April 14: Spoilers, Episode Recaps and History | The Bold and the Beautiful – Coco Realizes Spectra Designs Stolen

Friday, April 14, 2017 – Episode #7565


Bill Relies on Spectra failure to Advance His Plans

Bill explains to Wyatt his plans for the land that the Spectra building stands on.  But Wyatt still reminds Bill that the fashion show over at Spectra may be a success.  Spectra Fashions has always managed a comeback in the past.

But Bill says that there were two reasons for that.  The first was because of the first Sally Spectra.  Not this one.  And the second reason?  They didn’t have Bill Spencer around to bring them down.

What Bill doesn’t know is that the collection presented is a resounding success.  Bill may be able to influence Jarrett’s review but he can’t influence the whole fashion industry…

April 14 2017 B&B Spoilers

Spectra Fashion Show Success

In the showroom at Spectra Fashions Sally is stunned over the positive response to their collection.  They really seem to like us, Sally states.  Shirley, who is delighted, turns to her granddaughter and assures her the press and buyers don’t just like them, they love them!

Over at Forrester Creations RJ convinces Thomas that they should be at the Spectra showing.  Whatever Sally says she cares about Thomas and she would want him there.

Meanwhile, back at Spectra, Coco has put together the full implication of what she has just seen on the Spectra Fashions runway.  A horrified Coco realizes that the designs Spectra just presented to the world are stolen.  From the Forresters.  She’s got to know this is the end for her and RJ when the Forresters learn what has happened and put two and two together that Coco was the spy.  So much for being trusted….

April 14 in Bold and the Beautiful History

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