March 7: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: When You’re Desperate, You Do What You Have To Do

Tuesday, March 6, 2017 – Episode #7539


Coco’s Fate…

Sally finds herself explaining her and Coco’s past to Saul and they work together to “update” Coco’s jewelry with a camera.  Sally explains that eventually her parents were unable to care for her and Coco.

Saul tries to reassure Sally by telling her that when things get a little desperate you do what you have to do.  Sally ponders that maybe it is Coco’s fate after all to become one of them; a Spectra and all that entails…

Ridge Doesn’t Like a Spectra Working as Their Intern

Of course, if Ridge has his way, Sally and Saul will never get their opportunity to test out their spy-cam.  Ridge was no happy when he learned that their new intern was a Spectra and promptly fired her in total disbelief that Thomas and Rick had signed off on the hire in the first place.

But Ridge is apt to change his mind as Coco has likely saved RJ from certain injury.  And then there is Brooke who sidles onto Ridge lap and reminds him that she is good with people.  And Brooke likes Coco and believes she is a good girl.  Brooke encourages Ridge to let the girl stay…and cut her some slack…

March 7 2017 B& B Spoilers

Monday, March 7, 2016 – Episode #7284


March 7 2016 B&B SpoilersEric tells Rick that Ridge and Caroline are about to have their first born baby in their house (the Forrester Mansion).  They discuss the impending birth and how Thomas is all about his new little brother.  Rick laughs that you’d think it was him having a baby not Ridge.

Rick doesn’t know how right he is…

Rick then becomes serious and notes that Ridge is never going to let him anywhere near the new addition to the Forrester family.  Rick tells his father gently that he may not see it now, but one day Eric is going to be in for a very rude awakening.

At the mansion where they all now live under the same roof, Thomas tells Caroline that he doesn’t want to give (her and Ridge) any reason not to trust him.

Later, Caroline makes a call.  The baby it’s coming!  She says quickly while doing breathing exercises.  She’s in labor…

Episode Summary:

Rick and Ridge’s Rivalry Reignited

Ridge tells Rick to tell the owner of a boutique they aren’t interested even though they are. Its business Ridge says.  They’ll drop the price.  Rick understands exactly what Ridge is doing because he did it to him in getting Rick out of the Forrester Mansion.  Ridge tells Rick he left the house of his own accord.  Rick said Ridge provoked him into leaving the house with the portrait of Stephanie.

Ridge suggests that Rick go easy on playing the son of a Forrester card when Ridge reminds Rick that Eric sided with Ridge.  Rick warns Ridge that if he keeps pushing people the day will come when someone pushes back.  Ridge thanks him for the advice and tells him to get back to work.

Ridge wishes things weren’t like this between them.  He gets a call from Caroline.  It’s time.  Ridge rushes out and tells Rick he has to go.  Caroline is in labor.  Rick says he will take care of things at the office and wishes him luck.

Eric arrives and finds Ridge missing. Rick tells him that Caroline is in labor.  Rick assures Eric that he stepped up and wished Ridge luck.

Rick thinks Ridge will need luck.  He’s so controlling.  Eric notes that there will be an Uncle and a Big brother standing by.  Rick notes that you’d think it was Thomas’s child they way he’s all about this baby. But Ridge won’t let him anywhere near the child.

Rick is upset that he didn’t see Ridge’s manipulation coming when he took Maya’s picture off the wall.  He’s a master manipulator and Rick wonders who he will manipulate next.  Eric wants Rick to take a more positive view.  What he asks ousted from his job and his home?  Eric is sure that Brooke is happy to have him. Back where he started Rick notes.  As is Ridge, Eric reminds Rick.

Eric reminds Rick that Ridge is a Forrester.  Eric raised him and he is his son.  Rick says that the apple doesn’t fall far from the Massimo tree.  Rick says Eric doesn’t see it yet but one day he’s up for a rude awakening.

Eric reminds him that Ridge’s baby is being born in their home right now.  There is a new Forrester coming into the family.

Caroline Goes Into Labor

Thomas finds Caroline at home with the baby making its presence known.  She says she liked Thomas’ revisions to the swimwear line Thomas is working on.  Thomas says Ridge’s notes were good.  Ridge saw things that Thomas didn’t he admits.  Caroline says he seems to be seeing things differently.  He’s trying to step up, as a designer, as son and soon a big brother.

Thomas wants to be close to his little brother and doesn’t want Caroline and Ridge not to have a reason not to trust him. Thomas wants his father’s forgiveness he wants to be a role model for his little brother.

Thomas is about to get a snack from the refrigerator when Caroline has her first contraction.  She sits down and calls Ridge.  Thomas times the contractions and tells her that Ridge had better hurry or he will see his brother before his dad.

Ridge arrives. Thomas says it’s an honor to be here for the birth of his child. Caroline’s doula and midwife arrive. They all head upstairs.  Thomas tries to follow but Ridge says it’s a private moment.  Which Thomas understands.

Thomas texts Steffy to tell her their baby brother is on the way.



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