March 30: Spoilers, Episode Recap and History | The Bold and the Beautiful – Thomas and RJ Defend Sally and Coco

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 – Episode #7553


Thomas Defends Sally

Back in Los Angeles, Thomas explains how Sally went into the water at Steffy and Liam’s wedding reception.  Steffy was escorting Sally off the premises and Sally slipped backwards and into the water she went, Thomas states.

Thomas defends Sally to his family.  Whatever her great aunt did years ago, the knock-offs and the stealing; it’s over, Thomas assures.

But Zende isn’t convinced.  Spectra have stolen their designs before.  He wants to know why Thomas is so sure their won’t do it again.

It’s Not Fiar

In another part of Forrester Creations RJ tells Coco its not fair that she gets treated different to the other interns just because her last name is Spectra.

You Can’t Be Hanging With The Forresters

Hover at Spectra Fashions, Sally’s grandma Shirley is having a pink fit about Sally’s growing feelings for Thomas.  She explains to her granddaughter that she cannot be hanging with the Forrester’s and illustrates where their families fit on the social ladder.  They are up here Shirley states indicating above her head.  We are down here she says indicating somewhere near her knees…

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March 30 2017 B& B Spoilers

Episode Summary:

RJ and Thomas Defend Coco and Sally

In the Forrester meeting the topic of discussion is: new runway models, Ridge’s wedding and what the interns are up to. Zende questions if Coco should be working in the cutting room.  Rick was concerned about the same thing.

Rick defends her.  She’s not shady like her family.  Zende still thinks they should keep her away from anything related to design.  RJ says this is a fashion house – their designs are everywhere. Give her a chance RJ says.  She can be trusted.  Rj leaves and Thomas arrives.

Rick can’t believe Thomas would invite Sally Spectra to Sydney.

Its time for them to stop being enemies.  The stealing and knockoffs are done It ended years ago.  Zende still thinks Spectra has stolen their designs before. What makes Thomas think they won’t do it again.

He defends Sally.  She pulled some stunts for hype, that’s different to stealing.

Sally is related to someone that caused problems decades ago.  That doesn’t mean that Sally is going to steal our designs, Thomas says.

Sally Has a Change of Heart About Stealing From the Forrester’s

Over at Spectra, Saul is worried that Coco isn’t wearing the necklace. Coco arrives. Shirley likes her outfit but something is missing – accessories. What about the necklace Sally gave her.  Sally puts it on her.  Sula agrees it is “the look”. Coco isn’t sure it matches, but doesn’t want to let Sally down so she wears it.  She heads out to work.

Sally arrives and Saul hugs her a little too long. Shirly tells Sally she went down there on a mission.  She wants to hear that Sally came through by getting a picture of Steffy Forrester’s wedding.  Thomas admits that he didn’t think she’d come.  Zende and Nicole remind him about what she had done.  Food fights.

Sally admit she got photos but she was there as Thomas’ guess. Shirley reminds her shifty is calling her phone all the time.  Sally says she’s rethinking stealing from the Forrester’s.  She can’t do it.  Thomas was really sweet to her.  Too bad, Sally tells her.  Operation Coco starts today.

Shirley says that she is not on their level. Her sister tried for years to earn their respect and never succeeded.  Sally tells her she’s wrong.  Eric said himself he respected Sally 1.0.

They have no choice they have to do this, Shirly says. Saul is getting the camera footage up.  Sally begs for one more day.  Shirly tells her not to fight it. They check out the feed.  They see RJ.

Sally’s phone rings.  Its Thomas. She thanks him for inviting her.  Thomas thanks her for surprising him.  She was the best part of the whole trip.

Meanwhile, Shirly and Sally watch as RJ opens the designs and shows Coco on of Ridge’s designs.  This is how we survive Shirly says.  This is how we get CJ and Shift off their backs.  They are going to make Aunt Sally proud.

Sally watches as they see more designs from Coco’s necklace feed.

RJ Wants to Show Coco Ridge’s New Designs

Coco arrives at the Forrester’s.  Ridge wants to show her some of his dad’s latest designs.  He’s supposed to put them in the valut but he wants to show her first.  Coco says manbe he shouldn’t because of her last name.  RJ tells her not to worry about their last names, and begins to flirt. It’s not fair for him to be treated different because she’s a Spectra.  Zende watches.

