The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: March 27 – 31, 2017 – Will Brooke Expose Ridge and Quinn to Eric?

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful March 27 – 31, 2017:  With Steffy and Liam’s Australian wedding going off without a hitch, its now Brooke and Ridge’s turn.  Or not?

    Liam and Steffy Honeymoon Surprise

    The Spencer’s Logan’s and Foresters have seen Liam and Steffy’s Australian wedding go precisely to plan – if you exclude Steffy’s nemesis, Sally Spectra turning up for the nuptials as Thomas’ date.

    Liam and Steffy are now husband and wife an looking towards their future as a married couple.  But first there’s a honeymoon for them.  And Steffy has another surprise for Liam…

    March 27 - 31, 2017 B&B Spoilers

    Brooke Spies Ridge and Quinn Kissing

    Steffy and Liam may have had their dream wedding downunder but Brooke and Ridge getting the same is in jeopardy.

    Looking for Ridge, Brooke came across Quinn and Ridge in a secluded part of the beach.  Quinn had just told Ridge that his father had opened up her heart and she’d been fortunate to love not onely one but two Forrester men.  But no one would ever know about them, and the kissies they shared except them.  Quinn told Ride goodbye and wished him and Brooke all the best.

    Brooke arrived to see Quinn give Ridge a quick peck on the cheek.  Ridge then took Quinn’s hands in his, drew her to him and kissed her.  Ridge then walked away.  Quinn turned to leave in the opposite direction and ran into Brooke!

    Where Quinn had been kissing Ridge only moments before, she was now faced by an irate and betrayed Brooke.  In case Quinn wasn’t sure, Brooke tells her that she saw her kissing Ridge.  Brooke calls Quinn a disease that is coming over them all one by one.  But Brooke tells here enough is enough and she is going to put an end to Quinn.  Her time is done.

    Quinn surely will try to convince Brooke that the kiss meant nothing and not to ruin both their lives but telling Eric, but Brooke will be harder to convince than Ivy or Katie.

    Brooke tells Quinn that she will not have a husband tomorrow (as planned) and neither will Quinn, signally her intention to fill Eric in one what has been going on behind their backs.

    Later, a tearful Brooke confronts Ridge at their hotel room.  You betrayed me she tells the man who is to be her husband the following day.  Brooke wants to know how could he?  has he no respect; no boundaries?  Not only was he kissing another woman; but his father’s wife.  Ridge pleads with Brooke not to walk away from “them”, not now.  Not after all they have been through to get here.

    Quinn and Ridge work hard to keep Brooke from exposing their affair.  Quinn tries to damage control ahead of what Brooke may expose.  She tells Eric that a relationship like theirs can’t just be thrown away.  Eric has romantic plans for his wife that leave her feeling guilty.

    Quinn uses Brooke’s fondness for Eric to beg her not to break Eric’s heart by telling him about something that will never happen again.  Ridge tries to convince Brooke to marry him the following day by using RJ’s desire to have them be a family.  Looks like Quinn may get her way, but Ridge may not be so lucky.  Brooke is determined she won’t marry him.  Ridge has a problem; his wandering eye and Brooke isn’t going to buy into that deal; again.

    Brooke decides not to tell Eric the truth to prevent hurting him.  But like Katie and Ivy will be watching Quinn.  Ridge thinks this means they can marry tomorrow, but he’s in for a surprise.  Brooke says goodbye instead

    But by weeks’ end Brooke is still holding Ridge and Quinn hostage about her intentions…

    Spectra  Necklace Spy-cam

    Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, RJ and Coco work together preparing Forrester’s latest designs.  At least one Forrester doesn’t think it’s a good idea to have the sister of the competition handling Forrester’s unreleased designs.  It’s Zende (maybe he should be CEO!).  Zende keeps an eye on Coco, but he’s unlikely to notice anything untoward as even Coco herself doesn’t know that she’s Spectra’s spy on the inside.

    Zende believes that the Spectra’s have stolen their designs before and they will do it again.

    Through the jewelry cam that Sally had Saul install into a necklace she gave Coco as a gift the Spectra’s get their first glimpse of Forrester’s original designs for their next showing…

    Thomas Defends Sally

    Sally and Thomas’ relationship progresses after she surprised him turning up in Australia.  But the path to romance for them won’t be easy either with Thomas having to defend Sally’s character to the rest of his family…Just because her aunt stole designs and produced knock off’s doesn’t mean Sally will.

    RJ and Coco as they work together get to know each other better.  RJ aslo defends a Spectra.  He doesnt’ think it is fair that Coco is treated differently just because her last name is Spectra.

    Thomas and Sally have lunch.  He hopes that Sydney was just the beginning for them…probably not if Sally’s family has anything to do with it though…Shirley knows that Sally’s change of mind about stealing from the Forresters is about he growing fondness for pretty boy Forrester…the closer Sally gets to Thomas, the less likely she is to want to poach Forrester designs.

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