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Thursday, April 6, 2017 – Episode #7559


RJ and Coco’s Relationship Causes Concern

Zende explains to Nicole the history between the Foresters and Spectra’s.  The Spectra’s have always taken advantage of the Forrester’s.  He doesn’t want it to happen again, especially not to RJ.

Meanwhile RJ is with Coco.  He knows they haven’t known each other very long, but RJ tells Coco he is very glad that she is in his life.

Shirley Tells Sally Not TO Go Soft on Her

Over at Spectra Fashions, Shirley is reading her granddaughter the riot act.  Sally, with her relationship with Thomas blossoming while they were in Sydney, and Thomas’ announcement that he hoped Sydney was just the beginning for them, Sally is having second thoughts about stealing from the Forrester’s.

But that plan of action was already put into action by Shirley and Saul before Sally returned. They have a live action feed from Coco’s necklace of everything she sees at Forrester Creations – including RJ showing her some of Ridge’s latest designs…

Shirley tells her granddaughter in no uncertain terms not to go soft on her now.  They have too much riding on this.

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April 6 2017 B&B Spoilers

Episode Summary:

Steffy Is Worried About Thomas Seeing Sally Spectra

Nicole and Steffy chat about her wedding.  Steffy thanks Ivy for all her help. Thomas says its too bad about Ridge and Brooke.  They are all sorry for RJ. They then discuss Thomas bringing Sally to the wedding.

Talk turns to business.  They look at the showstopper for the next show.  Steffy reminds them about security and RJ wants to take the design to the vault.  Zende thinks Charlie should do it, because RJ needs to be careful about his friends.

Ivy tells Thomas he has to know bringing Sally would be a problem.  Thomas defends Sally.  She didn’t’ use the event for publicity. He didn’t bring Sally to mess with Steffy, he likes Sally.  Steffy understands that.

Steffy tells Thomas that he needs to be careful.  She’s a Spectra.  She’s guilty by name and guilty by association.  She doesn’t want history repeating.  Steffy thinks he deserves better than Sally Spectra.

Zende Worried About Spectra’s

Later in the studio Nicole and RJ talk about RJ getting close to Coco.  Zende thinks it would be cute if her last name wasn’t Spectra. But she’s not the only Spectra they have to worry about.  Sally was at Steffy’s wedding, when he wasn’t even at Steffy’s wedding.  Zende is familiar with the history. The Spectra’s have always taken advantage of the Forrester’s.  He doesn’t’ want that to happen to RJ.

RJ Shows Coco the Showstopper

RJ runs into Coco and tells her that his parents didn’t get married. But he’s fine, now that she’s here.

RJ tells Coco that he needs to take his dad’s latest t design, the showstopper to the vault.  He probably shouldn’t show her, but he trusts her.  RJ shows Coco, as Sally, Saul and Shirley watch.

RJ returns after putting the design in the vault.  Talk returns to Ridge and Brooke.  But RJ can’t get wrapped up in their stuff when great thinkgs are happeneing to him. He’s glad Coco is in his life.  RJ kisses Coco

Shirley Tells Sally Not To Go Soft On Her

Over at Spectra, Sally is busy designing. Coco is about to head to work at Forrester.  Shirly tells her she needs to gussy up the outfit a little.  She gives her a brooch.  Coco puts it on.  Coco leaves.

Sally thinks that Coco has a crush.  Saul thinks both of them should stop thinking about Forrester’s.  Shirley agrees.  Their families have never gotten on.  Sally wonders if maybe they are the crazy ones thinking they can steal from the Forrester’s.

Shirley reminds Sally that her parents and every boyfriend she has ever had has dumped her.  Shirly is trying to prevent a disaster. Saul come in with some Forrester Designs.  She tells her that Sally designs are unique and outrageous but they can’t compare to these.  Sally is impressed. Where did they get them.

Shirly says they are genuine Forrester originals, soon to be transferred into Spectra Designs.  Shirly and Saul admits that there is a camera in the brooch Coco is wearing.  They show Sally the feed from the camera.

Shirley sends Saul to start sewing.  She tells Sally that was easy, and no one is the wiser.  Shirley sees the look on Sally’s face and tells her not to go soft on her.  They have too much riding on this.

When Sally sees RJ kiss Coco Sally tells Shirley she will not steal from Thomas and his family. Shirly thinks it’s because of Thomas.  Sally doesn’t want to end up in jail.  Shirly shays they are not going to jail they will tweak her tweak there and deny, deny, deny. Shirly needs the dream world that she and Coco are living in has to burst. Sally says Thomas will never speak to her again if he finds out. Shirley says she will not be dumped for superhero Forrester now.

Saul comes in with his version of the showstopper. Shirley reminds Sally there will be many men in her life, but she’ll only have one grandmother.  They do this or go down with the ship.  She tells Sally to buckle up, they are riding this all the way to the bank.

Tuesday, April 6, 2016 – Episode #7304


April 6 2016 B&B SpoilersOver at Spencer Publications Bill isn’t buying Liam’s extended absence at a yoga retreat anymore.  He calls in his buddy, Justin; Spencer Publications Legal Eagle.  Bill tells Justin he has an assignment for him;  find my son…Justin gets to work, but it looks like someone else may clue into what is happening with Liam first…

Honeymooning at home in Wyatt’s Malibu beach house, Wyatt and Steffy’s conversation turns from their happiness to the mysterious guy who has Quinn on her best behavior.  Wyatt doesn’t want her to leave town before he has had a chance to meet the miracle man.  Wyatt heads to the cabin to see his mother.  But what he finds there isn’t the surprise he was expecting…

Back at the cabin, Liam still has the feeling that Quinn doesn’t want him to remember his past.  Quinn continues to pack for their trip.  While packing Liam finds something from his past that may trigger more memories – his Spencer Sword necklace.  The one that Wyatt and Bill also wear.