Zende tells Nicole that he things RJ likes Coco. Zende and Nicole wonder how Sally is paying for her business.  No cash, no prospects, will do anything for attention.  Desperate people do desperate things.  Zende is going to keep an eye on Sally and Coco.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 – Episode #7299


March 30 2016 B&B SpoilersAfter their shared experience with Katie the evening before at dinner, Bill confides in Brooke about Katie’s behavior.  She says she isn’t drinking Bill, tells Brooke.  Bill wants to know if Brooke believes her.

Bill certainly didn’t after her giggle and hiccup fit in bed after the dinner outburst.  How much is Bill going to confide in Brooke over?

Bill’s concerns and her own send Brooke to see Katie. Brooke wants them to be able to be honest with each other, without having to be afraid that it would be the end of their relationship.  Brooke confided in Rick after the disastrous dinner that she was afraid for Katie and if she didn’t break the visious cycle of jealousy and repenting that she would lose Bill.

Is this what Brooke wants to be honest with Katie about?  Clearly they discuss what happened between Katie and Bill when they went to bed.  Bill wanted to know what he could smell under the mouthwash.  He asked Katie if she had been drinking.  Katie told him no, but he doubt was there.  Katie admits to her sister that she feels so alone when Bill doesn’t trust her…

Meanwhile over at Topanga Canyon Quinn finds Adam’s behavior strange enough to ask him if he’s remembered something….Can Quinn get Liam away from Los Angeles and stop his memories?  And can she do it before Wyatt and Steffy are married?

Episode Summary:

A Competition

Steffy and Wyatt make finding a best man and a bridesmaid a competition. The quickest gets a shirtless selfie from the other.

Adam is on the verge…

Adam wants to know the name of the person who married them, but all of their legal, banking records are packed away.  Adama asks if Eve has a sister.  Quinn asks Adam if he’s remembered something.

Yes, he says.  There is a face he can almost see.  Liam notes that she doesn’t seem to want to help him remember. Their whole history is missing from him and she doesn’t seem to care.  Liam is flip as Quinn leaves to run her errands without him.

He pulls out the albums, he told Eve he couldn’t find,  and continues to look at their wedding photos. Eve returns to find him looking at them. The realtor said they will probably lose money selling.  We don’t have to move he says. She asks him not to argue with him.  He doesn’t he says.  He always just gives in.  She notes he found the albums.

Eve goes to make lunch while Liam continues to have longer memory flashes of his wedding to Steffy at Aspen but still can’t see Steffy’s face….

Brides Maid…

Thomas and Ridge are debating the merits of high and low skirts when caroline arrives with Douglas. Who ordered a bundle of joy  Caroline asks. Thomas and Ridge both say I did.  Steffy arrives and gushes over the baby.  She’s getting married tomorrow and she needs a favor.

Steffy reminds Caroline that she said she would never try to replace her mother. Caroline cringes.  Steffy says now she has too.  Her mom can’t be here to  be her matron of honor so Steffy wants Caroline to do it.  Caroline agrees as long as she never calls her anything with the word “matron” in it or calls her Steffy’s step mother.  Steffy agrees.  They hug.

Ridge organizes flowers.  He asks about the guest list.  Ridge wants to know if Liam is on it.  Does she think he should be on it Ridge asks.  Steffy is surprised by the question. Did he invite her mom, when he married Brooke Steffy asks.

Wyatt arrives.  Steffy introduces Caroline as her person of honor.  His person of dishonor is Bill.  Ridge asks Wyatt what his hurry is.  It feels like Wyatt thinks someone will stop him if he doesn’t do it right away. It’s the same thing he did with Hope. Wyatt tells Ridge he loves Steffy and he has made a lot of promises to Steffy he can’t wait to keep

Best Man…

Bill has called Brooke.  They can’t be having secret meetings she tells him.  Bill comes right out with it. Katie says he isn’t drinking.  Do you believe her Bill wants to know from Brooke.  Brooke says that she  has been irrational before and it had nothing to do with alcohol.  They can’t know what she is doing every minute of the day, but they can give her their support Brooke tells Bill.

Brooke wants to know if she’s at home.

With Brooke gone Wyatt arrives at Bills office and asks him to be best man.  Bill thinks he should ask his brother.  Wyatt thinks that is the ultimate in bad taste.  Bill will stand up for him if Liam won’t.  Bill is looking out what is good for himself.  He doesn’t want Liam to say that he favored Wyatt in this situation with Steffy.

Wyatt gets a text from Steffy.  He tells Bill that he just lost  a bet.  He takes his shirt off and takes a photo to send to Steffy.  Bill says by the way, yes.  He’ll be his best man.

