Thomas Forrester Kisses Sally Spectra | The Bold and the Beautiful

From the moment Thomas met Sally Spectra at the bar at Il Gordino, he has been flirting with the sassy redhead.  And the flirting didn’t stop once he knew who she was.  A Spectra. As for Sally, she’s not backwards in coming forwards, and admitted that though the Forrester heir was easy on the eye, that didn’t mean he was her type.

Well, Thomas and Sally’s first kiss may have put an end to Sally’s protestations.  Like her Great Aunt before her, Sally, has the gift of the gab and is quickly following in Sally 1.0’s habit of going off on long diatribes/monologues.  But when Thomas kisses her, the determined redhead is left speechless.

Thomas and Sally First Kiss

Sally Proud of her Social Media Publicity Stunt

Thomas turns up at Spectra fashions under the guise of checking whether Sally was as angry as her sister over their cake fight run in at Il Gordino.  Sally is thrilled to know that Steffy is mad and wonders how she can make it up to her.  Thomas has some advice for her; stay away from his sister.

Sally is clearly not upset with her run -in with Steffy.  Thanks’ to Steffy’s social media popularity, Sally has gained an enormous amount of free publicity.  She is thrilled that her plan worked, but doesn’t let on to Thomas that it was an orchestrated maneuver.

When Saul enters with two dresses for their upcoming fashion preview, Sally shoves him out of the office so that Thomas can’t get a good look at them.  But he sees enough.

Thomas is “Nice”

Thomas tells her the designs are “nice” which irks Sally to no end.  She wants to hear words like “hot” and “cutting edge” not nice.  Thomas reiterates the designs are fine and they will sell, but he doesn’t want her to get her hopes up.  Sally then realizes that by not saying more, Thomas is trying to be “nice” like his description of the designs.

She then decides that Steffy sent Thomas over to Spectra to undermine her; erode her confidence.  Thomas smiles that Steffy didn’t send him.  That’s not why he is here.  Sally tips her chin into the air and asks Thomas Forrester why he is at Spectra then.

Thomas Forrester Kisses Sally Spectra

In his cocky playboy way, Thomas sidles over to Sally, takes her face in his hands and kisses her.

For the first time since she burst onto the B&B canvas, Sally Spectra has no words.  At least until Monday…



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