March 23: Spoilers, Episdoe Recap and History | The Bold and the Beautiful – Steffy Confronts Wedding Crasher Sally

Thursday, March 23, 2017 – Episode #7549


Steffy and Liam’s Wedding Reception

With their vows exchanged in a beautiful private family ceremony with Sydney’s Opera House and Harbor Bridge as a backdrop, Liam and Steffy are man and wife for the third time. The bride sent her guests back to the hotel to don bathing suits for the reception held on a beach.

In keeping with the bride’s unique entrance to her wedding, even the transportation to the reception is unique.  It involves a speed boat ride on Sydney harbor, presumably to reception location.

Sally admits to Thomas that she wasn’t sure how he would react when she turned up unannounced.  She wasn’t sure if he would welcome her or turn her away.  Thomas was welcoming, Liam told Thomas that his choice of date for the wedding meant it may be his wedding, but it was Thomas’ funeral when Steffy found out.

And Liam was right about Steffy not being pleased with Thomas’ choice of date.

Sally Spectra takes the opportunity to congratulate the bride, who isn’t thrilled that Sally is her brother’s date to the wedding.  Steffy’s tells Sally, that she knows she shouldn’t be here.  Steffy concedes there’s nothing she can do to change that Sally is there.  She’s here that’s fine, but her tone says otherwise.  She goes on to warn Sally not to ruin the day for her or her family.

Quinn and Eric

Quinn tells Eric she’s not perfect, but assures him that their love will last forever.  Or at least until Eric finds out Ridge is making goo-goo eyes at another one of his wives.

Episode Summary:

Steffy and Liam’s Reception and a Celebration of 30 Years

At Shelly Beach the Forrester’s Logan’s and Spencer’s are treated to traditional aboriginal dancing. Steffy has a go at Sally about being invited.  Thomas says she was invited.  Not by me, Steffy states and tells her brother to keep Sally away from her.

Sally steps away and suggests to Thomas she should go, but Thomas kisses her and tells her she should stay.

Bill watches Brooke and Ridge, who note tomorrow it is there turn.  Quinn and Eric discuss it being a great day for the Forrester’s. Everyone is happy.  Even Thomas has a date.  Quinn tells him her name is Sally Spectra.  He agrees she is worth keeping an eye on – but not today.

Liam makes a speech.  He calls his new wife incomparable. She outdid herself with this wedding surprise. He can’t wait to send his life with his jaw dropping heart dropping wife of his. Everyone makes a toast to Liam and Steffy’s happiness. Steffy is grateful everyone took the journey with them to be here, but now lets party the bride says.

Quinn goes for a walk on the beach.  She tells him she’s not perfect but she loves him.  Eric tells her to kiss him like it’s the last time. Brooke sees Eric alone and goes to talk to him.  Ridge goes off to explore.

He runs into Quinn. She tells him that she meant every word of her toast she feels blessed to be married to his father and part of this amazing family.

Sally steps away from the party.  She looks at the photo she snapped at the wedding when Thomas arrives. The flirt with each other. Sally tells him that she is going to go.  He has the wrong picture of her.  He wants her to stay.  Sally admits when she came down here she wasn’t sure if he was going to welcome her or turn her away.  She doesn’t fit in his world and its only a matter of time before he works that out.  While tomoas steps away Sally again looks at the photo that could save Spectra Fashions.

Sally gets a call from Shirly.  She tells her grandmother that posting the photo felt wrong.  It was a private ceremony.  Shirly thinks she’s fallen for Thomas.  Sally hangs up when Steffy arrives. Stefy wanrs Sally not to ruin the day for her and her family.

As the sun set on the beach Brooke and Eric discuss the happiness joy and drama of the last 30 years.  He wouldn’t change a thing.  They toast each other.

