March 28: Spoilers, Episode Recap and History | The Bold and the Beautiful – How Could You Ridge?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 – Episode #7552


How Could You Ridge?

Brooke asks the man she is supposed to marry the next day, how he could kiss his father’s wife.  Has he no respect a hurt and upset Brooke wonders.  Does he have no boundaries when it comes to women at all?

Not only were you kissing another woman, it was Quinn; your father’s wife.

In another hotel Room, Quinn is talking to Eric, trying to prepare him for what Brooke may disclose.  She is clearly bothered as she tells him that a relationship like theirs just can’t be thrown away.

In Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, Maya and Ricks conversation about Brooke marrying Ridge the following day, continues.  Rick notes that he wants his mother to be happy, but is Ridge the man for the job?  That’s the big question.  Rick notes their long history together always has Ridge somehow in some way letting his mother down…

Episode Summary:

Eric Wants to Know What Happened

Eric asks Brooke what has happened and why she is so upset. Brooke can’t believe this is happening and is real.  Eric wants to help. Brooke tells him it won’t be easy to say, but its something he needs to know.  It’s Ridge.  Eric wants to know if Ridge hurt her.

Brooke was walking on the beach and saw something.  Ridge and Quinn enter. Eric wants to know what is going on.  Ridge says he needs to talk to Brooke alone.  Eric wants to know what is going on. Ridge wants Brooke to hear him out he pleads.

Ridge and Brooke leave together, Eric is frustrated. He wants to know what the hell is going on here.  Do you know he asks of his wife.  Eric wants to help Ridge and Brooke.  Quinn says he needs they need time.  But Eric thinks this is big.  Brooke’s trust has been broken.  Eric wonders if another woman is involved.

Eric says that Ridge has a difficult time when a woman looks at him.  Even his wife.  Eric means Brooke.  Eric says he doesn’t mean to; but Ridge hurts the people he loves.

Eric asks Quinn if she saw Ridge with another woman.  Quinn tells Eric exactly what happens but not the details.  She saw Ridge, she saw Brooke and she was upset.  Quinn says they are going to get married.  A relationship like this can’t be thrown away.  But is Quinn meaning Ridge and Brooke or hers and Eric’s.

Quinn assures Eric that Ridge will get through to Ridge.  Eric is happy that Quinn cares this much about Rige.  Their relationship has come a long away.

Rick calls, Quinn goes for a walk. Rick asks for online material for social media about Ridge and brooke.  Eric advises holding off for the moment.  Brooke and Ridge are going through something.

Brooke Tells Ridge She Won’t Marry Him

In their hotel room Brooke tells Ridge to start talking, but Ridge doesn’t know what to say. How could you Ridge? Have you no respect no boundaries.  Not only were you kissing another woman it was Quinn, your father’s wife.

Ridge says there is nothing between him and Quinn.  This all started with him trying to protect his father.  They were just flirting.

Brooke tells Ridge there is some deep-seated anger with his father and women and her.  Its not normal.  She doesn’t’ want any part of it anymore.  The life she wanted isn’t with him.  He’s in the same place he was 30 years ago and she deserves something better, Brooke tells Ridge.

Ridge says he was reckless and took a walk on the wild side. Brooke tells him he’s not young, he doesn’t have oats to sow.  He’s done that ; many times.

Ridge says he made a mistake, made a wrong turn; the desire, the chase.  Maybe trying to prove he still can.  He betrayed her and he betrayed his dad. It isn’t going to happen again; with Quinn or anyone.  Ridge asks her not to pull away from him.  Stay and Fight. Don’t walk away from us, not now.  We’ve worked to hard to be here.  This is for RJ also.  Ridge wants to marry Brooke tomorrow.  He asks Brooke to tell him that’s what she wants too.

Brooke says she wants to marry the man she thought he was this morning.  But not the man who keeps hurting her over and over again and keeps reeling her in.  How can she marry him tomorrow?

Forgive me.  There is no way he can live his life without her.  Lets start life over again tomorrow.

Brooke tells Ridge they are not getting married.

Quinn Please With Brooke Not to Break Eric’s Heart

Quinn knocks at the door.  Brooke answers. She’s with Eric, Brooke is with Ridge.  There is nothing to question Quinn says.  She and Ridge doen’t even like each other.  Brooke nots hate and passion are easily confused.  Quinn tells her she and Ridge don’t want each other.  They know who they want.  Quinn wants Eric and Ridge wants Brooke.

Eric deserves to know what his wife has been up to, Brooke says.

Quin says she will never kiss another man, let alone Ridge again. As Ridge calls it; it was foolishness. There is no need to break Eric’s heart.  Please don’t hurt him Brooke, Quinn pleads.  Don’t tell Eric, don’t tell anyone

Back in Los Angeles

In LA, Nicole tells them about the Sydney fashion shoot photos and Steffy getting ready to marry has them trending.

