March 24: Spoilers, Episode Recap and History | The Bold and the Beautiful – Attention Turns to Ridge and Brooke’s Wedding

Friday, March 24, 2017 – Episode #7550


With one wedding complete, attention turns to the other wedding scheduled to occur in Australia, Ridge and Brooke’s.  With the entourage consisting mainly of couples, Katie, Bill and Ivy, Liam knows it can’t be easy for Bill to watch Brooke and Ridge together as they plan their nuptials for the next day.

Bill tells his son that today he is just the father of the groom, nothing more.

On the beach, Quinn and Ridge are discussing Ridge’s upcoming wedding also.  It will be a beautiful day she tells him, the beginning of his life with Brooke.  And the end of our foolishness Ridge tells Quinn about the attraction that has been simmering between him and Quinn.  Quinn hopes Ridge and brooke are as happy and Eric and her.

At another part of the beach as Eric and Brooke the sunset they discuss Eric seeing something in Quinn that the rest of them didn’t.  She really does love Eric, Brooke notes.

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March 24 2017 B& B Spoilers

Thursday, March 24, 2016 – Episode #7295


March 24, 2016 B&B SpoilersWith Nicole now clued in on Zende moving on with Sasha, she is angry and disappointed.  Her so called best friend, followed her to Los Angeles from the Midwest, was welcomed by Nicole and repays her by moving in on Nicole’s boyfriend and took him away.

Of course things are a little more complicated than that.  Sasha is carrying around a lifetime of resentment for Nicole since Sasha has been keeping a secret that resulted in her birth.  Sasha’s mother had an affair with Julius, Nicole’s father!  Nicole and Sasha are secret sisters.  Sasha is in on the truth but Nicole isn’t.  And Julius is determined to keep it that way.  And he can’t risk irritating Sasha to the point where Sasha blabs his secret.  He tells either Zende or Nicole that he can’t get in the middle of the youngsters’ love triangle.  It’s going to have to be between you and Sasha Julius says.

Worst of all, Nicole saw Sasha’s betrayal coming and had Rick change his mind about hiring Sasha as a model because of it.  The truth came out, Nicole blamed it on hormones and Sasha was reinstated.  Looks like Nicole was entirely justified in her thoughts however.

Zende isn’t backing away from Sasha, however.  They are back in bed and Nicole tells him that it feels good to be in his arms and held.  But Zende doesn’t feel for Sasha the way he does for Nicole.  Nicole may have what she wants right now…but for how long.  Nicole can’t be carrying that baby for too much longer…

Meanwhile, Rick is also harboring a lot of resentment; for his brother Ridge. Rick is now clued in on the miraculous nature of Ridge and Caroline’s baby thanks to his mom, Brooke, who Ridge confided in.  Rick lets his feeling for Ridge show by telling his son, Thomas that Ridge is always trying to pull one over on him.  Ridge took his job from him (as CEO), Ridge kicked Rick out of the house.  Rick rants that Ridge manipulates cheats and lies.  Rick doesn’t trust Ridge and he’s likely to have an ally in Thomas once the truth about Caroline’s baby’s paternity comes out….

Rick is of course forgetting it was his own bad behavior that lost him the CEO job…just read last years episode recap for a taste!  (below)

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015 – Episode #7040

Rick’s Vendetta against Ivy Escalates

Rick has been looking over Ridge and Caroline’s sketches for the winter line.  Rick asks Pam to get Ivy.  Rick has one issue with the designs.

Meanwhile in another office, Liam is waiting for Ivy to finish work. Ivy says they’ve all accepted they can’t make Rick happy.  Pam enters to tell Ivy that Rick wants her.  She doesn’t think it will be a joyous occasion…Liam wants to come simply because he annoys Rick.

Liam arrives in the meeting and Rick tries to get rid of him.  Spencer owns part of this company, Liam says.  Rick says he can stay.  Then he berates Ivy’s jewelry.  He asks Carter to refresh their terms with Ivy.  Carter states she is a sub contractor.  You’re good you’re very good, but I need more from you.  Your designs are timid.  She’s seen them a thousand times before.

Their buyers want something more like Quinn used to give them. Rick suggests that they should all think about how something will look on Maya when they design.  They need to capitalize on her look, style and femininity.  Any questions Rick asks.

After the Meeting

Later Ridge and Carter discuss the meeting.  Ridge believes that Rick is wrong about Ivy’s jewelry. But he doesn’t think Rick will get rid of Ivy.

Pam and Ridge discuss Rick.  Pam asks if he could find his way to being a good big brother to Rick.  Ridge says they aren’t brothers in any meaningful sense of the word.

Liam says he thought his father’s executive style was bad.  Liam tells Ivy that she can turn up at his door any time with or without Aly when Ivy says she has to stay at the mansion to look out for Aly.  He gives her keys to his house.  Liam asks if she’s coming by after work to try out those keys.

Pam asks Carter about having overheard Nicole saying she had a secret over Maya.  Carter says he has had his issues with Maya, but she never hid she did jail time or had a daughter who died.  Carter doesn’t think there are any more secrets to tell…

Maya and Nicole

Maya wants Nicole to forgive her for not being there for her.  But she was in California doing what she had to do.  She knows it’s hard to understand.

What about your daughter, Nicole asks.  She was her boyfriend’s child.  Maya became her guardian and raised her as her own.  She died in a car accident.  It was a painful time.  But now she is living a life that she never dreamed she could.  Maya really believes that she and Rick are going to work out.  May really believes that.  And she doesn’t want to lose this life.

You were born male.  How can you believe an idea over her own body.  People are born without hearing, hands do we tell them tough luck.  Sometime you are going to have to stand up for who you are.

Maya tells Nicole all the question she would be asked if she came out as transgender.  Are your boobs padded?  They’re not very big.  What did you have removed down there?  What is down there now?  Do you know hormone pills cause cancer?  Maya doesn’t believe she owes anyone answers to those questions.  She is a woman.  End of story.

Nicole believes that Maya had to get out now she wants her to help her do the same.  Maya says she’s worked hard for her life.  She will do what she can for Nicole, but if Rick does propose  Maya will tell him why she can’t have a child of their own.  Maybe he’ll call me a freak like you did.  Or maybe I know a little more about Rick than you do.  Let my relationship run its natural course Maya says.  Whatever that is.

Nicole thinks that Maya has told this story so much that she really doesn’t believe she’s lying to everyone.  Maya says she has self acceptance.  Her life before was the lie.  And she’s done being ashamed.

Rick comes home and hugs his girl.  Maya doesn’t have the martini’s ready! Rick tells her it was a gogod day at work.  She will like what Ridge and Caroline came up with.  Maya hopes he told them he was pleased.  No says Rick he will write them a memo.  Rick says not everyone can have it as good as him.  Rick tells Nicole home much he loves her sister.  He loves her beauty, intelligence and wit.  He thinks about her all day long – his lady.

Rick heads off to make the martinis.


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