Quinn wonders what he is doing with it.  Liam wonders if it was a gift.  Quinn agrees it was.  She then wonders , nervously if its is bringing back any memories for him.  Liam seems to be keeping his memories of his composite sketch woman to himself though.  Quinn promises Liam that everything is going to be fine, but he doesn’t look convinced…


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Monday, April 6, 2015 – Episode #7049

Carter Learns Maya was Born a Boy

Carter over hears Nicole telling Maya to let everyone know she was born a man.  Nicole storms out and Carter comes in.  How long have you been here Maya asks.  You heard she says.  Carter is stunned.  You were born a boy, he mutters.

Nicole said your name was Myron.  Its Maya,  she says.  We’ve been involved Carter says – I would have known.  This is crazy.  Nicole was joking right?

No, Carter, Maya says.

Maya never identified as a boy.  She liked pretty dresses and mommas heels.  Her momma said she would outgrow it and her father didn’t want to know.  But she didn’t outgrow it.

One day she visited with a little girl – she asked if she wanted to play dolls with her.  She accepted her.  She got to be her without being ashamed or hiding.  Eventually Maya accepted she was a woman in the core of her being.

Surgery?  Carter asks.  Multiple, Maya admits. While she was with Jessie.  He saw her through it.  The child was Jessie’s biological child but Maya was her mother in every way.

Carter freaks out.  They were sleeping together.  Didn’t it occur to her that she should have told him.  Maya says she should have told him.  Carter says their whole relationship was a lie.  What about Rick carter wants to know.  Maya admits he doesn’t know, but she will tell him.  Until she does, Maya wants Carter to promise he won’t tell anyone – anything.

It is so hard to question their identity to understand what I went through.  If you aren’t ashamed of who you are why hide it.  Maya says she learned from not telling him.  Maya says

He deserves to know who you are.  This is not yours to tell Carter.  Rick has a right to know who he’s with.  Maya says still the same woman they’ve always known.  Maya ill tell Rick when he proposes.  Carter isn’t buying it.  He proposed to Maya and she didn’t tell him.

An angry Carter says Maya played her for a fool and he isn’t Rick’s biggest fan but he won’t let Maya play Rick for a fool.

Rick enters and tells him that when the truth comes out he doesn’t’ want to be in the middle of some “you should have told me mess”  What truth Rick wants to know.  Carter tells Rick that he and Rick have a lot in common and he won’t believe what it is.

Brooke and Rick

Rick runs into Katie on the sky lounge.  She notes he seems happy.  He has Maya.  He’s a lucky guy.  He has Maya who knows how important honesty and not keeping secrets is to him.

Brooke arrives and Rick admits he and Caroline are trying to make progress in their differences.  Katie leaves.  Rick tells Brooke his opinion is welcomed.  Brooke does have an opinion about Rick re-hiring Quinn.  She’s absolutely insane.

Rick says it’s a good business decision.  Rick says the consumer misses her jewelry.  Ivy is good but she doesn’t have Quinn’s experience and anticipation of trends.  Brooke warns that him that he will regret his decision.  Working with Quinn is like inviting trouble in and having a seat.

Rick tells Brooke that it was Caroline’s lies that ended them.  He’s with maya now who tells himt he truth whether he wants to know it or not.

Quinn Confronts Deacon about Brooke

Quinn stabs Brooke and wipes the letter opener on a scarf.  Now look what you make me do Quinn says.  Wyatt interrupts.  What’s up.  You were gone – you were in a dark scary place.  Quinn was fantasizing.

Wyatt is nervous when Quinn is quiet.  Wyatt just gave her some shocking news.  Deacon has been gaga over Brooke for years.  Is Wyatt sure what he heard Deacon say.  Wyatt says he is.  Wyatt never trusted the guy.  Quinn says maybe his instincts were right.  Quinn is going to wait for Deacon and get to the bottom of his feelings for Brooke.  Then they will see.

Quinn says Wyatt can go.  Wyatt wonders if he should be concerned for Deacon or Brooke.  Deacon enters and is upset that Wyatt didn’t let him deal with his own business.  Wyatt is protecting his mother.  Quinn wants to know if something is rekindling between him and Brooke.

Wyatt leaves at Quinn’s request.  Quinn says she trusted him and committed herself to him. Is Brooke a problem?  Quinn admits that he has always had feelings for Brooke.  Quinn says its simple.  She’s not interested in being anyone’s second choice.  Do you have feelings for Brooke or not.

Brooke will always have a place in his life, but not her place.  Brooke is not the woman he wants to marry.  Deacon wants to know why they haven’t done that  yet?  He wants to get a calendar.

At Forrester Creations

Deacon tells Brooke he’s going to Quinn to plead his case.  Quinn is toxic Brooke warns.  So am I Deacon admits.  Maybe that is why we work.

Nicole walks in on Oliver doing a model search.  He says if Maya or Rick puts her on the list Oliver will test her.  Nicole says that Maya is a beig believer in being your authentic self


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