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Wednesday, March 29, 2017 – Episode #7553


Has Quinn Convinced Brooke to Protect Eric?

While Eric took a call from Los Angeles (Rick) Quinn took the opportunity to slip out of their room and see what progress Ridge was making with Brooke. When Quinn arrived it was clear, Brooke was determined not only to stop her and Ridge’s wedding for the following day, but fill Eric in on what his wife and son had been up to behind their backs.

But Quinn made an impassioned plea.  She and Ridge were foolish, but they know who they want to be with.  Ridge wants to be with Brooke, and Quinn wants to be with Eric.  Quinn then begged Brooke not to tell Eric.  Please don’t hurt him, Quinn begs on behalf of her husband.

It is enough to give Brooke pause about her course of action.  She did believe that Eric deserved to know what his wife had been up to, but does she want to see Eric in the same kind of pain she is?  Brooke admits that Eric is very special to her, very important (he is the father of two of her children).  Brooke admits the last thing she would ever want to do is hurt Eric.  A desperate Quinn watches as Brooke comes to this conclusion.

Brooke Tells Ridge His Wandering Eye Is Why She Can’t Marry Him

Brooke may have a soft spot for Eric which may work to Quinn’s advantage, but Brooke isn’t feeling so forgiving with Ridge.  Alone again, Brooke tells Ridge that he makes it seem like she is in the wrong; that she isn’t enough to hang onto him.  But after 30 years of this kind of nonsense, Brooke thinks the problem lays elsewhere.

She tells Ridge the problem is him;  him with the wandering eye, always looking for something better.  And that is why she can’t marry him tomorrow, Brooke lays out for Ridge.

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Episode Summary:

Brooke Won’t Marry Ridge

Eric deserves to know what is happening Brooke says.  There is nothing to tell anymore. Quinn tells her they were kissing goodbye.  They were toying with each other, foolishly.  There is no need to cause Eric any pain.  Quinn begs Brooke not to tell Eric.

Ridge asks what telling Eric will accomplish.  A lot Brooke says.  He will kick Quinn to the curb.  Isn’t that what you want?  Brooke asks.  Ridge admits he did but take away the woman he adores who adores him.  That will only hurt Eric.

Brooke says she doesn’t want to take anything away from Eric.  That mans is so special and important to her.  The last thing she wants to do is hurt him.  And she won’t say anything on the proviso that Quinn and Ridge keep their hands off each other.  But she sees or hears of one more betrayal, Eric will be the first to know.  Quinn thanks Brooke and leaves.

Where does that leave us, Ridge wants to know.  Maybe we can still get married tomorrow.  Think of RJ.  Brooke tells him he’s being manipulative bringing up their son.  That isn’t who he was thinking of when he was kissing Quinn.

Ridge suggests they go to Fiji to get married. Brooke tells him he just doesn’t get how much he hurt her; how much he betrayed her.  Marriage and a life with him isn’t going to happen Brooke tells Ridge.

Ridge says it was just one kiss.  Brooke tells him to kiss any woman he wants; that’s the life she wants for him.  That is obviously how he wants it.  RJ wanted them to be happy, and she is not happy.  Brooke will explain it to RJ.  Ridge betrayed RJ, Brooke and Eric.  It is all gone now, because of Quinn.  Brooke hopes it was worth it.

Brooke tells him he loves the thrill of the chase, he doesn’t want Quinn in the end.  And then he comes back to her.  But not this time.  Brooke wonders if he does want her this time.  Brooke doesn’t want to marry him; she just didn’t think it would end this way.  She has loved him for so many years.  But this isn’t destiny because destiny wouldn’t hurt this much or be this hard.  Marrying him is only going to bring her more pain.  Brooke tells Ridge goodbye and leaves the room.

Brooke cries.

Quinn Feels Guilty as Eric Is Romantic

On the phone, Eric tells Rick that Brooke is likely just having pre-wedding jitters and tomorrow she will marry as planned.

Quinn returns to find Eric setting up a romantic evening – outback style. He offers her champagne and tequila her two favorite drinks.  Quinn accepts a glass of Champagne.  Its that kind of night.

Eric admits he told Rick about Brooke pre-wedding flutters.   Eric and Quinn sip champagne.  Eric wonder is Ridge and Brooke will overcome this. Eric realizes that Quinn really cares for her son and wants him and Brooke to marry. Eric hopes they make it, but it has nothing to do with them.

Eric asks the prettiest girl in the room to dance. He tells her its has been an amazing trip.  Once ina lifetime Quinn agrees.

Steffy and Liam Enjoy Their Wedding Night

Liam asks his bride if there are any more surprises for him as they sip champagne.  Steffy has something planned for the wedding night alright.  Liam asks her never to stop surprising her.  Today was just what he was hoping for.  Love family and fun.  He thanks his bride for putting it all together.

Steffy asks him to never stop looking at her like this; like he sees beauty in her that she never knew was there.  He sees beauty humor and intelligence.  He will look at her this way for the rest of his life.

Everything about today was perfect, Liam tells Steffy. They kiss and make love.

March 29 2017 B& B Spoilers

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 – Episode #7298


March 29 2016 B&B SpoilersThe memory of dinner with Katie and Bill still fresh in her mind, Brooke tells someone (Eric or Rick?) that Katie went beserk accusing her and Bill of flirting in front of her while they ate the dinner Katie prepared in her kitchen.  Katie is concerned for her sister.  If she doesn’t break this vicious cycle she seems to be on, she will lose Bill, Brooke announces seriously.

