April 13: Spoilers, Episode Recaps and History | The Bold and the Beautiful – Spectras Scatch and Claw Their Way to the Top

Thursday, April 13, 2017 – Episode #7564

April 13 2017 B&B Spoilers

Episode Summary:

The Spectra’s Keep Coco Away From The Spectra Designs

It’s all action at Spectra Fashions as they prepare for their first real show.  Sally gathers the troops for a pep talk.  Coco arrives.  Saul knows that if Coco sees the designs she will know they were stolen from Forrester.

Coco wouldn’t miss Spectra’s big day.  She’s sorry about Sally and Thomas.  Coco wants to know if she can help backstage.  It’s a unanimous no from Shirley, Sally and Saul.

When RJ calls and wants to come to the show Coco’s family don’t want him to come to the show.  (RJ wants to support her).  RJ is disappointed and tells Coco to know that she knows he will be thinking of her.

After Coco hangs up, Sally tells her its for the best.  She doesn’t understand now; but she will.

Saul panics about Coco slipping backstage.  He wants to send her on a last minute errand.  Shirley goes to talk to Coco. Shirley prepares Coco for her time at Forrester coming to an end.  She is a Spectra and they do thinks differently than the 1%-ers.  Coco says she doesn’t want any part of doing anything that will hurt the Forresters.  Too bad, says Shirly.  She is a Spectra and should never apologize for it.

Thomas and RJ Discuss the Spectra Women

At Forrester Thomas fills RJ in on why Sally broke up with him. RJ wants to support Coco and turn up at the show.  But the Spectra’s don’t allow it.

Thomas and RJ discuss it.  RJ thinks it’s weird.  The designs can’t be top secret now.  The whole world will see them today.  RJ tells Thomas that he sent Coco a wrist corsage.  Thomas agrees its lame, but that Coco will find it sweet.

They discuss Sally.  He guesses he got her all wrong.  They note that not much could come beteren the two sisters

Bill Confident Spectra Fashion Show Will Flop

At Spectra Bill feels good that the Spectra building is about to be his. Bill gives CJ a new purchase offer for the land. Bill is confident that Sally’s show will be a flop.  CJ says it all depends on the show.  His mother won’t let a successful fashion house be shut down.

Jarrett arrives and notes that it was CJ Garrison leaving.  Bill asks why Jarrett isn’t heading to Spectra’s last stand.  Wyatt asks what if Jarrett likes the collection.  Bill states he won’t.  Today the Spectra property will be his.

Bill thought Sally would fold after the first scathing review. He gives her credit for having hutzpah, but that doesn’t pay the bills.

He sends Jarrett over with the formal offer to buy the property.  Bill yells at Jarrett to get the agreement signed as soon as Sally flops.  Jarret speculates that she may not flop.  Alone with his new building Bill notes Jarrett had better not let her down.

Sally Regrets What They Are About to Do

CJ arrives and notes to Sally that the showroom looks very extravagant. CJ tells her if this show isn’t a huge success then Spectra fashions closes to good.

Shirley comes to see Sally who is still feeling bad about what she is about to do. Coco’s world is about to come crashing down and the people she loves are about to pay the price and for what?

She and Coco were invited into the Forrester world and they are throwing it away. Shirley defends what Sally Spectra 1.0 did.  Sally think

Shirley says that she and Coco were going to get dumped by the Forrester men anyway.  It just happened a bit earlier than they thought. Sally tells Shirley the Forrester’s are good people.  Shirley tells her she’s worried about the wrong people.  It’s the pres and buyers she should be worried about.

Sally wants a minute.

In the showroom Shirley greets Jarret as he arrives and is impressed by what he sees in the showroom.  Very impressive he says.

Coco tells Sally she is proud of her despite what happens today.  Coco appreciates what Sally has done for her being a sister and parent all in one.  Coco gets a delivery.  It’s from RJ.  The wrist corsage. Coco says the Forrester’s didn’t think they could be trusted.  But they proved they can be.  Coco really cares for RJ and thinks it can still work between Sally and Thomas.  It can’t Sally states.

Sally looks out into the showroom…

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