Katie Lies to Brooke

At home, Katie reflects on Brooke telling Bill she still loves him and still and takes a drink from her hidden stash.

Brooke turns up and Katie is dressed.  Katie apologizes for last night.  Brooke accepts but says their relationship needs to be more than one apology on top of another.  Brooke would like them to be honest with each other without it being the end of them.  Brooke asks if she’s still drinking.  No says Katie, she quit.

Katie goes to check on Will.  Brooke puts cream and sugar in her coffee, but ther sugar pot is empty. She goes to fill it and finds an bottle of alcohol that Katie has hidden.  Katie returns and sees the bottle in Brooke’s hand.

Did Bills end her?  Katie asks.  Brooke tells Katie her husband wants to be there for her.  Katie’s phone rings its Bill. He tells her that Wyatt and Steffy are getting married tomorrow. He just wanted to give her the breaking news.

After Katie hangs up, Brooke tells Katie that nothing is fine.  She throws away the alcohol.  Brooke thinks that Katie should tell Bill.  Katie says that it may not have been true yesterday, but it is now.  Katie says she feels so alone when Bill doesn’t trust her.  Katie can’t tell bill.  And nor can Brooke.

Monday, March 30, 2015 – Episode #7044

At Brooke’s House

Deacon has to know if Brooke is feeling it too.  Brooke says he is special to him and he has been the one person she can count on.  Then they can have a future together?  Is there a chance for us?  Deacon asks.

Deacon says he loves Quinn but there is a crazy connection between the two of them.  He will always regret it if he didn’t take this opportunity with Brooke.  Is there any chance for them Deacon asks Brooke again.

They discuss Quinn’s crazy and what Quinn did to Hope.  Hope and Wyatt would be together and expecting their baby if it weren’t for Quinn.  Quinn destroys people little by little and Brooke is scared that he’s next.  You don’t want Quinn, Brooke says.

Deacon asks her who the woman for his is then?  Is it her?  He is nuts about Quinn but he proposed when Brooke was out of the picture.  Brooke however has always been the one for her.

Quinn calls – she needs to see him right away – at Forrester.  Deacon needs to know where he stands with Brooke her tells her after hanging up.

He’s given her strength and it means so much to her.  She deosnt’ know what she would have done without him during this part of her life.  She can’t help but think about the times they were together.  How unexpected and passionate they were.  Creating their baby girl.  Brooke tells Deacon that this could be their time. But…

He’s engaged to Quinn.  If not though Deacon asks?  Brooke says it could be our chance…

At Forrester Creations

Quinn thanks Rick for her second chance.  Don’t make me regret it Rick says.  Wyatt confirms that his mother has made a lot of positive changes.  Rick says he will be watching her.

The others arrive.  Ridge and Ivy, Carter and Pam.  Ivy wants to know why ‘she’ is here.  Our last quarter was nearly flawless.  One department needs improvement – an edge and maturity that Quinn can bring back to Forrester.  Rick asks them to welcome Quinn back.

Carter says Quinn’s dangerous and a liability.  He advises against bringing her back.  They remind him of all of Quinn’s insane acts.

Rick says there is a demand amongst their buyers and he is delivering it. Rick is going to run the company how he sees fit.  Quinn is here to stay and anyone who doesn’t like it can use the door.  No one is forcing them to stay.

Quinn says she’s done things she deeply regrets.  She’s changed though.  Wyatt agrees she’s been trying.  Rick says he brought Quinn back – end of story.

Alone Wyatt and Quinn discuss her return.  Wyatt says he’s proud of her.   That’s all she needs.  That and Deacon’s love.  Her life is falling right into place Quinn says.

At Spencer Publications

Bill and Katie arrive at the office to see Liam. There is a light day at Spencer but Ivy just texted him about a huge meeting at Forrester…Bill asks Liam to tell Katie about her plan to take over Forrester.

Katie is worried about Brooke being hurt – she’s still part of that company and Rick’s mother.  Bill says Rick is a smarmy little dictator.  He has to go.  Liam is determined to get Rick out of there.

Bill assures that Katie that it will take months to implement their plan.  Liam asks if there is something going on with Brooke.  They admit Brooke seems to be having a hard time being alone.  Katie hopes that she is getting the support she needs.

Later while Liam is alone, Ivy arrives.  Rick has re-hired Quinn, Ivy tells Liam.


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