April 21: Spoilers, Recaps and History | The Bold and the Beautiful – Bill and Brooke Reconnect But Ridge Wants Brooke Back

Friday, April 21, 2017 – Episode #7570


Bill Would Have Waited Forever

Bill is thankful to have Brooke back in his arms, but wants to know why Brooke didn’t marry Ridge in Australia so that he can be certain its really over between her and the dressmaker.  Brooke won’t give him details but assures Bill that she is done with Ridge.  Brooke has a question of her own, asking Bill how he knew where she was that final day in Australia.  He admits that he didn’t but he thinks it was a sign that they were drawn to the same spot on Sydney’s harbor.

Bill is ready to make Brooke his – on his desk – but Brooke stops the advances telling him she wants a proper reunion – tonight at her place.   Later, Bill tells Brooke that he would have waited for her forever.  He always knew that she would come back to him.

April 21 2017 B&B Spoilers

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Ridge Wants Brooke Back

But at the Forrester mansion, Bill may find opposition to Brooke and Bill’s reunion.  Despite a honey incident in the Forrester kitchen that had the sexual tension between Ridge and Quinn soaring, Ridge is adamant that here is only one woman in his life – and that’s Brooke.  He is determined to get her back.

But Katie isn’t so sure.  He always does this; he sabotages himself.

But Ridge has other problems to deal with as well.  Eric is less than pleased that Forrester Designs were stolen on Ridge’s watch; and he also learns about Katie’s blackmailing Quinn into getting her a job at Forrester Creations.  Will Ridge have time to woo Brooke in the big and opulent way Bill Spencer surely will?

April 21 in Bold and the Beautiful History

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