March 21: Spoilers, Episode Recap and History |Bold and the Beautiful – Will Sallly Save Spectra by Betraying Thomas?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 – Episode #7547


Getting Ready for Liam and Steffy’s Wedding

The Forresters, Logan’s and Spencer’s get dressed for Liam and Steffy’s wedding.

As Liam’s best man, and father, helps him get ready, Bill assures his son that nothing will go wrong this time.  The wedding will happen.  It is going to be an exciting day, Bill reiterates.  One Liam will never forget.

In another room Quinn and Eric also prepare for the wedding.  Quinn tells her husband that most people wake from their dreas after sleeping but for her the dream begins when she wakens and looks at him.

Will Sally Save Spectra by Betraying Thomas

Meanwhile, the surprise guest at Steffy’s wedding, Sally, is also getting ready to attend Steffy and Liam’s wedding in a surprisingly subtle pale blue dress.

Sally surprised Thomas in Sydney.  He’d stated that he would take her to his sisters wedding if it weren’t in Sydney before leaving LA.  When Thomas, now in Sydney gets a call from Sally, she asks if he meant it.  Thomas ensures her he did and proves it when she turns up at his hotel room door by pulling her into a kiss.

Later as Sally gets ready she gets a call fro Shirly who tells her granddaughter that they are dying on the vine in LA.  Sally is torn.  She knows that the future of Spectra is in her hands, but saving Spectra means betraying Thomas.  And Sally is beginning to really like Thomas…

Sally Surprises Thomas in Sydney

Monday, March 21, 2016 – Episode #7292


March 21 2016 B&B SpoilersRidge and Caroline told family last week when their son was born that they wanted to meet their son before giving him a name.  Now it is time for Ridge and Caroline to discuss naming their new baby.

Ridge has had some thoughts.  He’s been thinking about a lot of names but he keeps coming back to one in particular.  Ridge really hopes that Caroline likes it also.

Thomas has an opportunity to visit with his little brother again.  He welcomes Caroline and Ridge’s child to the family.  Caroline has got to be feeling some guilt over keeping her baby’s real paternity a secret, especially the way Thomas dotes on his younger brother…

Meanwhile Adam and Eve have returned from their hike where Eve had an asthma attack that sent Adam running to the car for her inhaler.  Of course, Quinn faked the attack.  It brought Deacon out of hiding long enough for Quinn to do away with the only witness to her kidnapping of Liam.  Back at the cabin, Adam reassures Eve that he isn’t going anywhere.  He’s hers.  Now and for always.

Eve tells Adam that he has made her such a better person from the first time that he kissed her.

Episode Summary:

Quinn Pushes Deacon Over the Edge

Why didn’t you push him Deacon asks coming out of hiding.  The timing was nit right.  There were people down there.  Deacon looks over the edge and asks what people.  Quinn pushes him.  He screams as he falls into the ocean below.

Ridge and Caroline Name the Baby

Ridge and Caroline get another text from her mothers.  They just left last night Caroline says and they want more pics?

Ridge wishes his other grandma was here as well.  Nothing mattered more to her than her family Ridge says. They have one more thing to do today Ridge tells Caroline.  A name.  He’s been thinking a lot of names but he keeps coming back to one.  Ridge hopes Caroline will like it also.  Let’s hear it she says.  Douglas Ridge replies.  That was Stephanie will always be part of their son’s life.  Caroline likes it.

Ridge gets another text.  Congratulations from Pam.  And reminding Ridge the work is piling up.  Caroline asks about paternal leave, but Ridge doesn’t want to give Rick the opportunity to step in.  Caroline says Rick’s focus will change when Rick and Maya when bundle of joy arrives.

With the baby now names they sign the birth certificate.  Ridge signs as the father as Thomas enters.  Ridge asks if shouldn’t be at work by now.  Thomas has brought a gift for his little brother.  It’s the same thing Stephanie made for Ridge when he was born.  A t-shirt with Born to be a designer on it. Thomas realizes they have a name.  Ridge tells him it’s Douglas after Stephanie.  Thomas thinks it perfect.

Thomas welcomes his little brother to the family as Caroline looks at Ridge. He shares some of his childhood memories with Douglas (of their dad).  As he leaves Thomas hands Ridge the birth certificate to sign.  Its not official without the dad’s signature.  Thomas leaves.

Caroline tells Ridge he is Douglas’ father, but …don’t do that Ridge says.  Thomas lives her they are going to have a relationship.  Thomas can never know.  No one can ever know.  Douglas is there son.

Quinn Can Finally Breathe

Liam runs back with Liam’s inhaler and runs into Quinn coming down the cliff.  She looks upset.  He gives her the inhaler and asks if she’s okay.  What happened?  Liam want to know.  He tells her to use the inhaler.  She feels better.  He wants to take her to the doctor, but Quinn says she’s fine now.  She can finally breathe but she wants to go back to the care.

At home Quinn wants to take a shower. She’s a little wiped out. He asks if she’s always had asthma.  Since she was a little girl she says but she hasn’t had an attack in a really long time.  Liam is worried about her.  he had to leave her alone while he ran to the car for her inhaler.  Who knows what could have happened while he was gone.  Quinn is upset and doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.  She says she’s emotional and doesn’t want to lose him.  Liam thinks this is because of her friend that is dying.  He assures her that they are married and that he is hers.  Now and for always.

After her shower, Liam is researching asthma.  Quinn wants to stop talking about dying.  She understands he’s just looking out for her.  They ways she does for him.  Quinn says she just wants to be “her again.  The woman he turned her into.  He changed her from the first time he kissed her.  There are so many things out of their control.  She’s done a lot of things she’s not proud of.  Liam reminds her that she has looked after him.  Quinn tells him his eyes are so gentle and kind and she doesn’t want to lose this .  She doesn’t want to lose him.  She loves him too much for anyone to come between them.

Quinn thinks maybe they should go someplace else.  ASAP.  She wants to start over somewhere else.  But Liam loves this house.  Its all he knows.   How about Alaska?  Liam doesn’t want to move to the freezing cold.   He realizes that Quinn needs a change of scenery.  But she wants to change everything about her life – except him.  He’s the most important thing in the world to her.   He assures her that he is as committed to her and she is to him.  No one will take him away from her Liam says.  It will be fine.  Liam holds her.  Be asks him to promise he won’t leave her.  Liam tells her that she is stuck with him.  Forever.



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