April 12: Spoilers, Episode Recaps and History | The Bold and the Beautiful – Sally Assures Steffy All Will Be Clear; Soon Enough

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 – Episode #7563


Sally Can’t Have Success and Thomas Forrester

Thomas tries to see Sally at Spectra Fashions.  And it looks like he comes bearing a gift.  It looks like Thomas isn’t going to give up on a relationship with Sally easily.  But Saul runs interference for the redhead and tells Thomas that Sally doesn’t want to see him.  Saul is sorry that is so hard for Thomas to accept.

But the bravado that Saul put on to get rid of Thomas doesn’t last.  Later with Shirley, Saul is clearly feeling bad for Sally and chasing away what could be a chance at love for her.  But Shirley is adamant.  They have loan sharks calling daily.  Sally needs to get her head in the game.

And that game is stealing designs from Forrester Creations using an unknowing Coco as a corporate spy.  They need to launch Forrester’s designs on the Spectra runway before Forresters Creations can.  Even if doing so means Sally has to betray Thomas (one of the designs Spectra is ripping off was designed by Thomas).  It’s the only way to save Spectra Fashions.

Shirley reminds Saul that it’s either success or Thomas Forrester.  Sally can’t have both.

April 12 2017 B&B Spoilers

Sally Tells Steffy She Will Understand – Soon Enough

Meanwhile, for two ladies who are in final preparations for big fashion shows, Steffy and Sally are once again out of the office indulging in a long lunch at Il Giordino on the terrace.  Steffy takes a seat with the redhead.  Though Steffy doesn’t believe Sally is necessarily right for Sally, Steffy doesn’t see her as a threat either.  More like a fashion industry joke who is about to get laughed out of the business.

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Still Steffy is curious why Sally would dump Thomas. Sally’s reasoning, that Thomas has a son and should try to make it work with Caroline just doesn’t ring true to Steffy.  Steffy tells Sally that it doesn’t make sense to her; Sally dumping Thomas.  Sally merely grimaces and tells the Forrester Creations co-CEO that it will.  Soon enough.

April 12 in Bold and the Beautiful History

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