April 4: Spoilers, Episode Recap and History | The Bold and the Beautiful – Katie Threatens Quinn

Tuesday, April 3, 2017 – Episode #7557

April 4 2017 B&B Spoilers Katie threatens Quinn

Episode Summary:

Eric Is Kept In The Dark about Ridge and Brooke’s Cancelled Wedding

Eric tells Brooke he doesn’t want to interrogate her but something is clearly wrong with her and Ridge. The plan was for her and Ridge to get married the day after Liam and Steffy.  But they didn’t.  Eric wants to know why and he wants to hear it from Brooke

Eric asks if there is anything he and Quinn can do. Eric knows that Brooke wouldn’t have called off the wedding if it wasn’t very important. Eric turns to Ridge and asks if there is another woman. Brooke and Quinn look uncomfortable.

Eric tells them to explain to RJ before anyone else does.  Eric becomes frustrated that Brooke won’t explain when she clearly came to him in the hotel in Sydney to tell him something.  Brooke says that no one else deserves to get hurt by this. Eric backs off.

Eric leaves for a meeting. As he leaves he tells Brooke she is too strong to let this derail her. Brooke turns to leave.  Quinn thanks her for not saying anything.  Brooke says she’s not doing it for her, she’s doing it for Eric.

But fi there is even a hint of betrayal between her and Ridge, Brooke will go straight to Eric.  Quinn leaves.

Brooke tells Ridge she will never understand what he did on the eve of their wedding.  With Quinn.  Eric’s wife.  How could he Brooke wants to know.

He betrayed her and Eric.  Ridge tells her that he loves her.  She is the only woman for him. This is about them.

Brooke tells him Eric has never treated him with anything but respect.  Even when they were at odds.  He accepted him as Massimo Marone’s son and this is how she repays him?  Brooke is tempted to tell Eric the truth but she won’t, because of what it would do Eric.

Was Quinn worth it?  Brooke wants to know.

Ridge admits he’s an idiot.  He doesn’t know how to make this right.  He doesn’t even know why he did it.  He doesn’t even like the woman. He made a mistake.

He asks her to forgive him one more time.  They are destined to be together. Ridge takes a ring and asks Brooke to marry her.  It doesn’t matter where.  Just him, her and RJ.  Together they can face anything.

He gets down on his knee.  He loves her he always has.  Marry me he asks again.

Charlie Knows Why Ridge and Brooke Aren’t Married

Rick and Maya speculate about why Brooke and Ridge didn’t marry.  Pam and Charlie arrive and learn that Brooke and Ridge’s wedding didn’t happen.  Charlie asks why not.

Eric will find out what happened.  Rick says whatever happened it happened in Sydney.  Maya and Rick go to look for his mom.

Pam says it could just all be a giant misunderstanding.  Charlie says there was no misunderstanding.  Brooke’s fiancé is messing around with Quinn that is why Brooke’s wedding didn’t happen.

Katie Uses Her Power Over Quinn

Quinn gets home and finds Katie there having a snack.  Quinn tells her not to set foot in her home unless she’s invited.  Katie laughs at her.  Getting involved with her husband’s son, Katie tells her, you really messed up this time didn’t you.

Some mistakes can’t be undone Katie speculates.  She’s gotten away with everything until now Katie tells her.  Quinn says that Brooke told her to leave this alone.  Katie says Brooke is in shock.

Katie says Quinn is many things

You have the best man in the world, a prominent part in his family.  You have redemption – who get that .  But Eric’s love, compassion and faith isn’t enough for her.  Eric believed in here, but Quinn hasn’t changed. People don’t change.

You want to blackmail me then you should know the truth.  There was nothing more than a few kisses Quinn says.

With your husband’s son, Katie reminds her.  Does she really think Eric would be “cool” with that?  One word from Katie and her whole life is done.  Eric will kick Quinn and her portrait to the curb. Katie sends Quinn to go make mint tea to go with her cookies.

Monday, April 4, 2016 – Episode #7302


April 4 2016 B&B SpoilersNot invited to the wedding those left at work celebrate with takeout Chinese food.  Pam, Rick, Maya and Brooke enjoy a mean together.  Pam speculates that Steffy marry Wyatt means that Steffy is over Liam.  Brooke however thinks it is very strange that no one has heard from Liam and that he has just disappeared and is nowhere to be found.

The celebrations move from the beach back to Wyatt and Steffy’s home.  Inside Quinn tells her son that she would have done anything to make this day happen for him.  And she did.  And Wyatt has an inkling that may be true after Charlie showed him the surveillance footage of Liam collapsing at Quinn’s feet.  But Wyatt, thinking his mother has changed chose to believe her story about taking Liam to the airport…

Back at home after the wedding Katie tells Bill, while pouring herself some sparkling water that she knows Bill is worried about her.  She calmly tells her husband that she doesn’t have to be.  She has everything under control.  But Katie has one problem.

Brooke knows that Katie is hiding booze around the house while telling her husband that she has stopped drinking.  Katie is confronted by her sister on the phone.  Katie tells Brooke that if she really wants to protect and support Katie’s marriage she won’t say anything to Bill…


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