March 27: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Neither Brooke or Quinn Will Husbands Tomorrow

Monday, March 27, 2017 – Episode #7551


Rick and Maya contemplate Ridge and Brooke’s Wedding

In Los Angeles Maya and Rick discuss Liam and Steffy’s wedding day being over and that Ridge and Brooke are next.  Maya asks her husband how he feels about that.  Rick admits he is concerned.  It seems like whenever his mother is on the precipice of getting what she wants, something is thrown in the way.

Neither Brooke or Quinn Will Have Husband’s Tomorrow

Rick’s words are prophetic, as on the other side of the world on an Australian beach, Brooke has just witnessed Ridge and Quinn sharing a passionate kiss. One last kiss before Ridge became married and he and Quinn ended their foolishness but would carry the secret of their attraction for the rest of their lives.

But one last kiss often tends to be costly for the Forrester and Spencer men…

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As Quinn left she ran smack into Brooke who must feel a little stupid for not taking Katie’s warnings about Ridge and Quinn seriously.  Brooke calls Quinn a disease that comes over them all; one by one.  But Brooke is determined this is the last straw.  Her time is done.

Brooke spits at Quinn that she will not have a husband tomorrow signaling her intention to call off her and Ridge’s nuptials over what she has seen.  She them tells Quinn that she won’t have a nusband tomorrow either.

Will Brooke tell Eric?  Or Will Quinn manage to whitewash over what Brooke saw like she has with Ivy?

Episode Summary:

Rick and Maya Discuss His Parents’ Relationships

In Los Angeles, Maya finds Rick behind the CEO’s desk.  Rick says not to get used to it.  Everyone will be home soon. One the phone, Rick gets and update from Eric about Steffy zip linin into the wedding.  Rick asks Eric to wish his mother a great wedding day the next day.

Maya asks how Rick feels about Brooke marrying Ridge.  Rick is trying to be supportive. And he understands RJ wanting them together.  It’s like every time Brooke is on the precipice of getting what she wants some foreign object gets in the way, Rick muses.

Talk turns to Quinn.  Ricks says she seems to want what is best for his dad.  Maybe he was wrong about her.

Brooke Confronts Quinn About Kissing Ridge

Brooke wants to know how long the affair has been going on.  Its not what it looks like.  It’s was never an affair. There is nothing between her and Ridge.  Brooke tells Quinn she’s evil.  She is like a disease that has come over them one by one.  But this is it.  You are done, Brooke tells Quinn.

Quinn says they were wishing each other well that is all. If you were really had to cheat on Eric did it have to be with his own son; and the man I’ve loved most of my adult life? Brooke asks.

There was foolishness and carelessness but there was never anything like cheating, Quinn tries to explain.  Brooke says that is for Eric to decide and storms off.

Quinn stops her.  Brooke knows what she saw.  Quinn says that she saw what she expects to see.  But that is not what has happened here.  Brooke says calls Quinn a liar and a cheater.

Quinn says something happened between him and Ridge while she was in Paris. Ridge planned to discredit her in Ridge’s eyes.  Quinn says she was angry and drunk and she poured her heart out to him.  She has to ask Ridge about it, but for some reason he stopped hating her.  And it brought the family back together.  She was and is grateful to Ridge.

So, you kiss him, Brooke says.  Tomorrow Brooke tells Quinn that after what she saw today, she won’t have a husband tomorrow, and neither will Quinn.

Quinn says if she doesn’t marry Ridge tomorrow she will regret it for the rest of her life.  She honestly thought Quinn loved Eric.  How could she betray him with his own son.  That wasn’t the first time was it, Brooke asks. Quinn admits its true.  Brooke speculates that Ridge then came home kissed her and made love to her, thinking of Quinn.  Quinn wants to make this right.

But Brooke says she can’t.  But Brooke can.  By going to Eric.

Ridge and Eric Wonder Where Quinn and Brooke Are

Ridge finds Katie and Eric drinking.  He’s looking for Brooke. Eric says he’s going back to the hotel. He asks if he saw Quinn on the beach. Bill is cranky and wants to go to the hotel.  Katie goes with him.  Eric and Ridge wait together.

