March 15: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Episode Recap and History | Katie Warns Brooke Again About Ridge and Quinn

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 – Episode #7545


Liam and Steffy’s Destination Wedding – Australia

The Foresters primary mission my be heading to Australia for Liam and Steffy’s wedding, but it’s looking like all the drama will surround another wedding planned for the land of  Skippy; Brooke and ridge’s.

On the long flight across the Pacific between Los Angeles and Sydney a number of conversations take place at 40,000 ft; most of them concerning Ridge and Brooke’s planned nuptials….

Former spouses Ridge and brooke have a private conversation.  Eric is glad to see Brooke and ridge reunited.  It looks like his son has finally realized that she is the woman for him.  After seven previous marriages I’m afraid that makes Ridge a slow learner.

Eric is bold in his faith when he tells Brooke that he really thinks he can trust his son again, now that he seems to have made peace with Eric marrying Quinn.  Brooke tells Eric that Ridge loves him, and is very loyal to him.

In another corner of the jet, Quinn and Ridge are looking at each other in that intense way they do.  Quinn tells Ridge that she doesn’t want to lose his father.  Ridge assures Quinn that she isn’t going to lose anything; and neither is he.  Tip?  Stop making goo goo eyes at each other.  Ivy is watching you; and now so is Katie, who is known for her meddling.  Ridge especially should know this given she is the one who forced him to out the secret about Douglas.

Sydney Opera House – Fashion Shoot

Once in Australia, the Forrester’s have some work to do before Liam and Steffy’s wedding.  They have brought some gown to Australia and Ivy and Steffy will model them on the steps of one of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks – The Sydney Opera House.  It is here that Katie once again tells brooke that there is something between Quinn and Ridge.  She tells her sister on the steps of the Opera House overlooking Sydney harbor that she is not crazy and she is not blind.  Brooke needs to talk to Ridge and get to the bottom of it.

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March 15 2017 B&B Spoilers Sydney Australia

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 – Episode #7290


15 March 2016 B&B Spoilers Steffy gets some eye opening news when Ivy returns to Los Angeles from Australia.

Steffy believed that Liam ran off to Australia with Ivy and when Liam called her from the tarmac in Australia, Steffy didn’t give Liam the opportunity to explain what happened.  That he’d inadvertently ended up on the flight when he was knocked unconscious in the planes lavatory before take-off.

When Liam got home from back to back flights to and from Australia, he wasn’t really in the mood to smooth things over with Steffy because he found her wrapped in his brother’s arms.  In Liam’s bed.

Ivy, however, sets Steffy straight.  That Liam never intended to fly to Australia with her that night.  Steffy is shocked.  And it makes her wonder even more what is going on with Liam.

Meanwhile, Wyatt continues to profit from Liam’s absence.  Last week Bill asked Wyatt to come to his office to discuss his future.  Wyatt does so.

Bill, too, is frustrated by Liam’s absence.  There has been just enough correspondence via text messages (that Quinn sent) for Bill to believe that Liam is off on some airy-fairy finding himself walkabout.  Bill never understood Liam’s vege-burger lifestyle and this further drives a wedge between Bill and Liam.

Bill, knowing that Katie has some personal issues and demons to deal with doesn’t want Liam’s absence to fall on her shoulders at work, so Bill Tells Wyatt that Liam is out and Wyatt is in.  Wyatt who is a lot more like his father than Liam proudly tells Bill that in a month Bill will wonder why he ever ran Spencer Publications without him

Of course Wyatt doesn’t realize that his good fortune comes from his mother’s manipulative ways. Wyatt know has Liam’s girl and his job.  Wyatt’s ego is now due for not one but two big  shocks, when the truth comes out.

While Quinn’s plans are playing out to perfection for Wyatt in Los Angeles, at her cabin, Quinn is faced with cleaning up after herself.  The only way to secure Wyatt’s long term happiness is to ensure that Liam never returns…but the rub comes from Quinn actually having fallen for Adam.  Adam assures Eve that he will never leave her, but Quinn knows that can’t be true…

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