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Tuesday, April 18, 2017 – Episode #7567


Thomas and RJ Face “I Told You So’s”

Thomas leaves Spectra Fashions after their premiere fashion show – of stolen Forrester designs – and a confrontation with Sally Spectra.  Sally didn’t get long to bask in the glory of her success before Jarrett Maxwell, Coco and Thomas worked out that what they were seeing on the runway were stolen Forrester Designs,- The collection they were about to present to the world and Ridge was so proud of.

Coco was horrified to learn that she was responsible for the leaked designs appearing on her families runway; and even more devastated that her sister knew about it.  She rushed over to Forrester to see RJ and try to do damage control.

Sally was sorry for what she did to Thomas and his family.  She fell in love with him in Australia, she tells Thomas reciprocating the feelings Thomas put voice to last week.  But Thomas doesn’t understand how she could steal from someone she loves and insists if she was in trouble he would have helped her.  Sally begs for another chance but Thomas told her he can’t and returned to Forrester Creations.

Back at his family business, Thomas is to face the music.  Still hurt and betrayed by what Sally has done, he is forced to face his sister boss who rightly is furious about what has transpired.  Thomas looks his sister in the eye and tells her it’s okay.  She can tell him that she told him so.  Thomas concedes that Steffy was right about Sally Spectra.

Meanwhile, RJ and Coco are also facing off.  Coco has rushed over to Forrester to disclaim all knowledge of what was happening while she was wearing the jewelry her family gave her to work.  But RJ is disappointed.  He tells Coco that he does need to give credit where credit is due.  The Spectra’s did a good job ripping of his family.

April 18 2017 B&B Spoilers

Sally Regrets the Cost of Stealing Forrester Designs

Over at Spectra, Sally is having serious regrets about what she has done; especially after seeing the hurt in Thomas’ eyes as he confronted her over stealing from his family; stealing from him.  But grandma Shirley is still adamant that she did the right thing.  She can’t see Thomas staying interested in Sally for long anyway.  So Shirley isn’t going to let Sally throw her future out over some guy who is just entertaining himself with her until his baby mamma (Caroline Spencer) comes back to him.

But finally, Sally is standing up for herself with her grandmother.  Sally tells Shirley that all of the money that is flooding in from buyers lapping up their stolen collection isn’t’ worth what it has cost her.

April 18 in Bold and the Beautiful History

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