Eric goes looking for Quinn.  Ridge has no phone reception and goes looking for Brooke.  He catches up with Eric. Brooke runs up just as Eric is getting in a shuttle to the hotel.  Ridge asks what is wrong.  She yells at him why did you make me fall in love with you again and gets in a taxi.  Quinn arrives and explains to Quinn that Brooke saw them.  She goes to grab a taxi.

Back at the Hotel

Back at the hotel, Katie tells and uncomfortable Bill that he can come into her hotel room. Conversation turns to Ridge and Brooke.  He was sure that it would be over by now.  Katie gently explains that they always get back together.  Bill says he doesn’t know what’s next. Katie tells him to go home and pick up the pieces.  What’s the alternative?  Bill says maybe he’ll build a Spencer tower right here in Sydney.

They discuss Quinn and Brooke disappearing together. Maybe they discovered they had something to talk about Katie suggests.

Brooke arrives back at the hotel and goes to see Eric.  A tearful Brooke tells him something horrible is going on and Eric needs to know about it.

March 27 2017 B& B Spoilers

Friday, March 27, 2015 – Episode #7043

Brooke, Deacon and AA

Deacon calls Brooke as she has her morning coffee.  He will see her at the meeting Deacon says. Katie calls Brooke.  She wants to have brunch, but there is somewhere else she had to be.  Brooke leaves for the meeting.

Brooke arrives at the meeting and is welcomed. Deacon arrives shortly afterwards.  Brooke shares that she hasn’t had a drink since the last meeting.  She admits she doesn’t like being drunk, but doesn’t like being alone either.  She’s never been alone. But now there is only a big empty house.  Alcohol filled the void.  What helped her not drink last night and this morning the counselor asks.  A friend says Brooke. He knows the best about her and still he cares.  He has been there and will be Brooke says.  Helping her get through one day at a time.  She knows if she calls, he will be there. The meeting concludes and the counselor reminds them that what happens in the room is in the strictest confidence.

Deacon thanks Brooke for what she said.  He stops by her house later.  He can’t stop thinking about the meeting.  Brooke says she’s here to help if he’s thinking about drinking.  She’s here for him too.  Deacon admits to being tempted but not by alcohol.

Brooke is making progress and its because of him she says.  She appreciates it.  Deacon says he’s engaged to Quinn.  But then there is her.  The unattainable, the woman he never had the right to know.  If he could have just one more chance with her…You don’t have to be lonely Deacon says.  He’s feeling it and he knows Brooke is too…Is there a chance for us Deacon asks Brooke…

Bill and Katie

Bill comes out of the shower.  Katie tells him Brooke isn’t available for brunch.  Katie is worried and Bill reminds her that Will is the one that needs babysitting not Brooke.  But Katie is worried she will reach out to the wrong person in her loneliness.  Brooke makes bad decisions when she is alone.

Katie thanks Bill for listening to her despite believing she’s over reacting.  It makes her feel loved.

Rick Has a Business Proposition for Quinn

Quinn enters the room and hears the end of the conversation about Deacon offering his AA buddy a ride.  She’s proud of him, Quinn says.  The phone rings after Deacon has left.  Its Rick Forrester.  He wants to meet. Now.


Pam goes into Rick’s office when he’s looking for Donna who has a mani-pedi appointment.  Cancel his meeting with Ivy he tells Pam.  Wyatt arrives and Rick tells him his timing is impeccable.  Pam tells Quinn she wasn’t born yesterday and using a distraction with the lemon bars to get into Rick’s office.

Quinn arrives and Pam says she’s calling security.  Rick put her on the approved list Quinn says.  Quinn enters and Wyatt asks what his mom is doing there.  Rick says as CEO he has certain hiring and firing privileges.  He’s wondering if they can make putting Quinn in her old job happen.

Rick is keeping Ivy around – for now.  He wants a seasoned designer around.  Wyatt asks if he’s ready to handly the employee backlash.  Quinn’s work has been missed.  Rick isn’t thrilled with how she treated his sister.  He wonders how much of a liability his crazy will be.

Quinn assures Rick that Deacon has brought out the best in her.  Same salary –  longer hours.  No problem Quinn says.  Welcome back, Rick says.  Quinn promises not to let him down.  Rick leaves to set up a meeting to make it official.  He asks Quinn not to make him regret this.

Alone with Wyatt, Quinn is excited….


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