March 31: Spoilers, Episode Recap and History | The Bold and the Beautiful – Thomas and Sally’s Relationship Faces Opposition

Friday, March 31, 2017 – Episode #7554


Katie Tells Ridge He Betrayed Everyone

A furious Katie wants to know what happened for Brooke to call of her wedding to Ridge in Australia.  Katie of course has a pretty good idea.  After spying Quinn and Ridge in a few intimate moments, Katie she has been concerned about what was going on between Ridge and Quinn for a while.  But when Katie tried to raise her concerns with Brooke, Brooke just put it down to Katie’s jealousy.

Of course, Katie was right, and Quinn couldn’t keep away from each other in Australia and Brooke spied them kissing on the beach in Australia.  Supposedly a goodbye kiss.

Katie pushes Ridge until he admits that he kissed Quinn.  Katie yells at his that he betrayed Brooke, he betrayed Eric, he let RJ believe his family was going to be together again.

Conversation turns to Brooke returning to Bill.  Katie is quieter when she admits that if Bill and Brooke are meant to be together, then they will be.

Shirley Wants to End Sally’s Friendship With Thomas

Meanwhile as Ridge’s relationship with Brooke is over, Thomas is just getting started with Sally.  They have lunch together and Thomas tells Sally that he hopes Sydney was just the start for them.

Meanwhile Shirly and Saul discuss Sally’s change of heart because of her growing fondness for Thomas.  The closer Sally gets to pretty boy Forrester, Shirly explains to Saul, the less likely Sally is to let them poach Forrester designs.  That would ruin them.  They can’t let that happen.  And Saul will help Shirley on that score because he doesn’t want Sally with Thomas either.  Saul has a crush on Sally…

Episode Summary:

Brooke is Still in Sydney

Still in Sydney, Brooke looks at the empty hangers in her wardrobe where Ridge’s clothes were. She remembers all the hints to what was going on between Ridge and Quinn, including Katie’s warnings.  Brooke cries over the betrayal and runs from her hotel room.

She walks by the harbor and rejects a call from Ridge.

Bill is Still in Sydney Also

Bill too is still in Sydney.  He tells someone one the phone he’s not ready to come home yet. After hanging up her reflects on the moments of his relationship with Brooke.  He too is walking the harbor foreshore near the opera house.  He stops, looks back and realizes Brooke is staring out to the water.

He walks over to her. Before he gets there Brooke is drawn to turn around. She sees Bill.  She touches his cheek and they hug without words being exchanged.

Katie Confronts Ridge about Betraying Eric and Brooke with Quinn

Back in Los Angeles, Ridge texts Brooke.  He just got back He wants to know what to tell RJ.  Katie arrives.  You didn’t marry my sister.  Brooke didn’t tell her why but she things she knows; Quinn.  Katie knew something was going on between them every time he saw Quinn and Ridge together.

Katie pushes Ridge about what happened and he blurts out he kissed Quinn.  The day before your wedding you kiss your father’s wife.

Ridge tells Katie he will fix this.  But Katie doubts it.  He and his father have always have had a complicated relationship.  Ridge is determined to make this right and have a life with Brooke.

Ridge asks Katie to speak to Brooke for her. But Katie instead questions why he would go after Quinn – the challenge?  Test the great Ridge Forrester could still make any woman fall at his knees?

Ridge accusers her of analyzing him.  Katie thinks that is exactly what he needs.  A good shrink to explain why he keeps doing this. This is how he repays Eric and Brooke; by hooking up with a psycho.

Katie has go at him. She and Brooke have been through a lot, but Brooke deserves much better than this, Katie tells him.  Brooke isn’t a doormat and Bill is waiting in the wings.

Ridge is confident Brooke won’t go back to Bill. He screwed up, he doesn’t even like Quinn. Katie says there is something more going on with Ridge than he will admit otherwise he swouldn’t have betrayed his father and Brooke.

Ridge regrets leaving Brooke in Sydney alone.  Katie tells him she’s probably not alone.  Bill is still in Sydney also.  There is nothing Ridge can do now.  If Bill and brookea re meant to be together, they will be.

RJ and Coco Get Closer

Coco is working hard as a Forrester intern so his dad has no reason to sack her.  RJ thinks he’s probably too busy on his honeymoon.

Coco tells RJ about her family.  She was raised by her Grams.  Her parents were out of the picture pretty early.

RJ says his family life wasn’t simple either; having a legendary womanizer as a father.  Love ‘em and leave ‘em.  But those days are over.  All the scandal and drama is over.

She wonders if he is a player also.  They discuss the kiss.  She says he’s a good kisser, but maybe she isn’t because he hasn’t tried it again.  RJ kisses her.

Thomas Asks What is Holding Sally Back

Thomas walks in as the Spectra’s are discussing their desperation when all Coco is doing at Forrester is filing invoices, not working with top secret designs.  Who’s desperate he asks. They cover saying they are on a dating site finding Saul a girl.  Thomas wants a look, but Sally pushes down the screen saying that Saul is very private.

Sally whisks Thomas off to buy her lunch.  They are back where they first met; Il Geordino.  He calls her fearless beautiful and smart, kinda funny.  She’s one of a kind and he hopes Sydney was just the beginning for them.

He’s going to have a hell of a good time finding out about her.  He thought they would share a room in Sydney though.  What is holding her back he asks Sally.  Sally kisses him.

