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It’s been a long road to get Liam and Steffy to the altar; for the third time.  and that doesn’t refer to the 14 hour Pacific crossing they made to marry with Sydney’s most iconic landmarks, they Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge in the background.

Liam and Steffy have suffered through, misunderstandings, kidnapping, memory loss, and the bride marrying the grooms brother to finally stand before a minister on the other side of the world and exchange vows for the third time.

None of Steffy and Liam’s wedding have been conventional and wedding number three is no exception.

Steffy and Liam Marry Sydney Australia

Steffy and Liam – Aspen Wedding

Their first wedding in Aspen was an impromptu event hastily planned by the bride and Bill Spencer with the knowledge that Liam’s former fiancé, Hope Logan, was on her way to Aspen to reunite with Liam.  Steffy hastily found a flowing white dress which she wore with army boots as she surprised Liam on a mountain top with a minister to marry them as Hope watched from a gondola.  Bill Spencer had organized for the gondola to be stopped so that Hope could not prevent the vows being exchanged.

Steffy and Liam – Los Angeles Wedding

Wedding number two came about when Steffy crashed an impromptu wedding that Brooke arranged for Hope and Liam.  Steffy prevented those vows for being exchanged by announcing she was pregnant with Liam’s baby.  The couple planned a life together and a wedding that saw Steffy arrive on her motorcycle wearing a black pantsuit for her bridal ensemble.  Tragically, Steffy’s entrance to her wedding would be a foreshadowing of what would tear her and Liam apart.  Steffy lost not only her baby when she had an accident riding her motorcycle.  Told she would never be able to give Liam the children he so wanted, Steffy walked away from her marriage and handed Liam over to Hope, who could give him a family.

Liam and Steffy  – Sydney Wedding

For their third trip down the aisle, Steffy arrived at her wedding in another unconventional manner.  While, her father walked her down the aisle, Steffy arrived via zip line and entrance forshadowed by Steffy telling Liam she can’t wait to fly into his arms.

After some emotional speeches from Bill, Ridge and the bride and groom themselves, Steffy and Liam were pronounced man and wife.  But the surprises don’t end there. Steffy told her guests to return to the hotel to don their bathing suites for the reception!

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