The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: February 20 – 24, 2017

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful February 20 – 24, 2017:  Steffy criticizes her brother; Ivy knows Quinn and Ridge’s secret.  Who will she tell? Bill sabotages Spectra’s launch for his own gain

    Bill, Brooke and Ridge

    Bill is sure that everyone thinks Ridge and the dressmaker will be next to get married, but Bill is equally a s certain that Ridge will  cheat on Brooke; as he always does.

    Meanwhile, Brooke is still certain that Ridge is her destiny.  She tells him that she can’t wait to be his wife; again.

    Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers February 2017

    Quinn and Ridge – Their secret is out

    After finding Ridge’s car keys and chasing him outside to return them.  Their hands touch as she gives him the keys and Quinn gave in to the darkness that she is so drawn to and kissed Ridge.  Ridge, who Quinn has dubbed the “dark Prince” because of the Maroni blood running through his veins did nothing to prevent the kiss.

    As the kiss ended, Ridge walked away.  Quinn turned to return inside but was greeted with a slap across the face.  A livid Ivy yelled “how dare you”.

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    Ivy confronts Quinn about what she and Ridge are up to. She saw Ridge and Quinn together, Ivy tells her.  And they weren’t just talking. Quinn tells someone that if they promise to hear her out, she will tell them exactly what there is between her and Ridge.

    Ivy tends to be loyal to those she supports, but that loyalty doesn’t prevent her from taking advantage of her position of power.  Ivy did blackmail Steffy when she had video of the night Aly died that made it look like that Steffy killed her cousin.

    Will Ivy use her knowledge for blackmail purposes again?  Ivy goes to Brooke and tells her that there is something she much know before she marries Ridge.  But Ivy is just playing with her position of power.  Ridge convices Ivy that for the sake of their family and Eric’s happiness she should keep quiet.  Ivy agrees, but she warns Ridge that she will be watching him and Quinn.

    By week’s end Ridge and Quinn come to an understanding about their “relationship”.  They both agree that whatever it is that is happening between them has to stop.  Quinn goes so far as to wonder why it is so difficult for them.  They aren’t even supposed to like each other.

    Thomas and Sally – Chemistry and Sizzle

    Thomas’ troubles at Forrester Creations take on a new dimension when for some reason Steffy, instead of Ridge, the CEO who is also a Designer, reviews Thomas latest designs.   Steffy criticizes her brothers designs which can only serve to wind him up further in the “it’s not fair” stakes.  Steffy reminding Thomas that she may be his boss but being his sister is more important may feel like she’s rubbing salt in the wound.

    Thomas and Steffy disagree about Sally.  Thomas defends the feisty redhead saying that this Sally is not “that” Sally referring to Sally 2.0’s great aunt.  But Steffy isn’t convinced.  Steffy says with all that Sally has pulled so far its like she’s taken a leaf out of her great aunt’s playbook.  But when it comes to the Spectra playbook, Steffy aint seen nothing yet.  Thomas finds Sally’s antics amusing; and that Sally gets under Steffy’s skin, almost as amusing.

    Meanwhile over at Spectra, Sally is revving up for her first review.  Bill who has a vested interested in seeing Sally fail, takes an active role is seeing that happen, rather than just sitting back and waiting.  Granted that’s not Bill Spencer’s style.  If he wants something he goes out and gets it.  And he wants the piece of land that the Spectra building sits on.  Bill makes sure that Sally’s first preview fails.  He meets with a colleague to make sure he gets his land…

    Regardless, Spectra presents their first collection and wait for the all-important reviews…clearly things do not go Sally’s way with her first designs, because Shirly suggests that she take a page out of the original Spectra fashions playbook.  Great Aunt Sally was the queen of the knock-off.  And her favorite target?  The Forrester’s.  Will Sally, or one of the other Spectra’s use the simmering attraction between her and Thomas to cover some fashion house espionage?

    Sally doesn’t understand Shirley’s plan.  She wonders why on earth Thomas Forrester would sell out his family for a woman he hardly knows.  That answer is pretty easy;  Shirley has seen how Thomas looks at her granddaughter…

    Over at Forrester Creations, Steffy Forrester doesn’t pay as much attention to Sally Spectra and her start-up fashion house as Bill Spencer is.  Steffy doesn’t think much of Steffy,  She’s certainly not a competitor Steffy scoffs.  She’s a clown; she even dresses like on, Steffy mocks.   Steffy knows Thomas likes Sally, but isn’t giving any weight to Thomas opinion on Sally’s designs.  They need work but they aren’t bad, Thomas tries to tell his sister, who has just finished criticizing his designs also.


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    Coming Up on The Bold and the Beautiful

    Steffy and Liam have agreed to a wedding Down Under in Australia.  The couple tie the knot with the Sydney’s Opera House as a backdrop and have a wedding reception at the beach.

    Ridge, Brooke, Eric, Quinn, Bill Spencer, Ivy, Thomas, Sally, Liam and Steffy are headed down under.  Episodes filmed in Australia February 12 – 17 and will air over 8 episodes from March 23. 2017 in celebration of The Bold and the Beautiful’s 30-year anniversary.

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    Lindsey Godfrey (Caroline) and Felicia Cooper (Sasha) both on recurring status.

    Sally Spectra’s younger teen sister has been cast.

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