Maya and Rick talk about Ridge making a mistake.  He always ends up hurting his mom.  Somehow someway he always lets her down.

Zende thinks its incredible that Ridge and Brooke keep trying after all these years.  Nicole thinks it lovely they keep finding their way back to each other.  If anyone can work it out, its Ridge and Quinn.

March 28 2017 B& B Spoilers

Monday, March 28, 2016 – Episode #7297


March 28 2016 B&B SpoilersKatie tells Bill that she is seeing her therapist and he has confirmed what they probably already knew was true.  She is depressed, and alcohol certainly isn’t helping that.  Katie tells Bill, who Is listening quietly that she isn’t going to drink any more.

Meanwhile out at Quinn’s Topanga Canyon cabin ‘Adam’ is excited to tells ‘Eve’ that he thinks his memory is returning.  “My memory.  I think its coming back,”  Liam tells Quinn… Just image how much better I can love you if I can remember everything we have been through together, he continues.  If he could just remember what she means to him, Adam finishes.

But Quinn knows that if Adam’s memory returns that they are finished; that their life together is nothing but a fantasy that Quinn has fabricated.  One she has killed for to protect…What can Quinn do now to protect her idyllic little Adam and Eve two against the world fantasy?

Episode Summary:

Wyatt Wants to Marry Now

Wyattt tells Steffy they have waited long enough.  Lets get married right here he tells her on the beach.  Steffy agrees.  Back at the house, Wyatt promises a spontaneous wedding.  One he will plan.  There is a reason why they are here right now Wyatt tells her.  They didn’t have to fight for it or force it.  It is just like it had to happen.  Steffy kisses him and they hug.

They drink champagne and work on the guest list. Till they get to Liam.  Steffy just says that Liam disappeared, and told no one where he was going. And he’s not part of his life anymore.  Wyatt remembers the footage he saw.

Liam’s Memory is Returning

Liam is looking at his wedding photos.  He begins to have flashes of his first wedding to Steffy at Aspen.  Quinn comes home to find him looking at the wedding photos.  Its happening Liam tells her/  His memory, its coming back.  Liam tells her about the memory flash and remembering being there.

Quinn feigns happiness while Liam is excited. She doesn’t want him to get his hopes up though. He tells her she loves here, but imagine how much better he could love her if he remembered what thye had been together; what she means to him.

Of course their wedding was the trigger; it was the most important day in their love story.  Liam assures her he will be fine if his memory doesn’t return, but he is excited.  They hug.  Quinn is concerned.

Liam thinks he isn’t much of a husband.  He needs to be cared for and nursed.  But he can feel himself getting better.  He can feel himself getting better.

Quinn tells him she’s a changed person because of him.  It doesn’t matter to her that he can’t remember.  In the photos it is the woman beside him putting a smile on his face.  Liam notices her shaking.  She doesn’t want to lose him she says upset.  Quinn hugs Liam.  She doesn’t want to lose him.

Liam looks at the photos and has more memory flashes.  Quinn looks on very worried…

Katie Loses Control

Broke comes over for dinner and Katie has prepared dinner for them. She wanted Brooke to be here for more than dinner.  She wants Brooke to know she doesn’t have to be concerned for her. She’s been seeing her therapist.  He confirmed what they all probably already knew. She is depressed, and alcohol certainly isn’t helping that.  Katie tells Bill, who Is listening quietly that she isn’t going to drink any more.


Which is a good think right?  She’s had her dance with the devil and she’s moving on and will be fine.  Katie got rid of all the alcohol except Bill’s favorites.  She’s not drinking.  Those days are behind her.  Katie is pulling herself together.  All she needs is a lttle reassurance from Brooke and Bill.  They both assure here they want her to be healthy happy and secure. Brooke will have her back she promises, just like she did growing up.

They enjoy dinner in the kitchen but Katie watches closely as Bill and Brooke interact.  She is clearly not as okay as she says as she imagines they hugging and kissing in front of her…Stop it…she naps.  You’re flirting with each other, right in front of me Katie yells, her mood clearly altered.

Brooke and Bill are dumbfounded. Katie rants as Bill and Brooke just say they were having a good time. Brooke leaves. What the hell was that, Bill wants to know.  There was nothing going on.  Nothing was happening.  Katie whimpers she is feeling so insecure because of her. Bill assures Katie that they both love her.  Just don’t give up on me, Katie tells Bill. He wants her to be healthy and happy.  Katie apologizes.  She’s just trying to work through her depression.  She needs his support.  She has it Bill tells his wife as he kisses her.

Bill goes to check on Will. While Bill is gone Katie retrieves a bottle of vodka she has hidden in the cookie jar…and drinks.



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