March 22: Spoilers, Episode Recap and History | Bold and the Beautiful – Steffy and Liam’s Wedding

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 – Episode #75478


Liam and Steffy’s Wedding

It’s wedding day.  With some of Sydney, Australian’s most iconic landmarks as a backdrop, and after the bride zip lines in, Ridge walks his daughter down the aisle to where husband to be, Liam waits.

Ridge tells his daughter that she has brought him nothing but joy and happiness from the day she was born.  He wishes that for her also.

Liam and Steffy exchange vows and rings in an outdoor ceremony with the Sydney Opera House in the background.

It’s a private family affair, with the guests warned that no video or photos are to be taken.  But that is exactly what one guest is there to do…Sally is under instructions to get photos of the wedding to post online – once again using Steffy’s celebrity to bring publicity to their fashion house that is dying on the vine…

Back in Los Angeles, Wyatt drinks.  He tells whoever he is with (a baretender?) that he hopes Liam and Steffy have a great life together, but he just couldn’t be there to watch them kick it off.

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Episode Summary:

Liam and Steffy Exchange Vows in Sydney

As Steffy and Liam’s wedding gets underway Sally sneaks a photo.  The minister invites Bill to speak,

Here they are in front of some of the most powerful architecture in the world Bill starts but what drives this city is its unique soul. Deep peaceful, calm and good.  Just like the soul that lives inside his son.  Liam your character is as strong as any steel, his wisdom soars above the tallest skyscrapers and his grace is as pure as the finest architecture.  Steffy could have any man in the world.  She didn’t settle.  She found the best.  That is what they have both found. Bill congratulates Steffy and Liam with hugs and kisses.

His dad told him there are no guarantees in life.  That includes marriage. Liam is the right man, Ridge is sure about that.  More importantly his daughter is sure about that.  Ridge respects Liam and wishes him luck.

He’s about to marry someone who is going to do the unexpected and sometime completely insane.  Somewhere along the way his daredevil tomboy turned into a lovely young lady.  From the day she was born she has given him nothing by joy and happiness.  Ridge tells Steffy he loves her and hugs her.

Steffy and Liam exchange vows. They call upon the persons here present to witness that that take each other as man and wife.

Steffy pledges her everlasting love commitment and loyalty to Liam.  He sets her spirit free to fly.  He stands by his values and principles.  He fights for what is good and honest.  And he never stopped believing in them. She’s so excited to spend the rest of her life with him.

Liam pledges his everlasting love commitment and lyalty to her.  She turns his life upside down which makes doing this in the southern hemisphere appropriate.  She pushes him to do things he would never dream of doing.  Nothing about her is conventional or expected.  She embraces everything life has to offer.  He doesn’t know what’s next.  It’s terrifying and he loves it.  But his wants to spedn every single moment with her.

They exchange rings. As the minister pronounces them man and wife an excited Liam dips Steffy and kisses her.

Steffy tells her guests they are going to do a stop at the hotel and change into bathing suits for the reception.  Then it’s a speed boat ride to Sydney’s northern beaches for the reception.

Wyatt Drinks in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, Wyatt drinks and confides in a bartender about his family being in Australia and his brother getting married right now, and it being too awkward for him to be there.

Zende and Nicole arrive to give Wyatt some company after they’ve had dinner. Wyatt tells them for a while he thought about going to the wedding. Hanging out with Thomas hitting the beaches, but then he thought about the beaches.

Wyatt jokes about getting them a gift them decides giving Steffy a divorce was enough.  He’s kidding but admits as much he wishes them a great life but he couldn’t be there to watch them kick it off.

Nicole and Zende ask if there is anything they can do for him.  He says they are keeping him from drinking alone. He and Steffy had there time.  It was amazing, and he’s grateful for every minute, but it hurts like hell.

Wyatt appreciates Zende and Nicole sticking around.  Nicole tells Wyatt he’s a great guy.  Zende tells him not to beat himself up over this.  Wyatt doesn’t think he and Steffy failed, they just got caught up in his mother’s web.

Wyatt is happy for Liam however. Wyatt toasts the happy couple.

Steffy and Liam Sydney Wedding

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 – Episode #7293


March 22 2016 B&B SpoilersSasha and Nicole have a heart to heart.  Sasha tells her bestie and secret sister that she doesn’t have to be perfect.  Sasha loves her anyway.  Later Nicole also talks to Zende.  She notes that be began to pull back from their relationship the moment she started to show; as if his mind was already closed to her pregnancy and he wasn’t willing to see how things played out with her surrogate pregnancy.  What Nicole doesn’t realize is that Zende had plenty advice from Carter that he shouldn’t have to put up with a girlfriend who is pregnant with another man’s child even if it was a surrogate pregnancy.  Then there was Sasha…

Meanwhile Maya and Rick feel bad about Nicole losing her relationship with Zende because she agreed to carry a baby for them as a surrogate (and got pregnant on the first try!).  Maya thinks that if Zende could just get over his aversion to Nicole being pregnant he could go back to Nicole.