Back at Spectra, Shirley explains to Saul, the closer Sally gets to pretty boy Forrester, the less likely Sally is to let them poach Forrester designs.  That would ruin them.  They can’t let that happen.  Saul agrees.

March 31 2017 B& B Spoilers

Thursday, March 31, 2016 – Episode #7300


arch 31 2016 B&b SpoilersWyatt and Steffy’s impromptu wedding day arrives.  They are to marry at his Malibu Beach house where he and Steffy had been living together.  Caroline as Steffy’s person of honor (Caroline banned Steffy from using the word ‘matron’ or calling Caroline her step mother) helps her prepare for her big day.

Caroline tells Steffy that she admires her strength and confidence.  Caroline also tells Steffy that she thinks she and Wyatt are perfect together.

Ridge is having a harder time being more positive about the wedding.  A fact he hasn’t hidden even from Wyatt, telling him that rushed weddings, as if someone was going to stop him, are his style. Its what he did with Hope and its what he is doing with Steffy.

Ridge tells his daughter that  this is the point in the proceedings that he should be giving her some big speech about marriage and what it is supposed to be, but Ridge just isn’t feeling this wedding.  Steffy, standing there in her wedding dress ,before her father assures him that she knows what she has in Wyatt.

Meanwhile, outside, at least one person is deliriously happy about Wyatt and Steffy’s wedding day;  Quinn.  She tells her son that she is so thrilled for him.  Quinn always knew that Wyatt was the man for Steffy.

But with Adam back at Quinn’s cabin and his memory flashes rapidly getting longer, you have to wonder if Liam will regain his memory and interrupt this wedding…

Episode Summary:

The Guests Arrive for Wyatt and Steffy’s Wedding

Wyatt checks out the preparations on the beach for his and Steffy’s wedding and smiles.  Wyatt arrives back to find Bill and Katie waiting him in his home.  Katie congratulates him. Bill tells him he’s lucky he culd clear his schedule on short notice..

Katie wonders what is keeping Quinn.

Wyatt dresses.  Bill has advice about his father in law. You’re a Spencer.  Wyatt needs to watch his back.  Ridge and Caroline arrive. With Eric.

Wyatt tells everyone that Quinn is bringing Adam the new man in his life with her Wyatt tells everyone. Caroline is glad that they are family because she admires Steffy; her strength and her confidence and Caroline thinks that She and Wyatt are perfect together.

Outside the men toast with Champagne.  Bill tells Katie who is no drinking that he is worried about her.

Thomas tells Wyatt to teach his sister right.

Quinn arrives.  Where is her new man he asks.  Quinn says that today is about him and his new Bride,  Quinn tells her son that she is so thrilled for him.  Quinn always knew that Wyatt was the man for Steffy.  She hugs her son and Wyatt tells her that she’s embarrassing him.

Wyatt tells them that he as Steffy want to stay home for their honeymoon.  The reverend arrives Quinn goes to check on the bride.

Dressing the Bride

Inside Steffy too is getting ready, and thinking about Wyatt and his proposal on the beach and was completed with the ring on one knee in his Malibu beach house.  She too smiles.

Caroline goes in to see Steffy getting ready.  The grooms have it so easy. Caroline says she’s never seen her cousin (Wyatt) happier, and she can’t wait to welcome her into the Spencer family; Again.  They giggle and hug.

Ridge stops in to see his daughter. There isn’t a father in the world prouder than he is right now.  He wants her to be happy.  He’s sorry her mom isn’t here.  But Steffy has talked to her and she sent her a bouquet. Taylor, grandma and phoebe are here in spirit.  Steffy tells Ridge he was always her biggest champion even when she screwed up.

Caroline kicks Ridge out to finish Steffy getting married.  Quinn arrives and tells Caroline and Steffy the minister is here. Quinn asks for a moment with Steffy.  Steffy knows she was routing for her.  Steffy appreciates Quinn’s restraint in his current relationship.  So does Wyatt.  Quinn just encourages her to look forward in life, not at the past.

Quinn herds the guests to the beach.  Wyatt asks Quinn one more time if she did anything to Liam.  Quinn reiterates her story.  She tells him not to give Liam another thought.

Ridge stops to see Steffy again, all dressed.  Ridge tells his daughter that this is the point in the proceedings that he should be giving her some big speech about marriage and what it is supposed to be, but Ridge just isn’t feeling this wedding.  Steffy, standing there in her wedding dress ,before her father assures him that she knows what she has in Wyatt.

Steffy says she and Wyatt are good for each other.  Lets get you married Ridge says ready to walk her down the aisle.

At the altar Bill is impressed with the wedding that Wyatt has put together.  Steffy comes down the stairs and onto the beach.  Ridge accompanies her to the altar.  She is beaming…

 Liam’s Memory

At home, Liam talks to Quinn about trimming his beard and cutting his hair like the guy in their wedding photos.  But Eve likes him the way he is.  She encourages him to start packing for their big adventure.  Adam doesn’t get it.  What’s the rush he wants to know.

Adam wants to go with Eve on her errand, but she wants him to stay here.  She tells him she loves the beard, he should keep it and leaves.  Liam starts to pack, but goes back the wedding albums. His memory flash extends until he sees some of Steffy’s face…

Liam gets out his laptop and begins putting together the face he sees in his memory flashes…In computer software, Liam puts Steffy’s face together piece by piece…



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