April 25: Spoilers, Recaps and History | The Bold and the Beautiful – A Legal Case After All?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 – Episode #7572


Shirley Spectra Celebrates their Success

Seemingly, totally oblivious to the fact that her granddaughters aren’t real happy at the moment, Shirley Spectra is celebrating Spectra Fashions success.  They have orders coming in hand over fist and they are moving product like hotcakes.  They did it Shirley enthuses.  They have nothing to worry about, Shirley states.

April 25 2017 B&B Spoilers

Building a Legal Case Against Spectra Fashions

But Shirley Spectra may be wrong about them getting away with their high fashion heist.

Steffy and Ridge get some good news about taking legal action against Spectra Fashions for stealing their designs.  Ridge and Steffy are surprised when Carter arrives in the office with Lt. Baker.  He says they may have some good news about their case against Spectra Fashions.

A little surprised Steffy says she didn’t think they had a any legal basis to challenge Spectra for Stealing their designs.

Lt Baker says that they may now…

Coco and Sally’s Bond – Broken

A legal case may seek to bring restitution for financial damages, but Spectra’s theft of Forrester designs has had more personal costs attached as well.  Those ledgers will not be so easily balanced.

Coco Spectra is hurt and betrayed by what her sister, her family, has done to her by using her as an unknowing corporate spy.  It’s cost Coco her internship at Forrester creations, raised question in her relationship with RJ, and damaged her relationship with her sister.

Is RJ going against his families wishes, that he stay away from the Sepctra’s and having lunch with Coco?  Or is Coco confiding in someone else?  Whoever it is Coco tells them that Sally didn’t respect her feelings or their bond as sisters.  Now that bond is broken.

April 25 in Bold and the Beautiful History

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