Thomas is timid as he asks Caroline if he can hold the baby that he thinks of as his baby  brother.  But Thomas is a lot more invested in this baby than the baby’s other older sibling Steffy.  Why could that be?  Is there a parental connection there that Thomas isn’t even aware of.  He certainly is drawn to the youngest member of the Forrester family.

Clearly Caroline is having second thoughts about keeping Thomas in the dark about him being the father of her child.  But Ridge is adamant that no one will ever know.  This is what they have set up and this is how its going to be he gently but firmly tells his young wife.

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Episode Summary:

Thomas Holds His ‘Brother’

At the Forrester mansion Ridge prepares to go to work. If he doesn’t show up Rick will try to pick up the slack and Ridge can’t have that.  He appreciates his life.  He’s got the world’s most beautiful wife, he’s living in his family home and he has a beautiful son.  Their future starts today.

Caroline talks to her baby about his future at Forrester as Thomas arrives.   He asks if he can hold his little brother.  He hasn’t done it much.  Caroline tells him all he has to do is support his little head and hands Douglas over.  She suggests he relax…

He is a game changer Thomas says.

Ridge Goes to Work

Ridge arrives at the office.  Eric tells him he made a beautiful new family.  He wishes Stephanie was here to witness it. Ridge tells Pam and Eric that they named their son Douglas.  Pam thinks its perfect.   Stephanie would be proud Eric says and hugs her son.  Eric knows that Ridge was more important to Stephanie than anyone else.

Rick arrives and congratulates Ridge.  Rick laughs that his name Douglas goes perfectly with the portrait on the wall.  Pam says she is pleased with the name.

Ridge asks how Nicole is going.  Rick thanks him for asking.  Douglas is a find name Rick says.  Pam says she is going to cry and all three Forrester men pull out a handkerchief.

Ridge returns home to see Thomas holding Douglas.  Caroline and Ridge share a look behind Thomas’ back.

Ridge wants to hold his son for a minute.  Thomas says one day he’ll have this; an amazing life and a wonderful child.  He thanks them for letting him share it with him.  Thomas leaves.

Ridge asks what Caroline’s look was.  It was her freaking out she admits.  Ridge says Thomas is going to be here.  He and the baby will have a relationship she can’t do that.  Caroline says that Thomas already loves him so much.  If she tells Thomas they lose each other Ridge tells Caroline.  This is what they set up.  Not Thomas, not anyone will ever know.  This is our boy, Ridge tells Caroline who still looks unsure.

Maya Baby Shops

Maya arrives at the office with shopping.  Baby booties and a onesy. They are excited about meeting their baby, not that anyone cares, Rick says since Rick just added another child.  Maya says they have their inner circle which include Zende til he broke up with Nicole.

Maya thinks that if Zende could just get over his aversion to Nicole being pregnant he could go back to Nicole.

Zende leave and Sasha arrives saying that she is giving Nicole and Zende some space.  Maya thinks they could get back together after Nicole delivers.  Sasha doubts it.

Sasha Can Keep Secrets

At work, Sasha wants to know if he’s going to acknowledge what happened between them.  Zende wants to see where it goes but he wants to keep it a secret.  Sasha says no one is etter at keeping big honking secrets than her.

Zende leaves and Nicole arrives.  She wants to talk to Sasha.  Nicole knows what she’s been hiding.  She’s her best friend.  Let’s clear the air Nicole says.  Nicole says she betrayed their friendship by going to rick and getting her fired.  Nicole can take her anger.  Sasha says Nicole apologized and she got her job back.  Nicole doesn’t have to be perfect for Sasha to love her.

Nicole admits she misses Zende. She lost her first love. She’s glad she got to be with him. Sasha agrees he is something special. Nicole says that he always made her feel good about herself.  She’s proud of what she’s doing for her sister; she just wishes Zende could have hung in there a little longer.  Sasha says she is so sorry.

Zende arrives.  He’s been looking for Nicole.  Sasha leaves so they can talk.  She tells Nicole she loves her and never to forget that.  Zende is sorry that he hurt Nicole. Nicole asks if he even tried.  As soon as she started showing he pulled back like his mind was already closed to it.

She had this one chance to do something wonderful for her sister and she needed to do that regardless what it cost her.  She thought he understood that.

Zende and Maya

Zende finds Maya instead of Nicole.  Maya wants to talk. Zende is happy that Nicole is able to make their family happen, but its not for him.  Maya is disappointed.  Nicole thought he supported her.  Zende says he was straight with Nicole the whole time.  He couldn’t’ fake it. Knowing Nicole had his uncles baby inside of her he couldn’t wrap his mind around.  That doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about her.  But Nicole won’t talk to him.  Maya says she’s hurt.



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