The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: March 6 – 10, 2017

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful March 6 – 10, 2017:  Someone else suspects Quinn and Ridge’s relationship; Coco becomes an unwilling spy…

    Quinn and Ridge – It’s Elementary, Dear Quinn

    Charlie is on the case.  He has been instrumental in exposing Quinn’s schemes in the past.

    He found footage of Quinn in Paris and thereby putting two and two together that Ivy didn’t fall into the Seine but was pushed.  It also meant Quinn manipulated all the events that saw Hope marry Wyatt in Monte Carlo.  Charlie also found footage of Liam collapsing in the Forrester Creations carpark.  At Quinn’s feet.  Just before he disappeared.

    This time Detective Charlie deduces that Quinn and Ridge are having an affair.  Charlie remains adamant even though he has a hard time convincing Pam that it is true.

    March 6 - 10, 2017 B&B Spoilers

    Ridge and Brooke Elope in Australia?

    When suggested that Australia could be the venue of a double wedding; Liam and Steffy, as well as Ridge and Brooke, Ridge said he and brooke wouldn’t be getting married in the public eye.  That isn’t to say they won’t plan a private Down Under elopement.  That seems to be what Brooke and her sister discuss and Brooke picks out a wedding dress (surely she can just go to her wardrobe?)

    Later, however, Katie sees Quinn and Ridge interact and she gets a strange feeling about the duo.  Katie sees Quinn and Ridge share a moment where Ridge and Quinn are still struggling with their attraction for each other.  Sometimes two misfits, just fit, Quinn and Ridge decide.

    Later, Brooke is aghast by someting Katie suggests.  Katie tells her sister that she was shocked too, but its all very light hearted so its unlikely to be about what Quinn witnessed.

    Looks like we are setting up for a Ridge and Quinn expose in Australia – is that why someone  goes off Manly wharf.

    Wedding Shower for Liam and Steffy

    One wedding that seems set to occur however, is Liam and Steffy’s.  No drama on the radar for these two (yet?).  The Forrester staff celebrate Liam and Steffy’s upcoming destination nuptials with an office wedding shower.

    Sally Won’t Use Her Sister

    Shirley thinks that Coco’s appointment as a Forrester Creations intern is exactly what they need.  She wants Coco and Sally to work the same playbook as Shirley’s sister, the original Sally Spectra.  They have been delivered the miracle they need to keep Spectra Fashions afloat.  Shirley enthuses that miracle is spelled     C-O-C-O.

    But Sally isn’t so sure.  Sally has been protecting Coco all her life (is that why Coco has turned out to be so honest?  Sally has protected her sister from what needed to be done?)  Sally reminds her grandmother that Coco won’t do it and she for one won’t use her sister if that is the case.

    They come from generations of hustlers.  They will find a way through this.

    Desperate Times for Spectra?

    This week light is shed onto Sally (and presumable also Coco’) upbringing.  Will it explain away Sally using her sister to spy on Forrester Creations through a piece of jewelry her sister doesn’t realize includes a camera?  Sally must be desperate to stoop to these measures given her initial position that she won’t use her sister that way, and the guilt she feels over giving her sister the spy-cam jewelry.

    Steffy Doesn’t See Spectra as a Threat

    Meanwhile, over at Forrester Creations, Thomas is filling Steffy in with the latest developments at Spectra Fashions.  Steffy doesn’t see Spectra as any kind of threat and is barely interested when Thomas explains that there is a developer interested in the land that the Spectra building stand on.  He is just waiting for Spectra to fold so he can move in.

    To Steffy that is simply proof that Spectra won’t be around for long.  Thomas defends Sally.  She’s sharp, she’s smart, and Thomas believes in Sally.

    Steffy doesn’t even look up from her work when Thomas tells her that Sally aslo has a younger sister.  Steffy doesn’t care.  Thomas wonders if she cares that Sally’s younger sister is the newest Forrester Creations intern that he and RJ hired?

    Coco’s Hire Is On Thomas Head

    A Spectra as their new intern gets Steffy’s attention.  She tells Thomas that if Sally and/or Coco mess with their company its on Thomas’ head.

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    Coming Up on The Bold and the Beautiful

    Steffy and Liam have agreed to a wedding Down Under in Australia.  The couple tie the knot with the Sydney’s Opera House as a backdrop and have a wedding reception at the beach.

    Ridge, Brooke, Eric, Quinn, Bill Spencer, Ivy, Thomas, Sally, Liam and Steffy are headed down under.  Episodes filmed in Australia February 12 – 17 and will air over 8 episodes from March 23. 2017 in celebration of The Bold and the Beautiful’s 30-year anniversary.

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    Sally Spectra’s younger teen sister has been cast.

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