March 13: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Katie Cops It From All Sides

Monday, March 13, 2017 – Episode #7543


Quinn Accuses Katie

Quinn is frustrated with Katie who she caught eavesdropping on her and Ridge during a particularly intimate exchange loaded with sexual tension.  Katie has been a pain in Quinn’s butt since she moved in next door to her and Eric and now she’s trolling the corridors of Forrester Creations and eavesdropping on Quinn.  Quinn just wishes that Katie would stay out of her business.

Quinn has the opportunity to confront Katie.  Quinn accuses Katie of making something up in her mind that she can take to Eric so that he will turn against Quinn and Katie can have Eric all to herself.

Brooke Rants at Katie

Meanwhile, Katie who has turned into a bit of a tattle-tale (she was responsible for Ridge telling Thomas that Douglas was Thomas’ son) tells Brooke about her concerns about Ridge and Quinn and what she saw.  Katie thinks there is something going on.

Brooke’s reaction surprises Katie, who finds herself on the backfoot defending herself to her sister. Brooke believes that Katie just can’t get past her being happy with Ridge after what happened with Bill (Katie’s ex-husband).

Katie tells Brooke that this has nothing to do with old wounds, it is entirely to do with what she saw happening between the man Brooke is about to marry and Ridge’s father’s wife.

Brooke rants at her sister that she doesn’t need her sister coming up with these kinds of dangerous accusations especially just days before her wedding.

It’s going to be a tense trip downunder…

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March 13 2017 B& B Spoilers

Friday, March 13, 2015 – Episode #7035

Nicole has something on Maya

Maya doesn’t know what Niccole is talking about but she has a photo shoot to get ready for.  And when she gets home she is having a romantic dinner for two – emphasis on the two.

Nicole says Mom and Dad must have been right.  They didn’t talk about her a lot but when they did it wasn’t fondly.

Nicole says she’s starting to like it here – she’s not going anywhere.  Maya tries to give her cash for the night.  Nicole tells her to stop buying her off.  Maya starts to call an agency to find her an apartment.  There is a reason she chose a college so far away from home.  She wanted freedom, no one understands that like Maya does.  Nicole tells her again there is nothing to escape from here.  She’s not leaving.

Maya says she decided who lives here.  It’s his house.  Nicole claims to be Ricks’ guest. Maya says it’s too soon for her to have complications in their life. Ivy and Aly are staying somewhere else tonight also.  They have boyfriends and will move out eventually.

Maya isn’t running from her past.  She’s just grown.  She never imagined she would have any of this.

Nicole says take it as a compliment Nicole wants to be like her. Maya is grateful for what she has.  Just not grateful enough to share Nicole notes.  You could be more welcoming – considering.  Nicole understands that she is scared Nicole will say something to Rick.  And Nicole’s not talking about going to jail.  No more talk about me moving.  I’m staying and start treating me better.  I know your secret the one you’ve been praying Rick never finds out.  Lies of omission count Nicole notes.

You need to leave before one of us says something we’ll regret.  Maya says she’s worked hard for this Stop pretending you have something to hold over my head.  Nicole says Rick doesn’t know who she really is. She knows her secret.  A scared Maya tells Nicole she can never tell Rick.  She can never tell anyone.

Rick’s Divorce

That’s it.  These papers are the end of it, Rick says to Carter.  Just the waiting period is all it takes now.  Two words to start a marriage and so much paper work to end on Rick notes.  Carter asks it he’s sure that he wants to do this.  Rick turns things back to business.

Carter and Rick toast .  To Caroline and him.  May they find more happiness apart than they found together.  He doesn’t regret his marriage.   They both made mistakes Rick says.

Rick says that he and Caroline will find a way to work together.  Carter finds it difficult to believe that love between them he saw on their wedding day is gone.  Rick still believes marriage works witht eh right person.  He wasn’t that person for Caroline.  He learned about relationships during his childhood.  Rick says with Maya he knows.

Alone Rick remembers his relationship with Caroline in sadness.

Eric Supports Rick

Eric presents the last quarter’s numbers.  Ridge says that the whole team worked hard for those numbers not just Rick.  Eric states that Rick gets credit because he’s CEO and makes the tough decisions to keep the company running.

Ivy agrees the numbers are great.  She wishes his bedside manner was better.  Eric notes that he wasn’t universally loved around here.  He had to work hard to build those.  Rick will do that.  Pam and Aly not he may be making some effort.  Eric thinks his relationship with Maya has made the difference.  He’s more confident.

Eric gets a call from John.  He asks everyone to give Rick some respect today.  No one wants divorce for their child but he and Maya are happy and running the company well, Eric says as he leaves.

The employees discuss being skeptical of Rick going forward.  They think CEO should be Ridge.  No matter how much Rick lies or acts out Dad still trusts him more.

Aly, Pam and Ivy start to prepare for Maya’s photo shoot.  Ridge says Maya is untouchable and its not going to change any time soon.



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