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B&B Steffy confronts Wedding crasher Sally

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 – Episode #7294


March 23 2013 B&B SpoilersSasha and Julius have a confrontation over Sasha’s news that she is now with Zende, and there is no future for Nicole with him.  Julius, once again must try to get Sasha to leave Los Angeles (fat chance when she’s a Forrester Creations model).  Sasha tells dear old dad in no uncertain terms that she is not going anyway.  And that he should cheer up.  At least Zende is dating one of his daughters.  A furious Julius quietly but firmly tells Sasha that she will keep his relationship with her a secret…

Meanwhile Zende and Nicole continue to clear the air.  He tells her that he just wasn’t he right guy to go through this (the surrogate pregnancy) with her.  Nicole is dumfounded that he thinks he wasn’t the right guy for her.

Upon learning the news that Ridge and Caroline have named their son, Douglas for Stephanie’s maiden name, Rick realizes that this was all part of Ridge’s master plan to set him up.  First the portrait of Stephanie was used to push Rick and Maya out of the Forrester Mansion so Ridge could take over the house where Ridge grew up.  Now he has cemented his place in the family home by naming his son for the dead matriarch of the Forrester family in retaliation for Rick trying to replace Stephanie with Maya.

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Monday, March 23, 2015 – Episode #7039

Maya Admits She is Transgender to Nicole

Say something Nicole says as Maya stands stony faced saying she’s not having this conversation.  Nicole saw the birth certificate.  Nicole doesn’t remember her living with them.  Their mother had a book she hauled out on Nicole’s first date to show her what happened to girls who got venereal disease.

She looked for it – she finally found it.  Tucked away.  Hidden with it was a hospital bracelet baby picture and birth certificate for Myron Avant.

It was her date of birth Nicole said.  She had it changed.

Nicole calls her a freak.  Their father called them that also.  Their whole lives are a lie because of her.  They didn’t talk about her sister who ran away from home to spare momma’s feelings.

They discuss their pasts. Nicole says that she of all people knew how hard it was to feel love in their parents’ house.

Maya had to leaves she explains to Nicole. There were things in California she couldn’t ask for in other places or get until she was 21.

Nicole is curious about the operations and procedures. Nicole wants to know why she didn’t just wear the clothes. Who she is isn’t just an outfit she puts on Maya defends.  Maya tells Nicole she was always a woman.  Every woman in this town has had work done.  Would she ask them how much and how many operations?

It worried dad from a young age.  Others didn’t pick it up til she was 9.  But Maya always knew.  That she wasn’t supposed to say anything.  She hated haircuts and Sundays.  Lots of little boys played with dolls their momma said. At a certain point Maya stopped panicking.  The reason she has only known her as her older sister is because that is who Maya is and it’s who she has always been.

Maya said she broke up with rick because she thought that Rick would react like Nicole is.  Maya dated someone else but she was in love with Rick so she decided to  not go back to him and not reject herself in advance.  Nicole asks how Rick can’t know – you need a birth certificate to get married.  Maya tells Nicole that she could change her birth certificate in California. She still had to go before a judge in Illinois, but that is done now.  Now her outside matches her inside.

Katie Talks to Rick about Maya

Katie is worried about the pedestal rick has put Maya on.  She’s human.  She will disappoint him.  And what then Katie asks, more bullet holes in the wall?

Rick tells Katie that if he can’t trust someone on every level he’d rather be alone.

Katie only meant to tell him that she and Brooke are friends again and maybe they should be too.  She doesn’t want him to think Maya is the only one he can talk to.

But Rick can’t talk to her – Katie will chose Bill every time.  So forgive him if he doesn’t’ turn to her.

Katie asks if the children he was going to have with Caroline he will now have with Maya.  Maya wants kids Rick sayd.  She had a daughter she lost.  So yeah.  When the time is right.

Deacon Rescues Brooke

Deacon tells Brooke he used to fantasize about rescuing her rather than being who she needed rescuing from.

Quinn Respects Deacon’s Helping an AA friend

Quinn gets a text.  When deacon arrives home she asks what the slang in it is?  ILY?  I love you Deacon tells her.  That’s sweet Quinn says.

Quinn asks if his AA buddy is going to drink. Not to night Deacon says.con admits that helping someone else made him more committed to his own sobriety.  While Quinn is out of the room, locking up the shop, Deacon checks up on Brooke.


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