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Monday, March 20, 2017 – Episode #7546


Liam and Steffy’s Wedding

With the Foresters, Logan’s and Spencer’s safely arrived in Australia and even having completed their first tourist visit of the Sydney Opera House, talk turns to the reason they are all there.  Steffy and Liam’s wedding.

For once, this wedding isn’t the one with drama surrounding it.  Steffy has some surprises planned for her husband to be (ex-husband?) and everything seems set for Steffy and Liam’s wedding.

Steffy is particularly pleased that Thomas has joined them in Sydney.  She wasn’t sure he would.  Thomas concedes they have had their problems between them (mostly to do with Steffy being CEO and Thomas being passed over for the job not once but twice).  Thomas notes he wouldn’t miss Steffy’s happy ever after though.

Nor would someone else that Steffy won’t be so pleased to see.  Sally Spectra’s discount flight lands in Sydney and she is eager to stretch her legs.  She has Matt and Kieran the same mid-west couple that bookended Quinn on her flight to Monte Carlo joking with her.

Sally has turned up in Sydney after Thomas joked that he hoped she did turn up in Sydney prior to leaving LA.  Will Thomas be glad to see Sally.  He did say if she was in Sydney he would take her to his sister’s wedding (and footage from the shooting of scenes show Sally clearly at Thomas side).

Steffy is likely to be a little worried though.  Cake seems to fly whenever Sally and Steffy are in each other’s presence and Sally has already crashed on Forrester Wedding (Zende and Nicole’s).

Ridge and Brooke’s Wedding

Katie, on the steps of the Opera House and after a long 13 hour flight across the Pacific (even if it was done in the comfort of Qantas’ first class suites) feels compelled to tell Brooke that she witnessed another intimate scene between Ridge and Quinn on the plane.  They were holding hands Katie tells her sister.

Brooke is not pleased with Katie’s persistence.  Later she tells her sister that she doesn’t want to hear one more word from Katie about her fiancé and his father’s wife.

March 20 2017 B& B Spoilers


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