What’s Next for Ridge and Quinn and Ivy?

Ridge and Quinn Kiss - Ivy Sees

Ivy is fiercely loyal to those she loves.  And she loves her Uncle Eric.  But Ivy can go a little far in defending those she loves from those who wrong them.  Case in point, Ivy blackmailing Steffy for the murder of Aly.

Ivy has a couple of cards she can play; she can tell her Uncle Eric, but that would destroy him.  Or she could tell Brooke.  Spoilers hint she may just try that this week. Ivy could also try to use the information in her possession to her advantage.  Ridge is the CEO a title he’s only just recouped.  And if Eric were to learn about his son’s betrayal it’s unlikely he’d be CEO for long.

But Ivy isn’t playing with a novice in Quinn.  Quinn is good at thinking on her feet and will likely try to immediately talk her way out of what Ivy saw.  Quinn, Ivy, Eric, Ridge and Brooke are all part of the entourage that make their way to Australia for Steffy and Liam’s wedding.  So, Ivy, Quinn and Ridge must come to an understanding of sorts.

Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) in interview while on set in Australia hinted that perhaps Ridge was also looking to marry his “Logan” while in Sydney.  News from the set also hint that spectacular stunts see several characters going off Manly wharf into the ocean.  Reading between the lines it seems like we have a few more weeks of Ridge and Quinn making eyes at each other before their respective partners learn the truth….


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