April 7: Spoilers, Episode Recaps and History | The Bold and the Beautiful History – Shirley and Saul Work to Discredit Thomas in Sally’s Eye’s


Sally Learns About Douglas

Shirley is determined to burst Sally’s bubble about having  a future with Thomas Forrester.  She sees the relationship as standing between Sally and knocking off Forrester Designs.  Saul brings some news to Sally.  Thomas has a baby.  Sally giggles at the ridiculousness of the statement.  No he doesn’t she tells Saul.  But Sally turns to her granddaughter and tells her he does.  With Caroline Spencer.

To drive home her point, Shirley tells Sally that she is just the latest in a long line o f Thomas Forrester conquests.  She’s just the flavor of the month.

At lunch, however, Thomas tells Sally that he wants her to be part of his life…

Thomas and RJ Under the Spectra Spell

At Forrester Creations, brothers, RJ and Thomas smile over what they have in common.  They are just two Forrester men under the Spectra spell.

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April 7 2017 B&B Spoilers

Wednesday, April 7, 2016 – Episode #7305


April 7 2016 B&b SpoilersDetermined that his mother wasn’t going to leave town without Wyatt meeting the mysterious Adam who has his mother on her best behavior, Wyatt pays Quinn a surprise visit.  But it is him who is getting all the surprises.  First there is a realtor’s sign out the front, and when he goes inside he finds his mother kissing Adam.  But Adam isn’t Adam.  He’s LIAM!

In shock, Wyatt yells at his mother what have you done to him? Adam is confused because he doesn’t know who Wyatt is or what he means.  But it is hard not to notice Wyatt’s shock and outrage.  Quinn meanwhile tries to get Wyatt to talk to her; to let her explain what happened.   Quinn tells her son that he owes her that much.

ut Wyatt can’t get over what is going on.  Liam has no idea what is going on yet seems to be romantically involved with Wyatt’s mother.   Wyatt can’t be thinking he owes Quinn too much, especially since it is now clear that Quinn lied to him when Wyatt confronted her about the surveillance footage Charlie found of Liam collapsing at Quinn’s feet.

Wyatt yells at his mother that he doesn’t owe her anything.  Eyes glazed over with fear, Quinn gets in her son’t face and asks him if he wants to lose everything (by which she likely means Steffy).   Do you, Quinn yells the question.  She tells Wyatt she doesn’t.

Outside with Wyatt, Quinn yells at her son in desperation for him not to expose what he just learned.  Quinn tells him that she finally has someone who makes her glad to wake up in the morning and she’s not going to give that up.  Not even for Wyatt.

Wyatt really has to be worried about his mother’s mental state by now…

Meanwhile, Steffy meets Bill and Justin at Liam’s Malibu beach house.  She is frustrated that she keeps having to tell everyone that she doesn’t know where Liam is.  She doesn’t understand why no one understands that Liam stopped caring about her.


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Tuesday, April 7, 2015 – Episode #7050

Tell Rick Carter Tells Maya

You won’t believe it when I tell you Carter tells Rick.  Maya interrupts.  Carter says Rick needs to know.  If she won’t tell him, Carter will.  Carter tells Rick that Maya isn’t who he thinks she is.  Rick isn’t going to listen to him badmouth his girlfriend. That’s it, Carter tries to tell Rick. Maya is not his girlfriend.  Maya yells at him to stop.

Ridge enters.  Rick thinks that Carter is still pining over Maya.  He accuses him of being bothered because he can’t find another woman as unique and special as Maya.  Rick throws Rick out of his office.  Maya leaves so ridge and Rick can have their meeting.

Ridge notices that Rick isn’t listening to him.  Carter irritated Rick by implying that he knew Maya better than Rick. Rick says they all need to just accept Maya.  She is the woman in his life.  He’s going to go set Carter straight right now.

Carter and Maya

Carter reflects on his relationship with Maya culminating in their engagement.  He tries to get his head around having made love to Maya who was born a boy.  Maya storms in.  How dare you.  Rick has a right to know Myron, Carter says.  This is who she is. She has never been a man no matter what her body looked like.  You lied to me, Carter yells at Maya.  You will not say one work to Rick, Maya states.  She won’t let that happen.

Maya says that the Rick she knows will accept her.  But carter thinks she is scared.  Maya calls him a bully and says she will tell Rick on her terms.  When he proposes, Maya says.  But Carter isn’t letting her keep this from Rick.

He and Rick have both been duped by her.  Maya thinks Rick will understand.  Carter isn’t so sure.  How will the scandal affect the business?  Maya says if Carter tells Rick she will make sure Carter is fired.  Carter doesn’t believe Maya will have the power to do that once her secret is out.

Rick enters.  He wants to know what is going on.  Rick wants to know what it is that he needs to know – what they have in common.  Rick really wants to know what it is.

Liam, Bill and Katie

Liam tells Bill and Katie that Caroline told him that Rick is being cordial – nice even.  Katie doesn’t trust Rick.  Liam doesn’t either.

Bill wonders if Rick wants Caroline back.  Maybe Rick is having second thoughts about Maya and finally realizes who she is.  Katie says that Rick and Maya seem very much in love.  It would take something major to break up him and Maya.  Bill isn’t buying it.  He thinks Rick would leave Maya if Caroline snaps her fingers.

Bill decides that Caroline will be fine.  Brooke finally admitted that she is having a drinking problem and she’s turning to mugshot.  They worry what crackpot Quinn will do when someone tries to take her toy away.

Brooke and Wyatt

Brooke tells Wyatt that he overreacted. Brooke says she and Deacon wee speaking hypothetically.  Deacon also told her how much he loved Quinn.  Brooke says Wyatt knows how dangerous Quinn can be.  No one can control her, not even Deacon.  Deacon made it clear he was going to honor his commitment to Quinn.  Wyatt still thinks that Deacon loves Brooke.  Brooke assures him that Deacon is committed to Quinn.

Quinn and Deacon

Quinn tells Deacon now is his opportunity to say it to her face.  If he wants to be with Brooke he should say so.  Deacon tells Quinn that she is the one he wants.  Quinn tells him there is no way she is marrying him if he is still the slightest bit in love with Brooke. Deacon says on some level he will always care about Brooke.  But it isn’t the same as he feels about Quinn.  Deacon wants to set a date, but Quinn leaves to clear her head.

Deacon finds Wyatt in the workshop and confronts him.  You just gave Quinn another reason to hate Brooke.  Let’s hope she doesn’t do something that we all wind up regretting.

Quinn and Brooke

Quinn turns up at Brooke’s house and reflects on her fantasy of stabbing Brooke.  Brooke finds Quinn at her door.  You are manipulating Deacon’s feelings to try to break us up.  Haven’t you learned by now not to mess with me.  Quinn tells Brooke that is she continues with this Brooke will be very scared.

She and Deacon are getting married an there is nothing Brooke can do about it.  Brooke tells her that they will see and opens the door for Quinn.  Quinn slams the door.  Deacon is taken.  Go find yourself a new AA partner – Understood?  Quinn demands.

Or what an angry Brooke asks.


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