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Wednesday, April 19, 2017 – Episode #7568


Coco Sad And Betrayed

RJ believes that Coco didn’t know that her family used her to steal Forrester designs by planting a camera in the jewelry she wore to work as a Forrester intern.  Though RJ defended Coco to his family, a sad Coco still told the young Forrester that they just aren’t meant to be and did as his family asked.  She left.

Coco goes back to Spectra Fashions to confront her family.  She is saddened and betrayed by what has happened.  She tells them that she never would have believed her own family could betray her like this.

Later, Sally gets another visitor from Forrester Creations.  This time its co-CEO Steffy.  She tells Sally that any association that Sally had with her family is over.  It’s done.

RJ and Thomas Put the Spectra Women Behind Them

Thomas and RJ find themselves in the same situation.  Betrayed.  RJ may believe that Coco didn’t know she was a corporate spy, but Thomas; a little older and a little wiser; advises his younger brother that they need to put the Spectra women behind them.  Its what he is doing with Sally, and its what RJ needs to do with Coco.  But is that easier said than done?

April 19 2017 B&B Spoilers

Bill Knew Ridge Would Live Up To His History

Over at Spencer Publications, Bill has a visitor.  One he is glad to see.  It’s Brooke.  Bill tells her that he doesn’t know what happened in Australia between Brooke and Ridge for her to call off their wedding, but one thing he was sure of; that Ridge would live up to his history and betray Brooke.  Bill is just glad it has happened before Ridge could make Brooke his wife.  Now they have a chance at the happy ending that Bill never gave up on.

April 19 in Bold and the Beautiful History

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