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It’s Only Business

Despite his best efforts to the contrary, business was not going well for Bill Spencer.  He was waiting for Spectra Fashions debut collection to fail, so that he could buy the dilapidated old building from CJ Garrison, tear it down and build a new Spencer Publications high rise.

Despite sending Jarret to write a scathing review, Sally Spectra one upped him by presenting a collection that buyers were going crazy over.  One she’d stolen from Forrester Creations.

Brooke Returns the Sword Necklace to Bill

Bill’s day improved when Brooke came to see him.  She returned his necklace to him placing it back where it belonged.  Around her stallion’s neck.  Brooke appreciated his loyalty and told Bill she loved him.

He asks what happened with Forrester this time, but Brooke won’t tell him. Brooke says that everyone has been saying that she and Ridge always come back together, but where they really come back to is being done.  Bill really just wants to know they are over.  Brooke assures Bill she is done with that rollercoaster ride.

Brooke is curious how Bill knew where she was in Sydney.  Bill says he didn’t.  Maybe they were both drawn to the same place.  A sign.  Brooke tells Bill she got lost and would never turn her back on him again.

Brooke Wants a Proper Reunion

Bill responded by taking his ex-wife’s sister into his arms and clearing his desk ready to reconnect with the oldest Logan sister, right there and then.  But Brooke wasn’t having it.  She wanted a proper reunion.  Bill is happy with an improper one. At his place, tonight.  She asks for his keys so she can set things up.

Bill also casually asked Brooke if she would marry him, but she told Bill that for once in her life she didn’t want to get married “today”.  She just wanted to be together.

Brooke and Bill Engaged April 2017

Romantic Dinner for Bill and Brooke

When Bill arrived at Brooke’s house later that night, she had the kitchen laid out for a romantic dinner for two. Once again, Bill tried to fast track the proceedings, but Brooke was going to have the whole deal; romantic dinner, quiet conversation and then desert.  As long, as there would be some impropriety that evening Bill was happy to play along.

But after dinner, Brooke again kept Bill waiting while she went upstairs to slip into something more comfortable.  When Bill finally got to the bedroom he found Brooke wearing a skimpy lingerie made up of dollar bills.

She has a gift for him.  A wooden statue of a stallion.  This is how Brooke wants to live her life this way; with her Stallion in his corral.

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Brooke Proposes to Bill

Ready to cash in, Dollar Bill?  Brooke asked Bill who is more than ready. But before they hit the sheets, Brooke stops Bill once again and goes to retrieve a jewelry box containing the engagement ring he gave her last year.

She tells Bill she wants this ring back on her finger.  Brooke asks Bill if he will marry her and Bill tells Brooke there is nothing he wants more and places the ring back on her finger.

Bill is delighted to have Brooke wearing his ring again, but Ridge, likely won’t feel the same way.  In fact he begs Brooke to take it off and give them another chance


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