April 20: Spoilers, Recaps and History | The Bold and the Beautiful – Katie Threatens Quinn

Thursday, April 20, 2017 – Episode #7569


Katie threatens Quinn

Katie Lauds Her Power Over Quinn

At the Forrester mansion Eric wants to know what happened in Sydney.  Ridge and Brooke went there to get married, but something went wrong.  What happened Eric asks his son.

In the kitchen, Katie is lauding her power of Quinn.  Brooke may be okay with not telling Eric about what happened between Eric’s wife and Ridge but Katie isn’t.  And she hates that Quinn always gets away with everything.

Katie tells Quinn that she is going to be watching her.  Go behind Eric’s back, and she will be there, whether it’s here at home (Katie is Eric and Quinn’s neighbor) or at Forrester Creations.

Brooke and Bill Reunited

After returning Bill’s sword necklace to him yesterday and declaring her love for her “stallion” Brooke promises Bill that she will never take his love for granted again.

April 20 in Bold and the Beautiful History

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