April 11: Spoilers, Episode Recaps and History | The Bold and the Beautiful – Ridge Confident About His Designs

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 – Episode #7562


Sally and Thomas Go Back to Work

Even after a declaration of his love, Sally dumped Thomas over lunch at Il Geordino.  Both return to their family business looking for their families for support, but instead are offered the advice that its for the best instead.

Steffy may understand that Thomas has developed feelings for Sally Spectra, but the CEO of Forrester Creations is unlikely to think the breakup is a bad idea.  Steffy suggests that her brother look at other women other than Sally Spectra.

Ridge tells his children that Forrester has weathered the storm and they are now back stronger than ever.  Ridge is cocky as he tells Steffy and Thomas to wait until the (fashion) world gets a load of this .(enter showstopper design on beautiful model?)

Over at Spectra Fashions Shirley tries to focus Sally’s attention on saving Spectra fashions.  She needs to grab the bulls by the horns, Shirley tells her granddaughter.  There is no backing up now.  They are doing this.

April 11 2017 B&B Spoilers

Bill Spencer At His Cocky Best

Over at Spencer Publications Brooke and Ridge’s failed marriage seems to have put a spring back in Bill’s step.  His attention is on the upcoming Forrester and Spectra fashion shows.  Bill is adamant that Sally Spectra’s designs can’t compete with the Forrester’s when it comes to fashion; not even on her best day.

Bill thinks that means Spectra will fail and the land that the Spectra building stands on will be his.

What Bill doesn’t realize is that the playing field isn’t exactly level…

April 11 in Bold and the Beautiful History

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