The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: March 20 – 24, 2017 – Steffy and Liam’s Wedding

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful March 20 – 24, 2017:  Liam and Steffy tie the knot in Australia with friends, family and a wedding crasher present; Sally Spectra gets all wet as she ends up going off Manly wharf…

    Liam and Steffy Marry in Australia

    The Spencer’s, Logan’s and Forrester’s have arrived in Sydney.  Ivy has whisked them from the airport to the Sydney Opera House so they can get a feel for where they will be working and playing in the coming weeks. (The Forrester’s have brought some gowns to Sydney for a shoot on the steps of the Opera House with Ivy and Steffy modelling).

    But it’s not all work.  The focus of the trip is actually Liam and Steffy’s destination wedding.  Steffy has a number of surprises planned for the wedding but there is one big surprise in coming Steffy’s way.

    Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liama nd Steffy's Wedding Sydney

    On the flight to Australia, Liam poo-poo’ed the idea that Sally Spectra would crash their wedding, despite Steffy considering it a possibility given she already crashed one family wedding (Nicole and Zende’s) and has used any opportunity to gain publicity for her fledgling fashion house.

    Liam and Steffy’s wedding does take place.  Ridge walks his daughter down the aisle in an outdoor ceremony filmed not far from Sydney’s most iconic landmarks.  This time the bride wears white, as she did in her first wedding to Liam, but the dress does have a pantsuit with floating translucent skirt covering in a nod to the black pantsuit she wore in her second wedding to Liam.

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    And that is so that the bride could zip-line into her wedding.  In Liam and Steffy’s second wedding she rode in on her motorcyle – the one that would cost them their unborn child

    Steffy and Liam wedding 3 Sydney Australia march 2017

    Sally Spectra Crashes Steffy’s Wedding

    In response to Thomas flirtatious conversation with Sally before he headed to the airport for his flight, Shirley had Darlita book Sally a discount fare to Australia. When Thomas told Sally that if his sister’s wedding weren’t in Australia, he would take her, Sally jokingly stated she may just turn up.  Thomas continued by saying he hoped she did.

    But does he really?  We will find out, because true to his word, when Sally shows up in Sydney he does indeed take her to his sister’s wedding as photos from the shoot show.

    But Sally does get a warning – the wedding is a private family affair and there are to be no photos. But Sally is getting pressure from grandmother Shirley who tells Sally that Spectra Fashions is dying.  They need the publicity that posting photos of Steffy and Liam’s wedding online will provide…

    Sally Gets All Wet

    But Sally has even more guts than even Thomas or Steffy realize.  Not only does she crash a wedding to which she was not invited that is taking place half-way around the world, but she also has some devious business tactics in the works…Is Steffy who sends Sally into the blue waters of the harbor when she finds out about the photos online?

    It isnt until after her wedding that Steffy gets to confront Sally about turning up as Thomas’ date.  Steffy lets her know that she shouldn’t be there and issues a stern warning for Sally not to ruin the day for her or her family.  Of course what Steffy doesn’t know is that Sally has been snapping pics of the private ceremony to use as publicity…

    Is that what sees Sally Spectra go off Manly wharf and into water?  Shoot footage shows a redhead stunt double in loud clothing going off the wharf as Courtney Hope watches from beneath a red umbrella in the same outfit.

    Sally Spectra Manly Wharf BB Sydney Australia

    Ridge and Brooke

    With Steffy and Liam’s wedding done, at the reception as the Forresters, Logan’s and Spencer’s party, focus turns to Ridge and Brooke’s upcoming nuptials.   Ridge tells Quinn it will be the end of the foolishness that has been going on between them, while Brooke notes to Eric that he saw something in Quinn that the rest of them didn’t. Quinn really does love and adore Eric she tells him…

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     Coming Up on The Bold and the Beautiful

    Steffy and Liam have agreed to a wedding Down Under in Australia.  The couple tie the knot with the Sydney’s Opera House as a backdrop and have a wedding reception at the beach.

    Ridge, Brooke, Eric, Quinn, Bill Spencer, Ivy, Thomas, Sally, Liam and Steffy are headed down under.  Episodes filmed in Australia February 12 – 17 and will air over 8 episodes from March 23. 2017 in celebration of The Bold and the Beautiful’s 30-year anniversary.

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