March 14: Spoilers, Episode Recap and History | The Bold and the Beautiful – Where’s Your Necklace?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 – Episode #7544


Jetting to Australia for Liam and Steffy’s Destination Wedding

Quinn and Eric share a conversation at the Forrester mansion.  She muses that the way things have been going, nothing should surprise her anymore.

As the Forrester’s, Spencer’s and Logan’s prepare for their trip down under for Liam and Steffy’s destination wedding, Liam notices that Bill’s look has changed.  Where is your (sword) necklace Liam asks his dad, who claims to just be taking a break from it.  In reality, he gave it to Brooke…

On the jet, Bill and Katie have a private conversation.  He wonders if Katie is still so certain that Ridge and Brooke are going to tie the knot.  Katie says of course, Brooke has always said she is meant to be, but her smirk seems to imply otherwise..

An Opportunity for Sally

Over at Spectra, Shirly is all agog about an opportunity to presented to Spectra.  She tells Sally that she has to take advantage of this opportunity.  Something like this may never come again. Shirley could still be excited over Coco and RJ’s budding relationship and Coco’s internship at Forrester Creations, or is she happy about Thomas extending an invitation to Australia to Sally?

March 14 2017 B& B Spoilers

Monday, March 14, 2016 – Episode #7289


14 March 2016 B&B SpoilersDiscussing the situation she created with “Adam” and “Eve” Quinn tells Deacon about her plan.  She also tells him that she doesn’t see that they have any other choice.

Quinn and Deacon discuss what went wrong with their marriage.  She tells him that she ended their marriage because their marriage ended their romance.  She tells Deacon that he owes her a happily ever after.

Steffy explains her inability to get past what is going on with Liam while being engaged to his brother.  It sure looks like she can’t move on.  But Steffy explains that she just needs to know that Liam is alive and that he is okay.  She is worried for his welfare, that is what she can’t let go of.  Liam’s absence when Caroline gave birth; and event he was so excited over; doesn’t make sense; and that gives Steffy cause for concern.

Meanwhile Steffy’s current fiancé is benefitting from Liam’s absence; and absence he doesn’t realize at this point has been manipulated by his mother; like so many of the successful moments in his life.  As requested, Wyatt stops by Bill’s office.  Bill pours them both a drink and tells Wyatt that he is committed a trait he shares with his father.  Bill uses Wyatt’s flamboyant professions of love and quick weddings as an example of his commitment.  Bill tells his son that he is packing a ring with a big shiny rock and he isn’t scared to use it (with his brother’s exes anyway).


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