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Monday, April 17, 2017 – Episode #7566


Thomas Betrayed by Sally

Encouraged by RJ, Thomas turned up at the end of the Spectra Fashion show to catch an eyeful of Sally Spectra surrounded by the designs she had just presented to the press and buyers;  Designs that Thomas immediately recognized as Forrester designs.  His designs.  He is hurt and betrayed by what Sally has done.

Thomas confronts Sally. He accuses her of betraying his family (and him). That is their entire collection on the Spectra runway.  Thomas feels like a fool.  He swore black and blue to his family that just because Spectra stole designs in the past didn’t mean that they would now.  This Sally Spectra was not her aunt, even thought they shared the same name.  He told his family that this Sally was a good person.

The guilt of what she has done still weighs upon Sally, but she also did what she needed to do to keep her fashion house from being knocked down by Bill Spencer’s wrecking ball.  She assures Thomas she tried to be a good person….but other pressures got in the way.

Thomas Betrayed by Sally; April 17 2017 B&B Spoilers

Suspicions and Questions about Stolen Forrester Designs

Thomas isn’t the only one who has questions about Spectra’s line.  Jarrett was particularly surprised and taken with the collection noting that it was very Forrester-like.  By the end of the show he’s beginning to wonder about Spectra’s history and what he’s seen on the runway.  He talks to Saul.  He has some questions about Spectra’s new designs and direction.  Does Jarrett suspect that the designs are stolen?

If he doesn’t Coco sure knows the truth and confronts her family over it.  Coco has to realize that this puts her internship and relationship with RJ in jeopardy.  She has to be the number one suspect I when the Forrester’s think about how this happened.  And that means her job and budding romance are over.  Even though she had nothing to do with Spectra stealing the designs.

Coco is going to feel even more betrayed when she realizes that her family used her to save Spectra fashions.  But for now, Shirley is advising her granddaughter to simply reiterate to anyone who asks that she had nothing to do with this…

April 17 in Bold and the Beautiful History

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