Katie and Bill, in bed after a difficult evening discuss what happened.  Katie tells him that if she has an occasional relapse (like she did tonight) she really just needs him to ride it out…but Katie is hiding the fact that she is still drinking.  She’s just gotten much better at hiding it from those closest to her…

Since Eve wants to get out of Los Angeles and travel, Adam has an idea about making that happen.  But will Eve like where he wants to go?  With fragments of his memory returning around Liam’s first wedding to Steffy (triggered by the doctored photos Quinn had Deacon put together) Adam tells Eve that he wants to go to the place where they got married.  He wants her to take him there.

Of course, with the photos triggering his memory, Quinn really won’t want to take Liam there…but she does want to get out of Los Angeles…

Episode Summary:

Married the Day after Tomorrow

Steffy bounces around the house: they are really doing this; getting married the day after tomorrow. They kiss.  Steffy wonders if he’s always this thoughtful.  He likes to plan ahead and keep his wife smiling.  (Mr. Spontaneity likes to plan ahead?)

Steffy hasn’t heard from Taylor yet, but Wyatt notes that Quinn will be there.  Steffy thinks its cute how much she loves him.  They wonder about the new guy in her life. Wyatt hopes that he brings Quinn even a shred of the happiness they have.

Steffy suggests driving out to Topanga and telling Quinn in person.  Instead he wants to stay with her and calls Quinn.

Steffy and Wyatt discuss Adam usurping Wyatt in Quinn’s life. They wonder who this Adam guy is…

Memory Fragments and Frustration

Liam is driven crazy by his memory flashes.  Quinn tells him that he’s probably trying too hard, just let them come.  Liam says he can’t let it go.  He has to find out who he is.  Does she know how many Adam Smith’s there are when he does a search.  None of them are him. He continues to look at the album.  Quinn takes it away from him.  He’s obsessing isn’t he. Quinn says he has a reliable source of information sitting right in front of him.  Liam has a new thought.  He wants to see the place they married.  He wants Eve to take him there. It’s in the mountains somewhere.  Eve wants him to let it go incase he’s disappointed again.  But there is no time for a detour Quinn tells him.  She took a leave of absence they are going away.

Liam grabs some wine then they will talk about her continued urge to leave town.  Quinn gets a call from Wyatt. He and Steffy are marrying the day after tomorrow. But she is leaving town tomorrow Quinn says.  Wyatt says this is his wedding.  She should bring Adam.  They want to meet him. Wyatt insists.  Quinn is thrilled for Wyatt.  She tells him how happy she is for him and that she loves him.

Adam returns and picks up the photo album again.  Quinn tells him to not push it.  Lets just make new memories she tells him.  Lets leave the day after tomorrow.  She has to do something important to do first.

He asks why she always leaves him here.  She will try to be more inclusive.  It will be different when they are on the road.  He says as longs as he’s with her nothing else matters. Quinn goes to take a shower and tells him she’ll meet him in bed.

Alone, Liam’s memory flashes become longer.  This time it stops just as Steffy raises her veil…

Katie Seduces Bill

Katie sneaks a drink, then rinses with mouthwash before heading up to bed with Bill.  Katie brings a platter of fruit to bed with her.  She pulls away when Bill tries to kiss her.  Katie thought she heard Will.  Katie goes to change.  Bill says she seems alright.  He was concerned how she went off of him and Brooke earlier.  Katie admits she’s been feeling insecure and that why she is seeing her therapist, but she may need some help.  Patience and reassurance.  Bill can do that.  Katie kisses him.

She leaves to put on some lingerie.  When she returns she giggles and hiccups.  Bill asks if she’s been drinking.  Katie says its just mouthwash that he can smell.  Bill asks if she’s lying to him.

Katie gets a glass of water.  He doesn’t mean to accuse her but she wasn’t herself earlier.  She turned on a dime. Maybe its her medication Katie suggests.  She’s back on her anti depressants and it takes a while to balance out.  This is where she needs his patience she was talking about.  She may relapse but she needs him to ride it out.

Bill agrees and they make love. Afterwards Katie says that she wishes they could be like this forever. Bill needs her take what she’s feeling now; the confidence in their bond and carry it through her day with her.  Katie says she knows he’s afraid she will turn into a crazy lush but she won’t let it happen.

Brooke is Worried

Rick finds Brooke at the office distracted.  Dinner was a disaster Brooke admits.  Katie is in trouble and she doesn’t know how to help her.  Brooke recounts what happened. Everything started out fine then she flipped, went berserk accusing her and Bill of flirting in front of her.  Brooke left.  Rick wonders if she’s still drinking.  Brooke doesn’t know what to believe.  Katie was quite irrational.

Bill loves Katie but he is not a patient man.  If he doesn’t feel like he’s helping Bill will shut down.  Rick forgets how well she knows Bill. Brooke says that Katie’s drinking isn’t helping.  She needs to break the vicious cycle or she will lose Bill.



  1. Dear Brooke
    Forgot To Tell You about Ridge Why Can Do That
    Because Is To Tell Ridge I Know UnderStand That Maybe Can Do Want You Back
    Getting Married Today and Tomorrow Or Not Someone Else Back To Bill
    Now Want to
    How are You Feeling hurting You Stop Bother You Something
    Back To Ridge Is now
    Going To The Hotel Room Talk To Him Say Yes
    Dare You Walk Out To The alsle
    Walk away From Ridge Like This Have You Not To Cancel Wedding Day

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