March 6: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Sally Won’t Use Coco As A Spy

Monday, March 6, 2017 – Episode #7538


Thomas And Steffy Discuss Spectra

Thomas, with his shirt half open, discusses the latest developments over at Spectra.  He explains that Sally is under time pressure to get Spectra Fashions into the black.  The Spectra building, that had been scheduled for demolition, is wanted by a developer, Thomas explains to his sister.

Steffy doesn’t seem interested.  She seems even less interested to learn that Sally Spectra has a sister.  Does that change when he tells the co-CEO that Sally’s younger sister has just been hired as Forrester Creations newest intern?  Perhaps, perhaps not.  If Steffy truly believes Spectra hasn’t got a chance, like Rick, she may have initial concerns but let it go when even Coco says her family business may not be in business for long…

Coco – Spectra’s Miracle

Meanwhile, over at Spectra, Shirley is still working on Sally using Coco as a spy.  Shirly explains that Spectra needs a miracle to stay in business given that they haven’t received a single order for Sally’s designs.  And in Shirley’s mind, miracle is spelled C-O-C-O.

But Sally is adamant she is not going to use her sister. Coco, herself refused to use her new job as a Forrester intern to further the family’s business through the same means that her great aunt Sally did.  That may have been her style, but its not Coco’s.  She’s and honest person.

Sally tells her grandmother that she has been protecting Coco her whole life.  And if Coco is adamant about not doing something, then Sally will not use her sister.

March 6 2017 B& B Spoilers

Friday, March 6, 2015 – Episode #7030

Wyatt Learns about Quinn and Deacon’s Engagement

Wyatt arrives at the loft and a smiling Quinn grabs him and hugs him.  She waves her hand around as she chops vegetables.  What the hell is that Wyatt asks.  Exactly what you think it is. Deacon and I are getting married.

Is this real Wyatt wants to know.  Yes Quinn says smiling.  Wyatt thought Deacon was going to break up with her after she slapped Brooke.

Wyatt doesn’t trust Deacon; the jail time, the womanizing, and abandoning Hope.  Wyatt questions if there is even going to be a wedding.  He’s still hung up on Brooke.

Brooke won’t be a problem Quinn says.  Deacon is telling her the news now and Quinn is headed over there also.

Deacon Tells Brooke He Proposed to Quinn

Deacon is with Brooke who pours herself a drink.  Quinn is lucky she didn’t end up in jail Brooke says.  Brooke assumes that Deacon has broken up with Quinn and offers him the guest house to stay in.

Deacon says he didn’t break up with Quinn he proposed.

Brooke asks if he’s crazy after what Quinn did to Hope and what she did here slapping Brooke to the ground.  Deacon tells Brooke he told Quinn that nothing like that can ever happen again.

Deacon defends Quinn as she listens from outside. Quinn hears Brooke tell him that he can do so much better than that psychopath.  Look what she did to Hope.  Have a fling but don’t turn this into a bad marriage Brooke says.  Deacon says he’s committed to Quinn and he’s going to marry her.  Brooke says she will never accept his marriage to Quinn.  Deacon leaves.  Quinn hides in the shadows then peers in the door at Brooke in her home.

Brooke Forbids Quinn and Deacon’s Wedding

Quinn enters and slams the door.  Brooke tells her to get out.  You have a very big mouth Quinn tells Brooke.  If I hear you talk about me to my fiancé like that again you are going to have more than a slap across the face to worry about Quinn threatens.

Quinn hears everything Brooke said about her.  Brooke says its nothing she hasn’t said before or to her face. Quinn tells Brooke she can’t stand that Deacon is happy with her Quinn accuses Brooke of not being able to let any of the men she has been involved with move on without her.  Brooke just wants to keep them all pining for her.  Not this time, not this man.

Brooke says she’s not afraid of Quinn.  That’s a mistake.  She’s not going to let Quinn ruin this for her.  Brooke tells her that she will do that all on her own.

Quinn calls her a lonely washed up drunk.  If she stonewalls her and Deacon Quinn tells Brooke she’s going o have a bigger problem than her drinking

Brooke tells Quinn that she is not going to stand in the way of her wedding to Deacon she’s going to forbid it.  So she should take off that itty bitty engagement ring.  Brooke isn’t going to let her marry the father of her daughter.

Deacon gets back to the loft

Deacon gets back to the loft and Wyatt confronts Deacon.  He has many concerns but the biggest one is marrying his mother while Deacon has feelings for Brooke.  Deacon wouldn’t have asked Quinn to marry her if he still wanted to be with Brooke.  There is no other woman in his life now.

Deacon asks where his bride to be is.  Wyatt is surprised that Deacon didn’t see her at Brookes.

Rick the Dictator

Ivy and Aly come in and find Maya and Rick in the living room.  Rick asks them to whip up a snack. Ivy starts to protest but Aly says sure and drags Iv into the kitchen.

Really says Maya?  It’s fun to be good Rick says but it’s more fun to be bad.  He’s just having some fun with them – keeping them on their toes.  Maya suggests that Rick cut them some slack.  Tasking Aly to rub her feet run was a bit much Maya tells him.

If you don’t use authority and power with a slight degree of fear you’ll be stabbed in the back.  Look at Thorne he’s gotten nowhere being a nice guy.

There is a knock at the door – its Nicole.  Rick asks where she is living.  Crashing on a couch in a friends dorm.  Rick says they have plenty of room in the house.  She’s family.  They would love to have her Rick says.  Wouldn’t we he asks Maya.

It’s a sweet offer Nicole says.  Maya just wants to find her a place.  Rick says Maya and Nicole need to get to know each other.  Nicole is thrilled, Maya is not.  Ivy and

Aly arrive with Ricks snack and learn Nicole is moving in.  Aly welcomes Nicole to Forrester Manor and Rick tells Aly to give up her room in the mansion to Nicole.

Aly Grovels

If this is what it takes to get her shoe line off the line she’ll do it, Aly tells Ivy in the kitchen as she prepares his snack.  She’s made him breakfast in bed, martinis she did a bad job of and massaged Maya’s feet before the lead model tried on one o her prototypes.

If she doesn’t do what he says Aly explains to Ivy she can kiss her career goodbye.  Ivy put Cilantro in his food that she knows he hates.  Ivy says she has to make a stand



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